The Story of Reina Ishida
The Story of Reina Ishida

From Japan to BHU: The Story of Reina Ishida

In this blog, we have the pleasure of introducing a remarkable student (Reina Ishida) who has journeyed from Japan to pursue her Master’s in Tourism & Travel Management (MTTM) at Banaras Hindu University. Keep scrolling and read the 1st hand experience of Reina Ishida, who brings with her not only a passion for travel and exploration but also a unique perspective as an international student.

Reina Ishida Introduction

We framed a few questions and asked Reina Ishida to share her experiences in that format. Let’s get started.

Brief Introduction

Myself Reina Ishida 石田玲那(いしだれいな) from Japan. Currently, I am pursuing a Master of Tourism and Travel Management (MTTM) at BHU in Varanasi, India.

About your native land (hometown)

Saitama,Tokyo, and Fukuoka.

It is hard to say which place is my hometown as I grew up in three different places in Japan. Saitama is located next to Tokyo. Fukuoka is located at the northern edge of the Kyushu Island in southern Japan. Fukuoka has been chosen as one of “52 Places to Go in 2023” by The New York Times.

Academic background

Bachelor of Arts (Tourism and Transnational Studies) at Dokkyo University in Japan.

Any work experiences

{Part-time during UG}

  • A Teacher at clam school which is a specialized school that trains students to meet particular goals, mostly to pass the entrance examinations of high schools or universities.
  • A Salesperson at C3 which sells tiramisu at the station.


  • Marketing Expert @Facebook (Japan Market) at TDCX is consulting officially with advertisers to achieve their own marketing goals on the Meta platform.

How did you come to know about BHU?

Throughout the activities of the 24th Japan India Student Conference, I met Dr. Siddharth Singh, the former director of Vivekananda Cultural Centre at the Embassy of India in Tokyo, Japan. He was highly interested in the student activities of JISC and eager to support us with a very warm heart.  After He had gone back to BHU in 2022, I applied to MTTM at BHU through ICCR scholarship which was issued for international students by the government of India.

Why did you choose this course?

My course is MTTM-Master of Tourism and Travel Management. According to the Travel & Tourism Development Index in 2021, India was ranked at 54th out of 117 countries. In this rank, there are five components roughly to decide the rank in this index, Enabling Environment (ranked 97), T&T Policy and Enabling Conditions (ranked 43), Infrastructure (ranked 54), Travel and Tourism Demand Drivers (ranked 7), Travel & Tourism Sustainability (ranked 112).

Reina MTTM

Although the Tourism Demand Drivers of India ranked at 7th with abundant cultural, natural, and non-leisure resources, India is not well known to most people in my country, Japan. Thus, my knowledge and experience could be utilized in the marketing sector after completing this course.

Your travel experiences

12 countries (inc. Japan), 44/47 prefectures in Japan, and 9 States and UT in India.

Reina Traditional

Delhi, Punjab (Amritsar), Uttar Pradesh (Agra and Varanasi), Karnataka (Bangalore and Mysore), Tamil Nadu (Chennai, Coimbatore, Ooty and Kanyakumari), Goa, Pondicherry, Kerala (Fort Kochi, Allepey, and Trivandrum), and West Bengal (Kolkata).


How is Tokyo different from Varanasi?

Tokyo is comparatively convenient with public transportation and well-maintained with technologies, but it is difficult to find “peace” at the same time. Sometimes, I feel pressured by being a “standard” Japanese person. On the other hand, Varanasi accepts everything full of people, animals, and small shops on the narrow streets in congested areas. Moreover, people in India come to Varanasi during the last time of their lives because of their beliefs. However, the food in Varanasi is too spicy for me. Haha!

Are you enjoying the vibes of Varanasi?

Reina Holi

Sorry….it is 6/10 as of now, to be honest. As Varanasi is by far different from the area where I grew up. Although it has been eight months since I became a student at BHU, the harsh weather conditions and hygiene are the most common problems in falling sick again and again. Precisely, the weather is a severe problem, the air is always dry throughout the year, and winter was too cold without any heating system inside the hostel. Moreover, summer is to be extremely hot above 45 degrees Celsius. No confidence in surviving this situation w/o AC….  But college life is so fun with wonderful profs, lovely international friends from Myanmar, Mauritius, and Nepal and talented batchmates.

Aim after this course?

Reina MTTM seminar

After completing my course, I would like to be a counterpart like a bridge between Japan and India in the tourism industry. Interaction with people who have different backgrounds and knowledge would help self-development. Likewise, I got a chance to be a president of JISC in 2021 and an ICCR scholar in 2022-24, the opportunity of learning through cultural exchanges should be continued and distributed. Therefore, I am eager to help future generations in return.


Reina Ishida’s journey from Japan to pursue a Master’s in Tourism & Travel Management at BHU in Varanasi, India, highlights the power of education and cultural exchange. Despite the challenges of adapting to a new environment with a different climate and pace of life, Reina’s passion for travel and her desire to bridge the gap between Japan and India in the tourism industry shine through.

Her experiences as a student leader and an international scholar demonstrate her commitment to cross-cultural understanding. As she completes her studies, Reina’s unique perspective and knowledge position her to become a valuable asset in the tourism industry, promoting travel between India and Japan while fostering connections between people from diverse backgrounds.

This blog post not only introduces Reina’s story but also serves as an inspiration for others who dream of pursuing their academic goals abroad and embracing new cultures.

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