Kochi: Queen of the Arabian Sea
Kochi: Queen of the Arabian Sea

Kochi: Queen of the Arabian Sea

Kochi is related to the Ernakulam district in the state of Kerala. It is a major port city and metropolitan region. Kochi is one of the spice trade centers in the ancient period. The city includes a combination of various Islands like Cherai, Vypin, Willingdon, Vallarpadam, and Bolghatty.


  • In ancient times Kochi is known as Cochin. Arabs, British, Dutch, Portuguese, and Chinese came to Kochi for various trade purposes. The city is colonized by foreigners several times.
  • The Portuguese rule in Kochi was enhanced by the relationship with the admiral, Pedro Cabral, and the local King. The Cochin King agree with the treaty to build a factory by the Portuguese.
  • The decay of Portuguese power was caused by religious clashes, forcible conversion, and intermarriage.
  • In 1663, the Dutch came under the power of the city. The trade-in of Pepper, Coir, Cardamom, and Copper is enriching at the rule of the Dutch. This period ended after the triumph of Hider Ali and Tipu Sultan.
  • In the year 1814, Kochi came under the control of the British. The Willingdon Airport is famous for naval operations at that time.
  • In 1967, the towns of Mattanchery, Ernakulam, Fort Kochi, and nearby villages came under the Cochin Corporation.


Kochi is one of the Taluk existing in the Ernakulam district of Kerala. It consists of 6 towns and 5 villages. Pallippuram, Kuzhupilly, Edavanakkad, Chellanam, and Nayarambalam are the list of villages in Kochi. There are 7 Taluks in the Ernakulam district. Kochi is the industrial capital of Kerala.

How to reach Kochi?

By Air

The Cochin International Airport is situated near the Kochi city at 25km North in Nedumbassery. Airline services to New Delhi, Dubai, Singapore, and other cities are available from this Airport.

Through Train

Ernakulam Town, Ernakulam Junction, and South Railway station front Ernakulam are the main railway stations in Kochi. The Bangalore Express, Trivandrum express, and Mangladweep express are the trains passing through Ernakulam Junction. The Kochi Metro is running from Aluva to Pettah and covers 22 stations. The timing of Kochi Metro Rail is 6 Am to 8 Pm.


The NH 47 and NH 17 pass through Kochi. The buses, taxis, and auto-rickshaw are available in this city every day. The KSRTC and local buses are easy to travel to the places in Kochi.

When to visit Kochi?

The Winter season is the nicest time to visit Kochi from October to February. This is a great period to visit adventure spots and places.

Official Language

Malayalam is the official language spoken by most of the citizens in Kerala. The people in Kochi use Malayalam as their mother tongue.


  • Summer season – March to June
  • Monsoon season – July to September
  • Winter season – October to February

Transportation/ Stay to Prefer


The local transport service is available in Kochi. You can take a rickshaw or cab to reach the destination.

Stay to Prefer

The best homestay in Kochi is Happy Living and Aarons Homestay near the Lulu Mall. Fort House Hotel is a great place to stay with the family.

Fairs & Festivals in Kochi

Kochi has its own traditional festivals. The local people wear ethnic dresses and perform folk art in the fairs. Here is the information about the famous festivals and fairs in Kochi.

  • Onam is the biggest festival in Kerala celebrates in all districts including Kochi. The festival exists in August or September. It is the season of Carnivals, cultural, and sports events like the spoon race.
  • Cochin Carnival: The fair is overseen from the last week of December to New Years’ day. The procession led by elephants is the main attraction of the carnival. The various sports like boxing, kabaddi, and cycle racing increase the number of people on this occasion.
  • Malayatoor Perunnal: The Festival is a feature in April during the Easter period. Many of the pilgrims carry wooden crosses on different size bands able to climb to the hill. At the end of the hill consist of the S.t Thomas chapel. The water from the well near the church is famous for cure diseases.
  • Indira Gandhi Boat Race: The race in the Cochin backwaters in the last week of December is a colorful sports festival. The ‘Vallum Kali’ is the Malayalam word that depicts the ‘Boat Game’. The race is for the memory of Indira Gandhi, the late Prime Minister of India. The song of boatman is the race attraction.

Places to visit in Kochi


  1. Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is situating behind the Kerala High court building. It also deals with the ‘ Green lung of Kochi’. The mangroves in the forest were nest by a variety of migratory birds and a tide lake in the center of Sanctuary connected with Kochi backwaters. The brahmin Kite, Common redshank, Marsh sandpiper, and White water hen are the birds that exist here.

2. Cherai Beach

The beach consist of low tides and slow waves enable tourist for swimming band other sports. The view of the sunset on the beach is a memory in our mind forever.

3. Willingdon Island

The artificial Island in Kochi gives a natural atmosphere. It comprises the Gulmohar trees near the roads and a bridge that connects to the mainland of Kochi. This island is famous for adventure, photography, and Architecture.

4. Arekkal Waterfalls

The ideal time to visit the spot is monsoon season. The water was falling from a particular height that wrapping by various trees. There is a way to walk near this spot that gives guests a real experience of a waterfall.


  1. Santa Cruz Basilica: The church was constructed by the Portuguese in a gothic style. Painting of Last supper portraits on the main altar of the church. The heritage and culture of the past generation can be viewed in this church. The church is open every day for visitors.
  2. Chottanikara Bhagavathy Temple: The worship god in the temple is Goddess Chottanikara Bhagavathy Amman and Bhadrakali Amman. The pilgrims believed that temple is famous for curing diseases. The women wear the dress in Indian attire and men can open their shirts before entering to temple.

Cuisines to taste in Kochi

  • Pot rice is one of the famous dishes in Kochi. The Pot refers to the ancient vessel in which fish items cook. Pot rice means boiled rice in a pot and it has other curries like thoron, egg omelets, fish fry, and pappad. The mix of the different curries in a pot makes watery in our mouth.
  • Biriyani is the dish available in all restaurants at noontime. The item contains a mixture of rice and meat. This combination steam in fire and later cooked with oil. The flavor added to the dish makes a delicious taste for food lovers.
  • Fish Molly is a side dish for rice. The fish is cooked with black peppers, chilies and mix it with coconut milk. It is used with bread combinations. This curry is favorable for all fish lovers.
  • The soft drink contains a mixture of Khus-Khus seeds, Soda, lemon juice, and green chili is prominent here. These ingredients are put in a bottle and shake well. This drink provides freshness to our body and mind.

Things to do in Kochi

  • Spices like green pepper, curry powder, and oil at a low price are easy to buy.
  • The materials like snake boat, Kathakali showpiece, and coir products led to decorating the house.
  • The boat rides in the Marine Drive and walks around the beach give a peaceful surrounding.
  • Enjoy the fun activity of Chinese fishing nets gives you how to catch a fish.
  • Kathakali center in Kochi gives a magical experience of the art form Kathakali.
  • Have a day for Ayurvedic massages that remove the pain of the body.

Souvenirs to buy in Kochi

  • Spices like green pepper, curry powder, and oil a low prices easy to buy.
  • The materials like snake boat, Kathakali showpiece, and coir products led to decorating the house.

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