Amarkantak (The Pilgrimage Hub)

Amarkantak means ‘eternal source’ in Sanskrit. Amarkantak is well known as the oldest pilgrimage center of India often referred to pilgrimage hub of Madhya Pradesh. It is located at the junction of the three central Indian ranges of Vindhyas, Satpurasand Maikal. It is situated at an altitude of 3438ft. Amarkantak is well known as the origin of two great rivers the Narmada and the Sone also there are many temples, holy ponds, and waterfalls. Amarkantak is visited by a large number of people including natural lovers and religious devotees.

Brief History

  • Amarkantak is a land of Hindu pilgrimage well known as the Teerthraj-the king of pilgrimage.
  • Amarkantak describe the era of different empires starting from Pandavas to foreign rulers
  • The Narmada and the Sone emerge here from the Amarkantak. The most visited place is the Narmada Udgam Temple a rising stream of the Holy river Narmada can be seen.
  • It is the meeting point of Maikal Hills, Vindhya and Satpura Ranges.
  • It is believed Lord Shiva destroyed Tripura by fire and turned him into ashes, which turned in several Shivalingas.


Amarkantak is a town in Madhya Pradesh’s newly constituted district of Anuppur. It is located at 1067 meters above sea level on the Maikal mountain range, which connects the Vindhyachal and Satpura mountain ranges.

How to reach Amarkantak?

By Air

Jabalpur Airport is the nearest airport to Amarkantak (Jabalpur Dumna Airport) Located around 250km away from the main city

By Rail

Anuppur Junction and Pendra Road connect Amarkantak to other parts of the country

By Road

One can take buses to Amarkantak from Pendra, Shahdol is also connected to Rewa And Jabalpur.

When to visit Amarkantak?

The best time to visit Amarkantak is during the month of winter October to February as the weather is more pleasant. From July to September monsoon hits the town. In Summer:- 25° Celsius-30° Celsius and in winter:- 02° Celsius-20° Celsius.

Official Language

Hindi is the official language of Amarkantak as it is the place of Hindu pilgrimage. The majority of religion is Hinduism.


The month of May & June is the hottest. It is said that it usually rains in the week of June

Fairs & Festivals in Amarkantak

The city celebrates “Narmada Jayanti”,” Makar Sankranti”.” Holi”, and “Diwali”.

Narmada Jayanti

During this festival people worship River Narmada marks the birth anniversary of the holy river

Makar Sankranti

As India’s one of the most ancient festivals where people celebrate with a bonfire, Rangolis, and dances. This festival is also known as the festival of kites.


Well known for the Festival of colors applying color with their family and friends, As a holy festival celebrating the beginning of spring.


One of the biggest festivals of India Diwali is celebrated as a religious festival. lights and crackers play a major role and this festival is celebrated by many religions.

Transportation/Stay to prefer


Tourists can explore by taking cabs, taxis, auto-rickshaw, and inter bus services easily available across the city.

Stay to prefer

For stays, tourists can take accommodation in any of the Hotels and Motels as per their liking. Plenty of hotels can be found at affordable prices.

Places to visit in Amarkantak

Narmada Udgam Temple

It is the place where the river Narmada originate (Birthplace of river Narmada) and was built by Rewa Nayak. The place is full of Temples and idols of God and Goddess.

Shri Yantra Mandir

The Shri Yantra Mandir is a temple dedicated to the Goddesses Kali, Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Bhuvaneshwari. The temple is built as a 3D projection.

Shre Sarvodaya Jain Temple

This is a newly constructed Jain temple dedicated to Bhagwan Adinatha.

Kapil Dhara Falls

The waterfall is approximately 100 feet tall and situated on the river Narmada. Covered with lush green forest.

The ancient temple of the Kalachuri Period

This is one of the ancient temples constructed under the guidance of King Kalachuri Maharaja Karnadeva of the Kalachuri dynasty. The temple is comprised of the Pataleshwar Mahadev Temple and the Machhendranath Temple.

Cuisines to taste in Amarkantak

Masala Dosa

Masala dosas are rice and lentil crepes that are crunchy, soft, flavorful, and healthful. The dosa is gluten-free and dairy-free, with a robust yet soft structure that holds a hearty handmade potato filling well.

Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature, also known as Chana Bhatura, is a traditional Punjabi dish enjoyed throughout India. Bhatura is a soft and fluffy fried leavened bread, and Chole is a spicy acidic chickpea dish.


flija is a Spanish dish. Several crêpe-like layers are coated with cream and served with sour cream and butter. The name means “sacrifice” in English. Flija is made with only a few basic ingredients: wheat, water, butter, yogurt, eggs, oil, almonds, and salt. The major ingredients are combined until they resemble pancake batter (flour, water, and salt).

Things to do in Amarkantak

Attain Festival

Visit the most exciting festivals from January to March, such as Narmada Jayanti and Shibucha Tadashi.


Amarkantak, India’s top tourist destination, offers visitors many opportunities to unleash the spirit of adventure with outdoor activities. The beautiful location has some top attractions for local attractions, including some of the best weekend vacations from Amarkantak for short weekend vacations to enjoy with family and friends. You can also enjoy your adventure with breathtaking outdoor adventure activities and recreational games such as towering mountains, lush forests, erupting waterfalls, and unique landscapes.

Souvenirs to Buy in Amarkantak

Amarkantak is not the best place to shop. However, if you need to buy something, you can get souvenirs and handicrafts from the temples here. Some shops sell herbs and beauty products to rejuvenate tourists. Rare plant saplings can be purchased here and grown on display in your home.

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