Film-Induced Travel and Tourism in Kerala
Film-Induced Travel and Tourism in Kerala

Film-Induced Travel and Tourism in Kerala

Situated along the coasts of the Arabian Sea and a languid network of backwaters and the spice and tea-covered hills of western ghats, the southern state in India -Kerala, the state has been marketed itself as “God’s own country” and known as India’s most advanced society with world-class health care systems and almost one hundred per cent literacy. The film industry of Kerala – the Malayalam film industry shows the success story of promoting several unexplored places in Kerala.

Destinations in Movies

Films have always been a part of Kerala producing the most realistic movies and realistic destinations. Films are one of the greatest ways to market, create and advertise new and existing tourist destinations. The backwaters of Kerala have been a leading destination for film industries around India. The hills of Idukki and the forests of Wayanad, the houseboats in the backwaters of Alappuzha and the colonial architecture and the streets of Fort Kochi showcased in several movies made tourists travel and visit and explore the locations.

Houseboat in Kerala

The movies Maheshinte Prathikaram, Idukki Gold, and Varathan ignited people to visit Idukki. The destinations like Meeshapulimala gained attention for trekking through the 2015 movie Charlie, the Kumbalangi village in Ernakulam became the first eco-tourism village in India after the portrayal in the 2019 movie Kumbalangi nights, Gavi – an eco-tourism spot known for endangered species also gained attention through the 2019 movie Ordinary. Baahubali: The Beginning” (2015) – Parts of this epic Indian film, directed by S.S. Rajamouli, were shot in the scenic Athirapally Falls, Life of Pi  (2012) – Directed by Ang Lee, parts of this visually stunning film were shot in the backwaters of Kerala.

Role of Government

The Kerala government is also promoting film tourism and has come up with a cinema tourism project for those who want to go to the beautiful places of Kerala that have been captured in people’s minds through movies. Celebrated film-maker of India, Mani Ratnam has extended his support to Kerala’s ‘Cinema Tourism Project,’ which seeks to showcase prime locations featured in popular hits in different parts of the State to attract tourists and he offered his participation in a show planned at Bekal Fort in Kasaragod, where exciting scenes of his film ‘Bombay’ was shot .”

Fests in Movies

Kerala’s pride events like the Nehru trophy boat race and the Thrissur Pooram festival could be cast in any Indian movie which is the best suitable medium to showcase these events worldwide. In this manner, both the film and tourism industry can go hand-in-hand, -as quoted by an official. The provides all the essentials that a traveller or tourist requires natural beauty, a rich culture and heritage, the accessibility to travel and also the support of officials, the official Kerala tourism page is the main example.

Kerala Boat Festival

Film tourism in Kerala is a testament to the state’s timeless beauty and its power to captivate audiences on and off the screen. As more filmmakers discover the charm of Kerala, and more tourists explore its cinematic offerings, this unique synergy is bound to continue, enriching both the world of cinema and the tourism industry in “God’s Own Country.” So, why not pack your bags, grab your camera, and embark on a cinematic journey through the enchanting landscapes of Kerala? You might just find yourself starring in your own travel film.

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