Vaishali was the first republic of the world. It is also known as “Karma Bhumi of Gautam Buddha” and the“birthplace of lord Mahavira”. It is located in the Tirhut division of Bihar, one of the famous archaeological sites of India.

Brief History

  • The name “Vaishali” was taken from king Vishal of the Mahabharat age.
  • Vaishali Became the first republic of the world around 6th BC.
  •  In 6th century BC great Lichchavi clan ruled on over here. They spread their empire up to the hills of Nepal. More than 7707 kings of the Lichchavi clan ruled on the Vaishali.
  • The great Magadh king Ajatshatru took control on Vaishali in the 5th Century BC after that it lost its glory and power.
  • Vaishali is know as “karam bhumi of Gautam bhuddha”, Gautam Bhuddha delivered his last sermon here after that he announced his nirvana. At Vaishali, the second Buddhist council were held.
  • Lord Mahavira were born in Kundupur near Vaishali, that’s why this place is also known as “birth place of lord Mahavira”.


Vaishali is a historical place. It is located in the North-Eastern part of India. Especially Vaishali is located in the Tirhut division of Bihar. The first republic of India is spread over an area of 2036 sq. km.

How to reach Vaishali?

By Air

There is not any airport, but in Darbhanga and Patna at both places, airports are there.

  • Distance from Darbhanga airport to Vaishali is 103.5 km via NH27 and NH722.
  • Distance from Patna airport to Vaishali is 70.9 km via NH722.

By Train

The nearest railway junctions are Hajipur and Muzaffarpur and the nearest station is Vaishali railway station.

  • Vaishali railway station started since September 2020, few trains are run from Hajipur Junction to Vaishali station.
  • Distance from Hajipur junction is 38.1 km via SH74.
  • Distance from Muzaffarpur Junction is 35.3 km via NH722.

 By Road

  • Well connected with Patna (71.5 km via NH-22 and 58.8 km via NH-31), Muzaffarpur (36.6 km via NH-722) and Hajipur (37.7 km via SH-74). National highways and state highways are in good condition.
  • Private vehicles are available from Muzaffarpur, Hajipur and Patna.

When to visit Vaishali?

There are two special occasions to visit Vaishali. First on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Lord Mahavir i.e. Mahavir Jayanti and second on the occasion of Buddha Purnima apart from these occasions usually people visit this place on New year Day i.e. 1st of January every year.

Official Language

Bhojpuri and Hindi, these two languages mostly spoken by the local people of Vaishali.


  • Summer Season: March to June
  • Average Temperature: 35° C to 45° C
  • Winter Season: November to February
  • Average Temperature: 15° C to 9° C
  • Monsoon Season: July to September
  • Average Temperature: 25° C to 30°C
  • Post-Mansoon Season: Mid September to Mid November
  • Average Temperature: 20°C to 30°C

Fair and Festivals in Vaishali

There are two occasions that are special in this city. The first is “Mahavir Jayant” and the second is “Buddha Poornima”.

Lord Buddha
  • Mahavir Jayanti celebrate on the birth anniversary of Lord Mahavira, this celebration especially celebrate by Jain communities. Lord Mahavira was founder of Jainism and spiritual teacher.
  • Vaishali is “ karam bhumi of Buddha” because of that Buddha Poornima is also special festival in this region. Buddha Poornima celebrate on the birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha. Budddha Poornima known as  thrice blessed festival because on Poornima i.e. full moon Gautam buddha was born, attained enlightenment and his death parinirvana.

Transportation/Stay to prefer

There are many local mini-hotels are available across Vaishali for accommodation, but international tourists prefer to book hotel rooms inside the campus of the Thai temple and inside the campus of Jain mandir because of the environment of these places.

Van of Bihar tourism is available for at least 20 tourists. Another choice is a taxi and three-wheelers auto is available across everywhere in Vaishali. They charge reasonable amounts.

Top places to visit in Vaishali

Places to visit in Vaishali


  • Shanti stupa
  • Pillar of Asokha
  • Ruins of the fort of Lichchavi King Vishal
  • Vaishali Archeological museum
  • Buddha’s Relic stupa


  • Jain mandir
  • Thai temple
  •  Nipponzan Myohoji ( Japanese Temple )


  • Coronation Tank
Shanti stupa or World Peace Pagoda

It is the symbol of peace. This stupa was built in many other countries also. Vaishali’s world peace pagoda was built by Nipponzan Myhoji and Rajgir Buddha vihar society.

Technical data:

Designed by Dr M. OHOKA of Japan.

Overall Height- 38m

Base Diameter- 36m

Dome Diameter- 20m

Pillar of Ashoka
Ashoka Pillar

King Ashoka built Asoka pillar at Vaishali. It was made by the use of a single piece of red sandstone. A setting position lion is placed at the top of the pillar. Beside this Ashoka pillar, there is a brick stupa where Buddha”s last sermon happened. Near the Ashoka pillar, there is a tank that is known as Ramkund.

Ruins Of the fort Lichchavi king Vishal

A huge mound with a circumference of approximately one meter and a wall about two-meter high with forty-three meter wide platforms around them is called an ancient Parliament house. More than seven thousand representatives of the federal assembly gathered legislators here and discussed the problem of the day.

Vaishali Archeological Museum
Vaishali Archeological Museum

This Archeological museum was established by the archaeological survey of India (ASI) in 1971. There are many antiques that were found during the excavation of ancient Vaishali and the precious things of Buddha sculpture related to the Pala period in which it is adorned with a beautiful crown, magnificent necklace and other ornaments displays in this archaeological museum.

Buddha’s Relic Stupa

Buddha’s Relic stupa was built in the 5th century BC. In archaeological excavation, this stupa was discovered. Buddha relic stupa enshrined one of the eight-part of the mortal remains of Gautam Buddha after he attained Mahaparinirvana.

Jain Mandir
Jain Mandir

Vaishali is also known as the birthplace of Lord Mahavira that’s why Vaishali is a place where the Jain community’s people where came on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Lord Mahavir. Jain mandir is located at the exact birthplace of Lord Mahavira.

Thai temple

Thai temple is especially for Sri-Lankans. Only Sri-Lankans are allowed entry into this temple.

Nipponzan Myohoji
Nipponzan Myohoji
Nipponzan Myohoji

Nipponzan Myohoji is a Japanese temple. In this temple, there are many things displayed related to the Japanese religion. This temple is located near the world peace pagoda.

Coronation tank

The coronation tank is also known as Abhishekh Pushkaran. In the olden days, this tank was considered to be holy. Whenever new representatives came in Vaishali, they had to take a dip in the tank before they were sworn in.

Cuisines to taste in Vaishali

Cuisines to taste in Vaishali, Bihar

Popular food

  • Litti chokha
  • kachodi – sabji
  • Pakoda
  • Malpua
  • Khaja
  • Panipuri
  • Sattu-Paratha

Things to do in Vaishali

Vaishali is an archaeological place where many historical sites of king vishal, Birthplace of Lord Mahavir, museum etc at this place those tourists have some interest in history or architecture they improve their knowledge regarding king Vishal ruins, pillars of Ashoka. Jains and Buddhists are some religious activity at their respective places.

Souvenirs to buy in Vaishali

Vaishali Arts

There are many things related to handcraft things to buy in here. These are:

  • Wooden ashokh pillar (Handicraft)
  • Madhubani paintings and painting print bags
  • Wind chimes
  • Buddha Statue Murti
  • Octal Metal

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