There is nothing impossible for the one who will try……in the same way if you haven’t tried a solo trip yet then go and try it. You will realize that it is one of the best trips of your life and you will not gonna regret it.

The main purpose of life is to live happily and experience life and what better way to do the same by travelling and experiencing it on your own. A solo trip is the best way to explore the places and it also helps to rediscover yourself. So here are a few tips to keep in mind to make your solo trip memorable and more fruitful.

Pack light weight Bag

unrecognizable woman packing safety belt in bag after training

The most important thing to keep in mind while travelling alone is to pack a lightweight bag for the trip. The distance in our country or outside the country is so vast sometimes its very tough to find transport in some of the areas so its better to carry a lightweight bag. So pack your bags according to yourself that what can you carry with ease.

Make connection while travelling


Strangers are the company while travelling alone so you to make a connection with them. Sometimes strangers become friends for lifelong. It will also help you to utilize your time without getting bored on a journey.

Keep Cash Handy

Empty Wallet

Money is a very essential part while planning a trip. Nowadays net banking is acceptable at every place but after that, you have to keep cash while travelling if you don’t want to face any financial problem out there. There are some places where net banking is not acceptable and you don’t want to be caught without money when you are travelling alone. The amount of cash depends on your comfort level and split the cash into various parts of your bag and pockets to make it secure.

Keep your eyes and ears open

Keep your eyes and ears open while travelling alone. Don’t share your personal information with random strangers or any locals of the area you meet there. If someone makes you uncomfortable by asking questions leave immediately from there.

Screenshot all the booking information

Screenshot all the details of booking hotel, train, flight or bus or anything. Screenshots help at the location where some network issue can happen, if you lose your data connection then the screenshot will help you. By keeping screenshots there is no need to carry paper documents.

Carry Books and entertainment source

Book Reading in Travelling

A solo trip is one of the greatest trips itself. Solo trips help you to connect with new people but it doesn’t mean that you have to talk to them all time just give some time to yourself as well. You can read books, listen to music for entertaining yourself.

Own photographer

As you are travelling alone so don’t trap yourself in a tourist scam. It’s very risky to hand over your camera to strangers for clicking pictures, so instead of this try to learn to click your own pictures by yourself. You can use a selfie stick for clicking pictures or just set a timer to click the picture.

Experience the lifelong memorable solo trip and live each moment to the fullest. Nothing can beat the experience of happiness and learning new things while travelling and the joy of exploring is different from all other trips.

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