Silicon Valley of India
Silicon Valley of India

Why Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India?

India is a diverse country with many popular cities. But have you wondered why is Bangalore called the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore is also the capital city of Karnataka. It is a hub of Information Technology (IT). This city carries the ethnicity of South India and the prestige of the country. It is now popularly called a Tech city due to the flexibility and adaptability of the city’s infrastructure and culture.


In 1990, Texas, a multinational organization established its roots in Bangalore. Many other industries followed the path making it get established as Silicon Valley of India. 

Bangalore has consistently maintained its pride as Silicon Valley even during the pandemic. As a result, it has gained the title of Tech City.

5 Reasons Why Bangalore is called Silicon Valley of India

Why Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India

Established IT Industries

Bangalore has the headquarters of many influential companies, such as Infosys, Wipro, Microsoft, etc. Electronic city, an area in Bangalore acts as a sample to prove the developed information technology in the city. Here, we can see enormous industries, for example, Infosys’s biggest branch is located here.

Flourishing Start-ups

Youth today, don’t follow the path but create their own path to travel. If you are one among them, this city should have influenced you. Bangalore is a spot for mushrooming start-ups. It has a new start-up enrolling every day. Kormangala, a popular location in Bangalore has evidence to show the encouraging space for your creativity.

Adequate Human Capital

The quality of human capital available veils a great influence on the industries. Bangalore has a mixed population. It includes citizens from all corners of the world. This factor avails the recruiters get the best resources.


Scope for Research and Development in the city along with the design and flexibility of the infrastructure makes Bangalore a primary option to choose for entrepreneurs. In most of the universities in the city, we can see a Research and Development branch, which proves the importance given to learning the unknown. The hanging bridge in KR Puram is the oldest but is a foresight of the future in terms of infrastructural development.

Supportive Atmosphere


A development-friendly environment is important for industries growth. In this arena, the Government of Karnataka has limited the restrictions on establishing and extending the industry. Registration becomes an important necessity to enrol a business. The government of Karnataka is considerate about the economically backward classes and has made the formalities for opening the business simple.

Other Factors

  • Bangalore has an international airport, connecting all corners of the world easily.
  • The abundance of Government owned Higher Educational Institutions.
  • Updated transportation facilities such as Metro.
  • Besides all these, it also has major establishments. Such as ISRO, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), etc. add pride.
  • It is also a tourist spot which attracts travelers across the world. So, helping the entrepreneurs to broaden the horizons of their business.

Bangalore is not just a city but an encapsulated essence of lifestyle. Language never becomes a barrier as people are accepting and adaptable. You can live your way and create your way. If stressed due to work pressure, it is also situated in a position near to nature to relieve you. If travelled a few kilometres away from the city, you can see the marvellous mountains, beaches, etc. It is developed and has spread its horizons in all aspects that are necessary for human growth and development. This makes this city a Silicon Valley and a Tech City.

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