Tuesday , December 5 2023

IITFC Course

IITFC Certification Course: My Experience

IITFC Certification Course

From enrolling myself in the IITFC Certification Course to getting my certification done, I’m going to share my 1st hand experience of the IITFC Certification Program in this article. Just stick to your chair, hold your smartphone tightly in your hand & keep scrolling through this article to get each …

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IITFC Police Verification

IITFC Police Verification Letter

The IITFC program is a digital initiative of the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) for the citizens of India to be a part of the booming travel & tourism industry. It is an online program where anyone can learn about the heritage, culture, destinations, tourism ethics and different aspects of tourism …

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IITFC Course: Module-1: Complete Course Structure

IITFC Course Module-1

To give a detailed insight of the IITFC course, its curriculum is classified into seven modules. The course is available on iitf.gov.in, one can easily register themselves and complete this IITFC course. Incredible India Tourist Facilitator has opted for a unique way for teaching as the syllabus is based on …

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IITFC Exam: All You Need to Know About

IITFC Exam: All You Need to Know About

An initiative by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India in the field of Tourism to enhance employability skills, which will eventually become a key factor of the development of the whole country. The certification course is known as the Incredible India Tourist Facilitator (IITFC) Certificate program. This initiative by …

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Types of IITFC Course: Basic, Refresher & Advance

Types of IITFC Course

To increase the active involvement of citizens and locals in the tourism industry for boosting the economy, the Ministry of Tourism (MoT), the Government of Tourism has introduced the Incredible India Tourist Facilitator Certification (IITFC) program. This program will enable citizens to develop and enhance their skills associated with respect …

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Role, Responsibilities and Ethics of a Tourist Facilitator

Role & Responsibilities of Tourist Facilitator

Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries in India and many innovations are made every year. Incredible India Tourist Facilitator Certification (IITFC) program, an initiative by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India is one of them. The Programme aims at creating a pool of trained professionals for facilitating the visit …

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