Apps to install before your next trip
Apps to install before your next trip

10 Travel Apps You Should Install Before Your Next Trip

Is your next destination India? Well, that’s a great choice since India is one of those very few countries where you can experience almost all kinds of nature’s beauties. Here, beaches enjoy the scenic sunsets and the mountains in the north for a beautiful sunrise. In addition to that, You must not miss the toothsome cuisines found across India. Travelling can be a daunting task if not planned well. There is always a fear of being late or forgetting to book tickets. Well, fear not. Trusted organizations like the Ministry of Tourism have developed various mobile phone apps for tourists travelling in India.

Sl. NoApplication NameDownload Link
1Incredible IndiaHere
3Audio CompassHere
6IRCTC Rail ConnectHere
8Google TranslateHere
10Oyo RoomsHere

Continue reading this article to find out amazing must-have travel apps that will help you travel across India without any hassle.

Travel Apps

Incredible India

India is a country with innumerable attractions that you must never miss. This mobile app gives you all the needed information about the place you are about to visit. Even if you are unsure of where to go, you’ll find the perfect place and all its information in this app.


It is the most recently introduced app by the Indian government. All you need to do in this app is feed in certain information. This includes destinations, budget, and your interest and the app will generate the most suitable itinerary for you. In short, Tripigator is one of the most easy-to-use apps that includes all the information you would need while travelling.

Audio Compass

The developers of this app have the vision to provide every traveller’s sightseeing hassle-free. This app is a personal tour guide on your phone and therefore eliminating the hassle of running as per the schedule of the tour guide. It is specifically an audio app which is the most important point. Usually, you are always reading about the history and the information provided on the internet while sightseeing. But with the help of this app, now you can enjoy looking around while listening to the information about the place.


While travelling, tracking your spending is the most important factor. And if you have budget restraints, then this app is for you. It has many features that would make your travelling easy. From splitting your costs to tracking your expenses on the map you get the best features in this app.


The cab service providers, Uber and Ola are the most convenient apps that can be used for travelling within the city or even for travelling outstation. Both these apps are present across India’s major cities. Most importantly, you can also save your fares by taking up a sharing cab.

IRCTC Rail Connect

This is the official app of IRCTC which is launched by the Indian government. It can be used for booking tickets online, checking train routes, availability of seats, and PNR status. In short, it has all the information needed related to Indian railways.


If you are one of those people who lack planning then this is the must-have app for you. After logging in, the app will ask you about all the details of your travel. This includes the time of the visit, duration of your travel, budget, etc. It will create a perfect itinerary also. The app also would sync the details of your hotel, flight, other reservations with your phone’s calendar. Therefore, all unplanned trips are set for the go with just this one app.

Google Translate

India is a country with a vast variety of cultures. Every part and every state of India has its own local language. When you visit southern India, conversing with the locals becomes a major issue sometimes. Therefore you must have the google translator with you to at least know the common words like Thank you, Hello, etc. It translates conversations into 43 languages, images into 50 languages, and handwriting into 95 languages. Therefore, this app becomes a must-have app.


Airbnb is the best app that helps the traveller search for the best stays in the city. This app is loved by international travellers since it helps get the authentic feel of the place by staying at somebody’s place who is not using it. It is a great way to save the expenses made while travelling.

Oyo Rooms

Another budget stay option is Oyo rooms. All the rooms by Oyo have clean linens, hygienic washrooms, free wifi, TV, air-conditioning etc. Do you want to sleep on a comfortable bed at the least budget possible? Here is the solution. Book a room in 3 easy steps.

I hope, you enjoyed reading this article. Do share your experience/doubts/queries in the comment section below.

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