Bekal: The Heavenly Beauty
Bekal: The Heavenly Beauty

Bekal: The Heavenly Beauty

Situated at the southwestern tip of India, Bekal is a place that is known for its persona and charm. Its history, tempting beauty, and unexplored calmness make it a perfect destination to bewitch visitors. Bekal is a quiet piece of land in Kasaragod district, Kerala. Its untouched environmental factors are what adds allure to land.

It is known for its seashores, backwaters, forts. Bekal is home to the largest fortress in Kerala. Near National Highway 16 km south of the town, situated on the shoreline of Pallikkara town of Kasaragod is a district of astounding wonder called Bekal. Bekal was additionally chosen as one of the main ten travel locations by Lonely Planet.

Brief History

Rama Nayak, a neighbourhood Kannada writer reveals that the name Bekal is acquired from the word Baliakulam which implies a major royal residence(palace). The spot is said to have a seat of a major royal residence previously. The term Baliakulam got ruined as Bekulam and later as Bekal. It was normal that the fort will protect the royal palace.


Kasargod, the northernmost district of Kerala, is recognized for its handloom and coir ventures. Fishing is the primary source of income. A district with an uncommon and distinctive magnificence. Kasargod is known as “The land of Gods”, fortifications, streams, slopes, and excellent coastlines. The fort at Bekal is the biggest and the best-protected.

Kasargod offers an unseen and unique variety of patterns of temple architecture. The extraordinary style of Madhur Maha Ganapathi Temple, a regular Kerala Style of memorable Malik Deenar, the Great Juma Masjid, and numerous different designs talk peacefully with the rich social legacy of the area. The rich exhibition of “Theyyam’s tunes and pantomimes – raises Kasargod into a place that is known for spectacular dreams.

How to reach Bekal?

By Air

The nearest air terminal is Mangalore which is roughly 60 km away. In any case, Kochi air terminal is more connected with periodic departures from everywhere India than Mangalore. There is a non-stop departure from Kochi to Bekal, and the distance is canvassed in 60 minutes.

Closest Airport: Mangalore International Airport – 61 km from Bekal.

By Train

Bekal is very much associated with trains. The nearest rail stations from Bekal are Kasargod and Kanhangad. The majority of trains halt at these two major stations. The train travel is covered around 5 hours.

By Road

There are many transport administrations like taxi and bus functioning between Kochi and the other urban town to Bekal.

When to visit Bekal?

The best and ideal opportunity to visit Bekal is during the winters. The climate is excellent and wonderful. The cool winds in the evening lift your temperament and the entire get-away. Despite the fact that Kerala in a rainstorm is a highly discussed topic during monsoon it is a great idea to avoid visiting during rainy seasons

Official Language

Kasaragod possesses a special place on the map of Kerala. There are seven dialects utilized effectively by a small number of individuals in Kasaragod. Despite the fact that the official language is Malayalam, Tulu, Beary bashe, Kannada, Marathi and Konkani are likewise spoken. Moreover, there are numerous ancestral dialects that expand the social brilliance of Kasaragod. The form of Malayalam spoken here fluctuates a great from the standard Malayalam and is for the most part thought to be hard for individuals from southern Kerala.


The variety of practical features brings about a variety of diverse climatic changes. In the fields, the weather is mostly hot. Despite the fact that the mean greatest temperature is just around 32.20 Celsius, the warmth is abusive in the dampness-loaded environment of the plain. Dampness is extremely high and ascends to around 90% during the south-west storm. The yearly variety of temperature is little.
The south-west rainstorm begins towards the finish of May or the start of June and holds till September when the downpour becomes dull. October gets the north-east storm. Dry climate sets in before the finish of December. January and February are the coolest months of the year whereas April, and May are by and large hot.

Fairs and Festivals in Bekal

A three-day worldwide kite celebration is being held at the Bekal seashore park. The celebration is the globe’s biggest Kathakali kite, a 40-foot-width circle kite, a tiger kite that was immensely mainstream in an as of late held Chinese kite celebration, and a kite that can radiate light during the night. Different works of art in Kerala will likewise be organized.

Transport/Stay to prefer

Transports, Autorickshaws, neighbourhood taxis, vehicle rentals, or by walking. Be available to taking house-boats to certain spots.

BEKAL tourism provide variety of accommodation that you can choose according to your pocket.

Places to visit in Bekal


Bekal Fort

Fabricated very nearly 300 years prior, Bekal Fort is viewed as one of the biggest and most protected Forts in Kerala. Settled in the lap of nature, Bekal Fort is a notable post encompassed by a delightful seashore offering a captivating perspective on the Arabian Sea. The excellent walkway, enlightened seashore, and the amazing design of the Bekal Fort make this spot a top pick among the majority. The fort was highlighted in one of the famous songs of A R Rahman’s tune ‘ Tu hey re’.

Chandragiri Fort

Constructed in the seventeenth century by Sivappa Nayak of Bedanore, the Chandragiri fort lies in the Kasaragod District of north Kerala, the southern province of India. Presently its unique grand structure is secured under the State Archeology Department, the fortification once used to be an incredible fortress of the realm.

The Chandragiri Boat Club close by offers a boat ride to the close-by islands and palm forests, wherein you can get down and camp. The local fishermen company you on boat rides, so you will become more acquainted with the beauty of the districts. Brimming with creative and historical importance, this spot is visited by local people just as travellers for the stunning perspective of estuarine that the Payaswini waterway structures with the Arabian Sea.


Ananthapura Lake Temple

A brilliant fascination in northern Kerala, Ananthapura Lake Temple is encircled by a rectangular lake that provisions the spring water to it. For those who’re searching for spots to visit in and around Bekal, this sanctuary found thirty kilometres from Bekal is the perfect spot. The drive to this 10th-century sanctuary will doubtlessly make you without a care in the world, and you will be profoundly restored from the internal centers.

Malik Deenar Mosque

Established by Malik Deenar, this mosque is known as quite possibly the most celebrated spots to visit in Bekal, Kerala. Furnished with a slanted rooftop and the vital house, this delightful piece is developed in normal Kerala style yet will offer an alternate sort of harmony when you enter. Once more, an incredible spot for history darlings who will discover total serenity in the alluring Malik Deenar Mosque.


Bekal Beach

Bekal Fort Beach is a wonderful coastline in the region of Kasaragod in God’s Own Country, Kerala. The beach grows over a zone of 36 acres of land and is notable for being in the area of Bekal Fort and for being looked after well. The landscape view from the fort is stunning. Travellers can also wander at the rock garden which is just a kilometre away from the shore.

Bekal seashore is certainly not a virgin seashore, however, it isn’t constantly jam-packed like a few other beaches in India. The garden is the best spot to visit with loved ones. One may appreciate camel rides, horse rides along the seashore.

Kappil Beach

Kappil beach is an astonishing seashore situated around 15 kilometres from Kasaragod, in the South Indian State of Kerala. This charming seaside is one of only a handful, not many in India which actually has crystalline sand and clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea.

Kappil Beach has a long sandy stretch that is well-suited for going for walks across the coastline. It is just around 5 kilometres from the Bekal Fort. Vacationers go through days lounging in the sun as they unwind in the sand.

Azhithala Beach

Azhithala is the spot where the Tejaswani river meets the Arabian Sea. This beach is an ideal location for relaxing and soothing your mind. people who love long walks will fall for this scene. The sea trees sand waves, and the salty breeze makes it perfect for picnickers.

Valiyaparamba Backwaters

Valiyaparamba Backwaters has a major fishing centre in Alleppey. It’s the third-largest and breathtaking backwaters in Kerala. The Kettuvallam (boathouse) is one thing you need to encounter at Valiyaparamba.

Cuisines to taste in Bekal

Once in Bekal, you should taste the neighbourhood food. The modest community is renowned for its fried and steamed food. The steamed dishes like Iddali, Puttu, Ada, and Idiyappam. The fried dishes that you must attempt are Bhajji or singed Chilies, singed bananas, fish fry.

Things to do in Bekal

Historical Tours: Carved with probably the greatest and very much safeguarded notable milestones, Bekal is an endearing spot to set out on authentic visits, and rediscover the magnificence of a former time.

Seashore Activities: Bekal is a genuine fortune box for beachgoers. While Bekal Beach is situated within the ancient notable town, it additionally offers simple admittance to a few other pleasant and recreation seashores in Kerala.

Recreation Activities: With such a great amount to offer, Bekal additionally fills in as a faultless Kerala objective for relaxation exercises. Regardless of whether an easygoing traveller, makes it an energizing encounter.

Souvenirs to buy in Bekal

Sightseers can appreciate shopping in Bekal which is bewitching. Vacationers can explore the business sectors and shops of Bekal and get some neighbourhood trinkets and presents for their friends and family.

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