Hyderabad: The City of Pearls in India
Hyderabad: The City of Pearls in India

Hyderabad: The City of Pearls in India

The city which comes to your mind when someone says ‘Biryani‘ actually has something more with it. Just to get you rooted with its beauty and amazement, here is about Hyderabad- the juggling city of history, modernity and amazing cuisine.

Brief History

  • Hyderabad was found in the year 1591 by fifth Qutb Shahi Ruler Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah. But the original city of Hyderabad was founded on the banks of river Musi.
  • This city was extensively ruled by the Qutub Shahis. The capital Bhagyanagar was named after a royal beloved Bhagyamati, who later became the wife of Quli Qutub Shah in Hyder Mahal and thus was born Hyderabad.
  • The Qutub Shahis ruled the Deccan for nearly 171 years.
  • During the Qutub Shahi reign Golconda became one among the leading markets within the world of diamonds, pearls, steel for arms and also printed fabric.
  • With the conquest of the Deccan and therefore the South, Aurangzeb succeeded in expanding the Mughal Empire to hide the whole sub-continent. After his death in 1707, the Empire rapidly declined.
  • In 1724, Mir Quamaruddin became the primary Nizam and therefore the founding father of the Asif Jahi dynasty.
  • When British and therefore the French spread their hold over the country, the Nizam soon won their friendship without bequeathing his power.
  • On 1956, the map of India was redrawn into linguistic states, and Hyderabad became the capital of Andhra Pradesh.


Hyderabad is located on the Musi River in the heart of the Telangana Plateau. From 1956 to 2014, Hyderabad was the capital of Andhra Pradesh state, but, with the creation of Telangana from Andhra Pradesh in 2014, it was redesignated as the capital of both states.


By Air

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

Hyderabad is a city which can be easily reached from most cities in India and from major cities of the planet. Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and lots of more have regular flights to Hyderabad. Global cities such as London, Chicago, Dubai, etc. are also connected to Hyderabad. The city’s nearest airport is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. It is served by major Indian and international airlines such as IndiGo, Air India, British Airways. It is located in Shamshabad, which is 22 kilometres south of the main city.

By Road

Hyderabad Road

Hyderabad is also well-connected to several cities in India via road. It has a huge network of highways, making it easily accessible.

National Highways like NH-202, NH-9 and NH-7 and state highways, SH-6, SH-5, SH-4, SH-2, SH-1, originate from Hyderabad. A number of personal buses provide transportation to the commuters, providing deluxe and semi-deluxe options. Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC), a government organisation, is that the main public sector transport service.

By Train

Secunderabad Junction

This city features a number of railway stations, which connect the town to the remainder of the country via frequent trains. Secunderabad is the headquarter of South Central Railway (SCR). The key railway stations of Hyderabad are Secunderabad railroad station, Nampally railroad station, Kachiguda railroad station, Lingampally railroad station, Begumpet railroad station and Falaknuma railroad station. Express trains and local trains regularly operate from these stations.

When to visit

View of Hyderabad City

Peak Season

Hyderabad features a warmer climate and hence the cold climate from October to March are considered ideal to travel across.

October to February

The climate is considered to be sort of pleasant within the month of October, but still you will find a number of the times cloudy. The winter season in Hyderabad begins from the month of November and continues till February. The typical temperature during this point period ranges from 29 to 14-degree Celcius.

This point is usually considered ideal for monuments visits, city tours and other tourists’ activities. it is indeed a gorgeous sight to observe the minars at early morning hours during the winter season.

March to May

These months constitute the most well-liked months of the year. Summer season in Hyderabad is the time when most city tours happened. Hence, afternoons are often very exhausting and it would be great if you could carry sufficient water to stop dehydration.

The temperature during this point can soar to 45 degree Celcius on some days.

June to September

This is the monsoon season in Hyderabad with heavy rains and powerful winds. Also thanks to rains, the humidity level within the city rises, a reason why this is often also the off-season for travelling to Hyderabad.

The temperature can vary from 27 to 24 degree Celcius. However, evenings are pleasant with cool breezes and rain-lovers can have an excellent time spending within the city.


Hyderabad is the largest, most populous city with being the major urban centre for all of south-central interior India.

According to the survey in 2011, it has a population of around 68.1 Lakhs. Experts believe the rate to be almost double by 2021.


Telugu and Urdu are the official languages of Hyderabad and the most spoken language of the region. The Urdu spoken by Muslims in the city is known as Deccani Urdu, which is quite distinct from standard Urdu.

Similarly, Telangana dialect of Telugu is extensively used. As there are many communities which made this city their home, other languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, etc. are also spoken.

English is spoken by most of the students and professionals working in the city.


The climate is majorly warm to hot and monsoonal (i.e., marked by wet and dry periods), with moderate annual precipitation. Most rain falls happen during the wet monsoon months of June to October.

Top places to visit in Hyderabad

Visit Golconda Fort

Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

Let Golconda Fort be one among the firsts to the must-visit landmark list of the Hyderabad. This glorious fortress is not just a crucial tourist spot, but also an architectural marvel of the past.

Built on a granite hill during the reign of the mighty Kaktiya dynasty, it is witnesses the rise and fall of several other dynasties that ruled over the region at different points of history. Measuring around 400ft, it now attracts an outsized number of travellers, history buffs, archaeological enthusiasts. A visit to the present historic monument will surely take you back to the age when it served as a robust line of defence for the kings and emperors.

Witness the Qutb Shahi Tombs in Ibrahim Bagh

Qutb Shahi Tombs

On your next Hyderabad tour, don’t forget to go to the stunning Qutb Shahi Tombs within the Ibrahim Bagh! It’s located within an in depth proximity to the Golconda Fort, these are the tombs to commemorate the seven Qutub Shahi rulers who ruled over this region.

Some of these tombs had golden spires that made them distinguishable among the others; tombs with such spires marked the cemetery of the Sultans.

Feel the Royalty in Chowmahalla Palace

Chowmahalla Palace, Hyderabad

Forts and palaces have always been a mark of the reputation and fame of the kings and emperors! The Chowmahalla Palace was once the official residence of the Nizams. It is once such a palace that explains the influence and architectural taste of the Hyderabadi rulers.

Divided into northern and southern courtyards, it also has several gardens and intricately designed fountains that defines the opulence and royalty of the then rulers.

Stroll Around the Charminar

Charminar, Hyderabad

Hyderabad is widely known for dum biriyani and Charminar! A visit to this historic monument should be one among the first to strike off in your list. This stunning minaret stands on the banks of Musi river, built in amazing Indo- Islamic architectural style. Don’t miss out to take a troll around this monument and add an extra touchy flavor to your trip.

Visit Moula Ali Dargah

Moula Ali Dargah

Originally built as a Masjid, Moula Ali Dargah was built in memory of Ali. With high religious importance, this will certainly add a memory to  your stay in hyderabad. You can try to climb up Dargah and watch its grandeurs. It also provides an amazing view to almost the entire city.

Spend a Fun-filled day in Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Have a lot of love for cinema? Then this will just serve you right! Ramoji film city is fun and diverse with all the fun activities ranging from train rides to breathtaking parks. Also, the architectural design of this place has drawn attraction from all over the world. Assure yourself that you spend one whole day at this fun-filled spot.

Hussain Sagar Lake

Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad

Commissioned by Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah in 1563 and is renowned for its monolith of Lord Buddha, the Hussain Sagar is one of the best tourist attractions in the city. This lake is very popular for activities such as fish culture, water sports and boat rides apart from the peace it spreads. Also, The major attraction of the lake is a monolithic Buddha statue situated right at the heart of the lake. The lake has 3 km long dam wall which connects the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Feel the peace, filled with fun and adventure right here!

Nehru zoological park

Nehru Zoological Park

This spot is just for the avid wildlife lovers. With almost 1500 species finding habitat here, this is a must to your list. Unlike other zoological parks, Nehru zoological park offers a number of safaris like lion, tiger and bear safaris. Spotting of an eye treating species is a sure yes. So, grab your backpacks and start and adventure.

Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir, Hyderabad

Tired of the busy city life? Want some inner peace and meditation? Then Birla temple is your go to spot. This temple has an scenic view of the city and an atmosphere with pleasant serene. The main idol in the Birla Mandir is truly a majestic sight to behold with eleven feet height and made entirely of white marble, approximately 2000 tonnes from Rajasthan. Here, the idol is also covered by a carved lotus canopy made of granite stone which vastly contrasts with the marble of the idol.

Sudha Cars Museum

  • Sudha Cars Museum
  • Sudha Cars Museum
  • Sudha Cars Museum
  • Sudha Cars Museum
  • Sudha Cars Museum

Keen on driving with an utmost love for vintage. Then Sudha car museum is just for you. Established in 2010, Sudha Cars Museum is a private museum.They display hand made cars. All cars have been personally designed to look like everyday objects with an vintage glance. Every exhibit has a plaque detailing about the time and cost of manufacture and the maximum speed it can attain. The cars at the Sudha Cars Museum can be driven but are not for sale. With no more delay, add this to your travel list!

Cuisines to taste in Hyderabad

Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani

Something about Hyderabad and nothing about the world famous dum-Biriyani is not fair. You can pick up packed Hyderabadi Biryani from its famous outlets like Paradise in Secunderabad. It is available even at the airport.

Bakery Products – Karachi Bakery & Osmania Biscuits

Karachi Bakery

Cookies can be found everywhere, but what one could never find is the fruit cookies from the Karachi bakery. Located in old city, this snack is perfect with your chai and evening gossips.

Pulla Reddy Paper Sweet

Ever heard of the paper thin sweets, isn’t just mouth melting? This is a special sweet which can be found only in this city. It’s made rice, ghee and a lot of nuts. You will certainly have your mouth treated with this one. Also, a suggestion to add on- missing this can make you regret your whole life.

Gongura Pickle

Gongura Pickle

The only best way to feel the touch of Hyderabad from anywhere in the world is by getting to taste the Gongura pickle. This is nothing but a sour green leaves used in the city’s households. Also, this is available in almost every grocery store.

Souvenirs to buy in Hyderabad

Here is the list of Hyderabad Souvenirs to pick and enjoy!

Lac Bangle

Lac Bangle

The bright lacquer bangles sold here is so eye-catching, one can never miss them. All types of bangles are sold here, starting from the range as low as 100 rupees. The bangles in this city is distinct for its bold colours and design. There is no way you can miss the shine of these bangles. Crafted manually, each design and stone is individually pasted to create the myriad patterns. Only work for us is to just explore the shops around to chose the bangles which stole our hearts!

I would love to give you a great suggestion, that Lac bangles from the city make a perfect gift for all the girls and women around you.

Bidri Work

This metal craft comes from the town of Bidar And thus the name. This works are of course available in most souvenir shops across the city. It is an eye-opening experience to see the artisans craft each piece and most of the tourists end up buying it in state emporium ‘Lepakshi’. Budget-friendly? Just don’t worry! Small shops in the old city will give you the exact experience and product at an cheaper price. Commonly bought items in Bidri work include small boxes and pen stands. The silver on top of black metal is just bliss, looks elegant, strong yet delicate.

Traditional weaves & fabrics

kalamkari sarees

Pochampalli and kalamkari sarees are the best when it comes to traditional weavings. Every woman with love of sarees should have these two in their collections. The material used in both these sarees always fits the best for any occasion.

Khada Dupatta

Khada Dupatta

With a 12 meter long fabric, this is a local traditional bridal wear. It has so much embroidery to it and yet so easy and elegant to carry. Any to-be brides? This would be just great to gift them.


Mango orchards are one common view when you step outside the buzzing city. With an amazing amount of local varieties, this would surely make a memorable takeaway home concept. Popular varieties of mangoes include Himayat – which is absolutely green in colour, Rasaal – the one you have to eat by sucking through a tiny hole on top.

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