Destinations in Kolkata
Destinations in Kolkata

6 Offbeat Destinations To Visit in Kolkata

Kolkata, “The City of Joy”, or the “cultural capital of India”, must be on every traveller’s bucket list. If you love travelling to historic places and colonial architecture, welcome to Kolkata. You cannot miss landmarks like the Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, and Park Street, but there are lesser-known, offbeat destinations to visit in Kolkata. If you want to learn more about those places, stick around till the end of this travel guide.

Do you know the biggest festival of Bengalis? It’s Durga Puja. This festival is incomplete without the iconic idols of Maa Durga and her family. Kumartuli, in North Kolkata, is the neighbourhood of skilled artisans who breathe life into those exquisite idols. These idols are not only sent to puja pandals around the world.

  • You can witness the intricate process of idol-making, from clay moulding to detailed painting, and be a part of the community.
  • The neighbourhood is full of life, even after the festivals are over. Who would not want to capture the vibrant, artistic atmosphere?
  • You can purchase unique handcrafted items directly from the artisans as souvenirs.

The Marble Palace, located at 46, Muktaram Babu Street, North Kolkata, is a well-preserved architectural marvel from the 19th century. This mansion shows opulence, featuring exquisite sculptures, neoclassical style, Victorian furniture, and a stunning collection of paintings. Raja Rajendra Mullick built it and houses many art pieces.

  • Architecture: Marvel at blending Bengali, neoclassical, and rococo styles.
  • Art Collection: View works by renowned artists such as Rubens and Reynolds.
  • Private Zoo: Watch the exotic birds and animals and have an excellent day.

One of the oldest cemeteries in Kolkata, South Park Street Cemetery, offers a serene and historical escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Established in 1767, it is now a heritage site with beautiful tombstones and mausoleums. It has an eerie feeling even in the daytime, all thanks to rumours of ghostly sightings. In this hidden gem, you will find the graves of prominent people like Derozio and Sir William Jones.

  • Historical Significance: Discover the resting places of notable British and European figures from the colonial era.
  • Peaceful Ambiance: Enjoy a tranquil walk amidst lush greenery and colonial-era monuments.
  • Photography: The atmospheric, moss-covered tombstones provide excellent photo opportunities.

Rabindra Sarobar is a large artificial lake and an oasis of calm in South Kolkata. This area is perfect for a morning jog, a stroll, or a peaceful boating experience. Other landmarks that you must visit are the Dhakuria land bridge and the Durga Museum among other places. If you are looking for a quiet place, this is one of the best offbeat places in Kolkata.

  • Boating: Rent a paddleboat or rowboat and enjoy the serene waters.
  • Bird Watching: Spot various species of migratory and resident birds.
  • Amphitheatre: Check out the open-air theatre for cultural events and performances.

Prinsep Ghat, built in 1841, is a beautiful spot along the Hooghly River, famous for its Palladian porch and picturesque views. It’s an ideal location to unwind and enjoy the scenic beauty of the riverbank. It is often depicted as a place where lovers meet and chat without a care in the world.

  • Evening Strolls: Walk along the riverside promenade while enjoying the cool breeze.
  • Boat Rides: Take a boat ride during sunset for a magical experience.
  • Food Stalls: Indulge in local street food delicacies available at nearby stalls.

Jorasanko Thakur Bari, the ancestral home of the legendary poet Rabindranath Tagore, is a cultural treasure trove. Now converted into a museum, it provides deep insights into the life and works of Tagore and the Bengal Renaissance. This is listed among “Offbeat Destinations in Kolkata”, especially by literary tourism enthusiasts.

  • Historical Insight: Explore Tagore’s literature, art, and music contributions.
  • Cultural Exhibits: The galleries showcase manuscripts, paintings, and personal belongings.
  • Events: Attend cultural programs and poetry readings held regularly on the premises.

Kolkata has many unique destinations to offer beyond conventional tourist spots. When you explore these offbeat places in Kolkata, you will understand the city’s heritage and have enriching, and memorable experiences. So, pack your bags, put on your hat, and get ready to uncover the top 10 places to visit in Kolkata!

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