Palakkad: A Natural Reserve
Palakkad: A Natural Reserve

Palakkad: A Natural Reserve

The picturesque town of Palakkad in Kerala loaded with magnificent scenery, quiet landscape, and clear backwaters. Situated almost a wide low pass in the Western Ghats mountain ranges. Palakkad is the place where there are Palmyras and Paddy Fields and is celebrated as the main storehouse of Kerala.

Palakkad gets its name from pala trees which once ruled the territory. Boundless stretches of green paddy fields, with music in the breeze; this is a sight that will frequently meet your eyes in Palakkad. With dynamic culture and nourished by the astonishing magnificence of nature, this city has a homely presence. Encircled by the great Western Ghats and adorned with rich green woodland cover, the beautiful nature of Palakkad is evident. Palghat. Kerala presents an interesting mix of the local culture alongside that of Tamil Nadu, with which it shares its boundaries, Reveals the many faces of Palakkad.

Nature sweethearts and explorers can wander through thick woodlands, unbelievable mountains, and superb cascades that encompass the city. The Parambikkulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Dhoni Waterfalls, and Kanhirapuzha Dam are a portion of the must-visit common destinations. Palakkad has a rich legacy,  which can be seen standing even today. The remaining parts of the antiquated Palakkad Fort and the fortress of Tipu Sultan are magnificent.


The old history of Palakkad is a secret. William Logan, the creator of the Malabar Manual, the Pallava empire of Kanchi attacked Malabar in the second or third century AD. One of their central commands was a spot called ‘Palakada’ which is Palakkad today. Malabar had been attacked by numerous South Indian rulers. For a long time, it was governed by Perumal. They had under them some amazing ‘Utayavars’ who held experts in their separate domains. After the standard of Perumals, the nation was split between these clan leaders. The Valluvakonathiri (leader of Valluvanad), the leaders of Vengunad (Kollengodu Rajas), and Sekharivarma Rajas of Palakkad were the conspicuous leaders of this district after the Perumal.

At the point when the Zamorin of Calicut attacked Palakkad in 1757, the Raja of Palakkad looked for the assistance of Hyder Ali of Mysore. Hyder Ali’s assistance suggested Zamorin withdraw. Afterward, Hyder Ali oppressed all regions in Palakkad which were under the ownership of Zamorin. In this manner, the entire zone controlled by the Raja of Palghat passed under the control of the Mysore rulers, Hyder Ali, and his child Tippu. The conflict between Tippu and the East India Company finished with the arrangement of 1872 and every one of the assets of Tippu in Malabar were surrendered to the British. Bit by bit the shaped piece of the Malabar region of the Madras administration.


Palakkad District, which is in the southeastern region of the Malabar district, is one of the 14 regions of the South Indian state of Kerala. It is found right in the center of the state. Likewise, it is the biggest district in Kerala since 2006. The city of Palakkad is the major headquarters. Palakkad is verged on the northwest by the Malappuram District, on the southwest by the Thrissur District, on the upper east by Nilgiris District, and on the east by Coimbatore region of Tamil Nadu.

How to reach Palakkad?

Palakkad is known as the Gateway to Kerala, and it is situated at the base of the Western Ghats close to a mountain pass that permits simple admittance to this area. It is very much associated with street and rail. However, it doesn’t have an air terminal. Coimbatore is the closest air terminal, and there are standard transport and taxi administrations to ship individuals to and from the air terminal.

By Air

Closest airport Coimbatore

By Train

Palakkad has two rail line stations – Palakkad intersection for the wide measure line and Palakkad Town Railway station for the limited check line. The urban communities and towns of Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Mangalore, Kozhikode, and Ernakulam are associated through Palakkad intersection, and Pollachi, Dindigul, and Madurai are associated through the Palakkad Town Railway station.

By Road

Street transport is the most all-around created type of transport all through Palakkad. It is all around associated by street to other significant urban areas in Kerala and the close by states. Coimbatore is the closest enormous city and is very much associated with transports worked by the Kerala and Tamil Nadu governments. There are additionally transports and taxicabs worked by privately owned businesses that handle various courses. Vehicles for employment are uncommon thus should be reserved ahead of time.

When to Visit Palakkad?

The best and ideal opportunity to visit Palakkad is from November to February. Winter is the best season to visit this spot since there is not really any downpour and the temperature is charming. Palakkad sees more extreme temperatures than the seaside areas. The environment here is hot and wet, and the precipitation is basically because of Southwest breezes. Palakkad got high precipitation and has warm summers.

Official Language

Malayalam is a largely communicated language in Palakkad as it is the official language.


Climatic qualities of Palakkad stay wonderful consistently, uncommonly in summer. The normal temp of summer (March to mid-June) is 26 °C. Normal yearly rainfalls of the area including Monsoons (mid-June to September) are around 310 cm. Furthermore, the colder time of year (late-November to February) is very cool when normal temperatures stay around 15°C.

Fairs & Festivals in Palakkad

Chittur Konanpada

Konganpada is an extraordinary celebration of recorded significance, celebrated in the Bhagavathy sanctuary at Chittur, ten km from Palakkad town. It is held each year on the main Monday after the new moon night in Kumbhom ( February – March),[ 896 A.D.: Konganpada – War between Kongu ruler and Nedumpurayoor (Palakkad Raja). Kongu armed force was crushed by joined multitudes of Nedumpurayoor, Walluvanad, Ernad, and Perumpadappu. In honor, the Walluvanad Raja got Kurissi Vilayan Chathanur and Kaithala towns from Nedumpurayoor. This occasion is even now celebrated as a verifiable occasion in Chittur taluk where the battle took place..]

The celebration begins with ‘Chilambu’ on Sivarathri in Kumbhom which reminds Kogan’s (Chola King’s) revelation of war and the terrified individuals adoring Bhagavathy and researching her assistance.

Jain Festival

There is an antiquated Jain sanctuary at Jainamedu, close to Palakkad town. As indicated by a legend, one star (top of the Jains)built this sanctuary 500 years prior for the Jain stage, Chandranathaswamy. The Jains who came here from Mysore escaped from this spot during the intrusion of Tipu Sultan.

Nellikulangara Vela

To conjure the favors of Nellikulangara Bhagavathy, individuals of Vellangi and Nenmara direct a celebration on the twentieth Meenam (March – April) consistently. This is the popular Vellangi Vela. This excellent sanctuary is in the Vellangi town of Chittur taluk. The banner lifting service regarding the vela is held together by the occupants of Vellangi and Nenmara on the ninth Meenam. Throughout the days following the banner lifting till the night before the vela, Kummatti, Karivela, Andivela, and comparative other society ceremonies are performed. These three functions together are known as Kantar. The pageantry and wonder of the celebration would place it in the runner-up, maybe just to the Pooram celebration of Thrissur.

Ottappalam Nercha Festival

Juma supplications are held in the Ottappalam mosque on Fridays. To honor the passing commemoration of a virtuous individual by the name of Uthaman Auliya, a yearly celebration is held in January – February. The uncommon component of this celebration is the amazing parade which ceremoniously brings different things like rice, coconuts, and so on to the mosque as contributions. On the following day, a banquet is held where the different articles got will be cooked and conveyed to poor people.

Transportation/Stay to prefer

Taxicabs and Buses are effectively accessible. Numerous spots can be covered by walking. There are a lot of transport alternatives in Palakkad. The city transports have a very much associated network all through the city. Auto-carts and cabs can be fetched straight from the street that would take you around. A few pieces of the city are best to explore by walking, as the famous attractions of interest are near to each other.

Palakkad has an aggregate of 22 hotels. There are 22 inns in Palakkad with the famous ones being Kairali, you can choose according to your needs.

This celebration is directed for nine days and closures with art of the diety Hemambika in Kalpathy River.

Places to visit in Palakkad


Palakkad Fort

The Palakkad Fort in Kerala is a lovely authentic landmark that has delicately consolidated high dividers with greenery. The most safeguarded fort in the province of Kerala is Palakkad which was inherent in 1766 AD by Hyder Ali and is currently an ensured landmark under the Archeological Survey of India.

This beautiful fortress is situated in the core of Palakkad town at the lower regions of the Sahyadris range in a maze of thick timberlands and bungling falling streams. The powerful fort is spread over a zone of 60,702 square meters and is gigantically celebrated for its design, which shows the effectiveness of the French specialist. The heavenly fort of Pallakad is a fundamental piece of history, and its development is glorious.

The Palakkad post likewise houses some other more modest attractions like the Hanuman temple, Martyr’s section, Anjaneya Swami Temple (a little sanctum), Vatika Shilavatika (a nursery), and a sub-prison. Amalgamating the excellence of lavish green nurseries and noteworthy antiquated engineering, this fortification is a really lowering encounter. The fort is called the Tipu’s Fort, after the name of Tipu Sultan (child of Hyder Ali). The magnificent fortress portrays the old stories of valiance and boldness.

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary, situated in Palakkad Kerala, is most popular for its consistent endeavors to save the diminishing tiger population.  Slopes and water streams alongside make it the ideal spot for a trip and safari.

The Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is the most secured natural territory of the Western Ghats. Enriched with peninsular flora and fauna, this location is untouched by humans. Different creatures discovered here are lion-tailed macaques, Bengal tigers, King cobra, Indian panthers, wild hogs, sloths, Travancore kukri snake, and the Western Ghats flying lizard among others. The vegetation comprises teak, sandalwood, neem, and rosewood trees. This wildlife sanctuary is home to four diverse native clans Kadar, Malasar, Muduvar, and Mala Malasar.

Quiet Valley National Park

The Silent Valley National Park has lavish green timberlands, and a wonderful panorama of the rich verdure is a well-liked place for nature and untamed life darlings across the globe. Spread across 89 square kilometers, the Silent Valley National Park is situated in the Kundali Hills of the Western Ghats in Kerala in southern India. This public park is surely a sight to visit. Safari and the wonderful visits around the recreation center just make an excursion to this piece of Kerala more advantageous.

The public park holds noticeable importance for visitors and nature lovers as this site is the last delegate virgin of tropical evergreen timberlands in India. Despite the fact that this park is smaller than other public parks in India, what sets the Silent Valley National Park apart from any remaining comparative destinations is the Sylvan climate that the area alongside its grand and great pinnacles and the few waterways that go through its length.

The various plant and creature species that can be found here are without a doubt worth referencing. The center has a  large number of endangered species living safely by the external climate. The ones who are most regularly seen here are the elephant, tiger, lion-tailed macaque, gaur, wild pig, jaguar, and sambar. The vegetation of this park is the tropical, clammy evergreen kind. It is likewise practically close to the River Kunthi, which dives from the Nilgiri Hills.

Mangalam Dam

Mangalam Dam built on River Mangalam and River Cherukunnapuzha for meeting the water system prerequisites in the area. The dam is a radiant sight in the midst of thick timberlands. The untamed life flourishing in the woods area can be spotted around the repository regularly. The locale is a significant alleviation from the buzzing about of city life and is a favored outing spot for some.


Vadakkanthara Temple

Committed to Goddess Karnaki, who is described in the Tamil epic Silapathikaram as a wrathful spouse and an incredible lady, the Vadakkanthara Thirupuraikkal Bhagavathy Temple is the lone temple in Kerala that commends the goddess in her total idols structure. The Temple is known for its rambling design wonderful customary Kerala engineering.  Aside from Karnataka, the temple additionally has more modest sanctuaries for different divinities like Lord Ayyappa, Lord Ganesha, Lord Nagaraj.



Ottapalam is an interesting little town arranged on the banks of the Bharatpuzha waterway. Favored with the abundance of immaculate common excellence, this spot fills in as a residence for an enormous number of palm trees. Ottapalam finds numerous notices in old history as it was the host site for some social occasions during the rule of the Zamorins of Calicut.

Rhythmically dancing palm trees against the blue skies of Ottapalam sure make for an exquisite incredible sight. Chinakathoor Puram which is held at the Chinakathoor Pooram sanctuary of this town is quite possibly the most all-around commended strict celebrations of Kerala. The beautiful magnificence of this spot has made it very famous among photography aficionados, and you can frequently discover Tamil and Malayalam film stars shooting here.

Cuisines to taste in Palakkad

Palakkad the southern Indian territory of Kerala, is at the line of Tamilnadu close to Coimbatore Palakad food is extremely celebrated for Brahmin veggie lover way of cooking. Despite the fact that there are not many nonveggie lovers, vegan food is very acclaimed. The brahmins in Palakkad relocated from the close by the province of Tamilnadu They are essentially Tamil Brahmins, with Malayalam infused Tamil as their language. The dishes in Palakkad are a mix of Kerala dishes like the various pickles, pradhans, pachadi, Kooten, curry. Dishes from Tamil Nadu like vattrals, adai, kozhukattai.

Things to do in Palakkad

Being a storehouse in Kerala, Palakkad covers far-reaching rice fields. From thick backwoods and dreamlike cascades in Palakkad, there are various things to encounter in this excellent area. In the northern piece of the city, the Viswanatha Swamy Temple of the fifteenth century is prominently known for its Ratholsavam chariot celebration. Investigate this rundown of activities in Palakkad and a portion of the popular Palakkad touring detects that are certainly should visit!

  • Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Silent Valley National Park
  • Fantasy Park
  • Palakkad Fort
  • Rock Garden
  • Malampuzha Dam
  • Nelliyampathy Hills
  • Meenvallam Waterfall

Souvenirs to buy in Palakkad

Palakkad has a significantly decent number of choices for customers. There is a Big Bazaar where shops sell things like customary chimes, peacock vilakkus, thooku or hanging towns, nilavillakkus, and utensils. Travancore sarees, Kerala gifts, and gems are different alternatives for customers. Indeed, after Thrissur, it is Palakkad that has the most noteworthy number of gem dealers. There numerous Malls and Shopping edifices for shopping and Amusement of Kerala People or outside From Country Peoples.

Palakkad is celebrated for Shopping purposes. you can get numerous things like garments, watches, shoes, and gems, and so forth from here.

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