Why do We need to Save Wildlife?
Why do We need to Save Wildlife?

Wildlife Conservation: Why We Need to Save Wildlife?

When we were kids, we have all at some point learnt about the need for saving wildlife. But do we ever stop and ask why? You may answer that protecting wildlife is essential to balance our ecosystem. Yes, that is correct, but that will happen in the long run. What will happen now, what will be the immediate effect of it. This thought is terrifying than unbalancing the ecosystem. That is because, if we lose the wild animals what will become of the famous tourist spots we love to visit with our family. We will discuss this in great detail ahead in the article; keep on reading. 

Top Reasons Why Losing Wildlife is Bad News?

Top Reasons Why Losing Wildlife is Bad News?
Top Reasons Why Losing Wildlife is Bad News?

Biodiversity of wildlife

Biodiversity is one fundamental issue to consider. Reduction of the numbers of animals can deeply interrupt the ecosystem and the natural food chain. Moreover, it can further lead to the threat of extinction of other species as well.

Human needs

Human is also an animal. And just mentioned above, all animals, including humans, will be affected by it. For example, if we kill all the foxes in the jungle, that will lead to a hyper reproduction of rabbits. And then millions of rabbit will eat our crops every day and lead to the starvation of billions of humans. That is how serious the threat is. 

Aesthetic benefits

Watching animals in their natural habitat sounds like a perfect plan for a family holiday. It is not only fun but also relaxing. People always go for holidays in national parks, zoos, theme animal parks, lakes, oceans, forests, and mountains. They go there, stay a while, and do camping, fishing, boat riding, and hiking. If we lose wildlife, then the main attraction of these spots will vanish. Thousands of people will lose the job. And most importantly we will have to say goodbye to these tourist spots.

Preserves wildlife heritage and culture

Conserving wildlife means conserving the heritage and traditional culture of the place. For example, India is famous for its white royal Bengal tiger. If we suddenly see all of them die, tourists visiting India will decrease, and India will lose popularity because of it. Some places are also known for their flora and fauna concerning the native practices and livelihood methods, such as Goa. 

Another example is Africa, which is famous for big cats like lions, leopards, cheetahs, and enormous herbivores like elephants and giraffes. If we remove this wildlife from Africa, what’s left there is just an image of sand in our mind.

How to Save Wildlife?

How to Save Wildlife?
How to Save Wildlife?

Now that you know precisely how dangerous losing wildlife is, it is time we all started protecting it. You can do it too, and it’s not challenging. You can choose your way to help animals. Choose from the following easy how you can save wildlife:

Reduce thrash

Thrash is not just a problem for us humans but also animals. Every day thousands of animals die due to eating plastic. Hundreds of seals die in the sea because unbreakable fibre fishing rope is tied around their necks. That is why we need to dispose of our trash properly. 

Join wildlife saving programs

Many programs are intended to help wildlife to suffer less and live more. You can join these programs. You can even volunteer to support these programs. Or, if you are too busy to do that, you can help them financially by providing them with the donation they need. 

Rebuild their homes

As our population grows, we are invading their homes, forcing the animals to roam the city and get killed by cars or humans. We can help them plant trees, stop deforestation, dig lakes for them to drink water from, etc. Returning what we took from them should be our retribution for them. 

Speak up

Even if you do all of this and the next guy after you come to destroy it all, there is no meaning in doing all that good. That is why it is essential to speak up and add more people to your movement. Tell others who are ignorant about saving the wildlife. That way, you can keep what you have built for years to come. 


In this article, we have covered everything that you need to know about wildlife conservation. Remember how important it is for us to save wildlife, and do not forget to motivate others to follow in your footsteps. Feel free to comment down below to let us know what you feel about this article.

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