Panipat: The City of Weavers
Panipat: The City of Weavers

Panipat: The City of Weavers

Panipat, popularly known as the “City of weavers” or “Textile City”. Situated 219 m above sea level, lies in the heart of the Haryana district. Moreover, the city is popular at the global level for recycling textile. This small city however emerges as a famous tourist attraction due to its historical significance. And in the coming days, it will surely be on the list of most visited tourist spots. Moreover, Panipat is a historically important city as it witnessed the legendary battle of Panipat which changed the course of Indian history.

Brief History

  • According to Mahabharata, Panipat was one of the five cities founded by the Pandavas & it then called Panduprasatha. 
  • The city was cut out from the Karnal district in 1989 and again merged with it in 1991. After a year, in 1992, it declared a separate district
  • The first battle of Panipat fought between Ibrahim Lodi & emperor Babur in 1526. Ibrahim Lodi lost this battle and thus it ended the Lodhi rule
  • The first battle signifies the beginning of the Mughals era.
  • The second battle of Panipat fought between emperor Akbar & Hem Chandra Vikramaditya of Rewari. Thus Hem lost the battle which ended the Hindu Raj. Moreover, Hem was the last Hindu emperor of Delhi.
  • The third battle of Panipat fought between Afghan attacker Ahmad Shah Abdali & the Sadar Sada Shiv Bhau of Marathas forces in 1761.
  • Marathas lost the battle. It was the worst defeat of Marathas in the course of Indian history.
  • After that Panipat went into the hands of the British East India company.


Panipat is a famous district of Indian-northern state, Haryana. Thus the capital of Haryana is Chandigarh. Panipat expands in an area of 56 Km2 of land. The city is located on the bank of the river Yamuna.

How to reach Panipat?

Panipat is well connected by a good network of roads & can easily accessible city via air, road & train. 

By Air

  • Panipat does not have its own airport system. One can board a flight to its nearest airport.
  • The nearest airport from Panipat is IGA ( Indira Gandhi international airport) Delhi.
  • It situated at a distance of 99kms. It takes 1 hour 50 minutes from Delhi.
  • Airlines such as IndiGo, Air India, Jet Airways are available at Delhi airport.
  • From the airport, one can get private cabs, taxis & buses to get to the desired place.

By Road

  • The roadways are well maintained & well connected to all National highways.
  • You can reach Panipat from Delhi via the oldest national Highway, NH-1.
  • Buses are also available on a regular basis & connect to all the major cities of other states. There are many buses available to Panipat such as Volvo.
  • You can also book a private cab to Panipat.
  • It takes around 2 hours 45 minutes by road.

By Train

  • Panipat has excellent networks of rail. It has its own railway station, called Panipat junction.
  • The trains such as Unchahar Express, Mussoorie Express, Jhelum Express, Shatabdi etc, have stopped at this junction.
  • It took 1 hour 25 minutes to reach Panipat via train.
  • Tourist can take private cabs, auto-rickshaw, taxis etc from the railway station to reach the desired place.

When to visit Panipat?

The best time considered for tourists to visit this weaving city is from October to February. During this time period, a large number of tourists visited this city. Although the summers are very hot & humid. Tourists usually avoid their visit in summer. Moreover, the city experiences mild & heavy rain during the monsoon. Thus the best time to visit for a rain lover.

Official Language

The official language of Panipat is Hindi. Although people also speak Punjabi & Haryanvi. These are the regional languages of Panipat. Also, English is a commonly spoken language in the city.


  • Summer Season: March to June
  • Average Temperature: 45°C-31°C
  • Monsoon Season: July to September
  • Average Temperature: 35°C-29°C
  • Winter Season: October to February
  • Average Temperature: 19°C- 4°C

Fairs & Festivals in Panipat

Panipat had great traditional remarks. Although festivals celebrated in Panipat are adapted from mostly Punjab & Haryana. These festivals boost cultural diversity & are celebrated with full passion, fun & enjoyment. Other Indian festivals are also celebrated in the city. The most celebrated festival in Panipat are:


The festival signifies prosperity and fertility which also marks the end of the winter season. Lohri is celebrated every year on 13th January. People come together to celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm and joy. In this festival, bonfires are burnt and people throw puffed rice, popcorns, peanuts into the bonfires. They take parikrama to these bonfires & pray for prosperity. Songs, dhol & dance are integral parts of Lohri. 


This festival is dedicated to Goddess Gauri. The festival signifies prosperity & abundance. It is celebrated by the women of Panipat, Haryana. Gangore celebrated every year in March. Women dress up in a traditional way & they will make idols of Gauri & Shiva. These idols are immersed into the river. The girls pray for a suitable match & married women pray for the longevity of their husbands.


The festival marks the beginning of the monsoon. It is celebrated every year in the month of July- August. The festival is celebrated to worship Goddess Parvati. People set up swings & girls received new gifts, clothes, and sweets from their families. Married women pray for the prosperity & longevity of their husbands.

Gugga Navmi

This festival is celebrated for the worship of snakes. The local people of Haryana believe that the state is blessed with the power to cure snake bites. It can save people from snake poison. It is usually celebrated in August-September.


It marks the beginning of the new year for Punjabis. The Punjabi community along with other people celebrated the festival with great belief. The kada is distributed in the Gurudwara by the community to everyone. People play dhol & traditional Punjabi dance to celebrate the festival.

Accommodation/Stay to prefer

Haryana tourism corporation Ltd has taken care of your stay while you been enjoying in Panipat. To boost tourism in the city, it has two tourist complexes. Both are budget-friendly & full of luxuries.

Blue Jay, Samalkha

It is a luxurious tourist complex that provides top-quality stay. It is located on Nh-1. The rooms are well maintained & air-conditioned. The restaurant provides a variety of dishes. The green lawns are breathtaking. Thus, it is a good choice for travelers to stay here.


Another tourist complex, located near the highway. It is more of a motel than just a staying place. Decorated with green plants & colourful plants. Have a spacious & well-furnished room. Offering a wide variety of food & beverages. Every & each part of the complex Take care of your stay.


Bus: The buses are the most efficient way of travelling in & out of the city. It is the cheapest & common mode of transport. Tourist get buses from Israna & Samalkha bus station.

Taxi: There are many taxies freely available from the airports, railway station & bus stops to all the major attractions in the city.

Private cab: Cabs services are also easily available in the city. Tourists can book a private cab on a full-day basis or on an hourly basis for sightseeing in the city.

Auto-Rickshaw: Auto- rikshaw are also freely available to all parts of the city. One can enjoy the chaotic lanes & crowded Market from the rickshaw.

Places to visit in Panipat


Kabuli Bagh Mosque

It built-in 1527 by Emperor Babur. It marks the victory of Babur at the first battle of Panipat over Ibrahim Lodhi. It named After Babur wife, Kabuli Begam.

Panipat Museum

Panipat Museum has historical collections of the battle of Panipat. IT set up by the Haryana Government.

Salar Gunj Gate

Salar Gunj Gate was built in the memory of Salar Jung. It situated in the middle of Panipat city. Popularly known as Bab-I-Faiz Gate. 


Devi Temple

The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Durga. It is a very popular spiritual site in the city. It built-in 18 century, when Maratha was ruling in the area.

Tomb of Bu-Ali Shah Kalander

It built by Mahabat Khan. It dedicated to Shaikh Sharafudeen Bu Ali Kalander Panipati. And situated at the Kalandar chowk. It said that the tomb was almost 700-year old. 

Ibrahim Lodhi’s Tomb

It situated near the tehsil office. It also close to the Durgah of Sufi saint Bu Ali Shah. It now maintained by Municipal Committee.


The Kala Amb Park

It is a place where the third battle of Panipat fought.  It located 8km from the city. It is a major attraction for the tourist.

Obelisk Commemorated To The Third Battle of Panipat

It signifies the site of the Third battle of Panipat. It is believed that here Sadha Shiva Rao Bhau laid his life while fighting in the battle. 

Tau Devi Lal Bio Diversity park

It is the most popular & well-maintained park in the city. It is a paradise of nature’s lover. Truly commendable. It is home to various species of birds which made the park more livable.

Cuisines to taste in Panipat

Panipat cuisines are most from the state of Punjab & Haryana. Being the City of Weavers, Panipat is also a paradise for the local street food that consists of Chole Bhature, Saag & Bajre di Roti, Khichdi, Meethe chawal, Kadhi, Bajra Roti, Kheer, Singri ki sabzi, etc. In addition to some typical Beverages of Panipat is Raita, Lassi, Chaz, Sharbat, etc which are to be found anywhere in the city. However, cuisine such as Chinese, Thai, and other continental dishes can be easily available in any restaurant. Thus, you shouldn’t miss out on these delicacies of Panipat.

Things to do in Panipat

  • Enjoy the beauty of the Kala Amb Park
  • Witness the Obelisk Commemorated To The Third Battle of Panipat 
  • Enjoy the beauty of Ibrahim Lodhi’s Tomb
  • Take a trip to the Tomb of Bu-Ali Shah Kalander
  • Know the history of Panipat at Panipat Museum
  • Discover the beauty of Kabuli Bagh Mosque
  • Birdwatching at Tau Devi Lal Bio Diversity park
  • Take a walk to Salar Gunj Gate
  • Visit the famous Devi Temple
  • Go on the shopping
  • Discover the taste of street food

Souvenirs to buy in Panipat

Panipat is famous for its Handlooms & also export them at the global level around the world. That’s the reason is called “City Of Weavers”. Thus, it is a centre for various colourful, attractive carpets, bed sheet, rugs, durrie, floor-covering, blankets, textile etc. moreover, the Apanjaa Durrie is the most famous of Panipat which hold traditional & cultural value. It is usually made by women in order to give it on their daughter’s wedding. Tourist shouldn’t miss out on these wonderful items to take as a token of memory.

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