20 Best Treks in India for the Adventure Enthusiasts
20 Best Treks in India for the Adventure Enthusiasts

20 Best Treks in India for the Adventure Enthusiasts

Are u an adventure enthusiast? If yes, then this article is for you, listing the 20 best treks in India. From 1970 and 1980 trekking became famous as a recreational and “trek” means “a long arduous journey, typically on foot”. There are many health benefits of trekking. India as a country has many amazing and adventurous trek places and here is the list of 20 best treks in India for the Adventure Trekking Enthusiasts, which every adventure enthusiast or trek lover should go to.

1. Kedarnath trek, Uttarakhand

Kedarnath, Uttarakhand
Kedarnath, Uttarakhand

The name “Kedarnath” means “the lord of the field” and it has been a pilgrimage centre since ancient times. Kedarnath is located in the Himalayas, about 3,583 m (11,755 ft.) above sea level making it the most enchanting place for trekking. A medical checkup is done before starting the trek as the trek is 18km long, which requires a good physique. It’s hard and a popular trek. Proper facilities of drinking water, accommodation, restaurants, and medicines are provided during the trek Gorgeous sunset, Himalayan mountains, and the dense forests are worth experiences during the trek. November-April is the best time to visit Kedarnath. Along the trek, u can enjoy various attractions like Kedarnath temple, Chorabari Tal, Bhairon temple and Vasuki Tal, etc.

2. Chadar Trek, Ladakh

The Chadar Trek or the Zanskar Gorge is a winter trail over the frozen Zanskar River, in Ladakh. It was started by the people of Zanskar, as it was the only route to connect Zanskar and Ladakh. The trek is very hard and adventurous, if u are trekking independently, then u should be accompanied by a local guide. the best time to do the Chadar trek is January to February and trekking is available up to an altitude of 11,123 feet, you should be physically strong. It’s all about the freezing temperature, tall mountains, bonfires, resting in caves, deep valleys, walking through the ice sheets, rushing rivers, and much more. The natural scenery is worth seeing in the journey while trekking.

3. Hampta Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Hampta Pass sits at an altitude of 4270 m (14039 ft.) on the Pir Pranjal range in the Himalayas. The difficulty level of the trek is moderate and is perfect for first-timers. It proves to be a wonderland for nature lovers. This trek gives you numerous sides of nature from Vertical rock walls, waterfalls, hanging glaciers, pinewoods, Grasslands, blooming colourful flowers, valleys, snowfall to barren mountains and no vegetation. It is 25km long. The best time to visit is from June to October.

4. Valley of Flowers Trek

In 1982  valley of flowers was declared a national park. The trek is located in the western Himalayas and is 37 km long. It’s also a world heritage site with more than 2500 species of flowers. The trek is suitable for all, be it students, family, or beginners. The best month to visit is from starting of June to mid-September. Primula, one of the most beautiful flower blooms here, as the trek is rich with colourful flowers all over. Snow leopard, blue sheep, brown bear, musk deer’s, bharal, Himalayan black bears are some of the animal found here.

5. Goecha La Trek, Sikkim

Goecha La (el. 4940 meters or 16,207 ft.) is a high mountain pass in Sikkim, India in the Himalaya range. The trek is very popular and challenging, One needs to get properly acclimatized due to the huge changes in altitude over a small time during this trek therefore it is better if u go through a health checkup before trekking. It’s a 90km long trek. The best time to visit is April-June or September-October. it is a very exciting trek for adventure enthusiasts. During the trek, the magnificent beauty of Kanchenjunga peak, Goecha lake, snow-covered Himalayas, sunrise, and sunsets are breathtaking. A full spirit of nature involving gushing rivers, grasslands, forests, rich heritage of flora and fauna can be experienced.

6. Sandakphu Trek, West Bengal

Sandakphu or Sandakpur (3636m;11,930 ft.) is a mountain peak in the Singalila Range on the border between India and Nepal. It is four of the five highest peaks in the world. The trek is 58 kms long. The best months to visit are March-April and October-December. The trek is best for the sight of mountain peaks. 600 species of orchids are witnessed here plus various rhododendrons, spruce, giant magnolia, and a wide variety of flora and fauna are present.

7. Beas Kund Trek, Manali

Beas Kund is located in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. Trek starts from Solang valley and is preferable for all age groups. The best time to go trekking is any time from May and October. It’s a good option for a break from your daily schedule and to explore the scenic beauty of nature. you will be discovering Mountains covered by glaciers, wildflowers, streams of the emerald lake, and green fields during trekking.

8. Stock Kangri Trek, Ladakh

Stok Kangri (6,153 meters (20,187 ft.)) is the highest mountain in the Stok Range of the Zaskar Mountains a Trans Himalayan mountain in the Ladakh region of north India. One should be physically fit and well prepared as The climb is exhausting and requires a good amount of stamina, both physically and mentally. It’s a 40 km long trek and is amazingly worth it. The best time to visit is May to October. Highlights of the trek are stock village traditions, Hemis high altitude park, Indus valley, pre-summit superb acclimatization trek, Rumbak valley, Ladakh trekking peak, Karakoram range view.

9. Indrahar Pass Trek, Mcleodganj

Indrahar Pass is a mountain pass in the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas, at an altitude of 4,342 meters (14,245 ft.) above mean sea level. The trek is 9 km long and covers steep climbs and shar[ ascents. It can be a moderate or difficult trek. The best time to visit is from April to November. You will go through llaqa pass. Triund, Lakesh caves, lake Mankiani, Pir Panjal range, Dhramkot valley, Kangra valley, and Dharamshala valley some of the famous places. The whole journey of completing the trek is entertaining.

10. Tarsar Marsar Trek

Tarsar Marsar Trek is in Aru valley Kashmir. It’s one of the most beautiful Trek of Kashmir. It’s 37km long and is moderate in level. The best time to visit is in the months of July-September. The trek involves a number of fabulous lakes. Some of them are Tarsar lake, Sundersar lake, and Marsar lake. It’s a good trek for holidays, as the scenic beauty of the trek will make the best memories.

11. Pin Parvati Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Pin Parvati Trek is situated in Himachal Pradesh, serving as a passage between Parvati and Kullu valley. It’s a 110km long trek and is one of the difficult treks in the country. People having prior trekking experience with good mental and physical health are allowed to trek Best time to go for trekking is in the month of July-September. The trek will give you a thrilling and heartwarming feel. Highlights of the trek are Manikaran, tunda nhui, Mantalai, Parvati river, Barsheni, Thakur kaun and Odi thach.

12. The Markha Valley Trek, Ladakh

The Markha Valley is one of the most popular trekking routes in Ladakh accessible from Ganda La pass near Spituk in the West, which is usually the beginning point of the trek and Gongmaru La pass near Hemis, where the trek usually ends. The trek is 78 km long. The best time to go trekking is in June-September. Its level is a mix of moderate and difficult. You will go to discover numerous amazing checkpoints like Hankar Village, Niamling Stock Kangri, Markha Village, Skiu Village, Kong Maru La, Shang Sumdo, Kang haste hills, and Chilling, plus the eye-catching landscapes, Himalayas views, Zaskar range, and rivers.

13. Siang Valley Trek, Arunachal Pradesh

Siang Valley Trek of Arunachal Pradesh is at an altitude of 4172m and is one of the popular trek sites. The best months to visit are from October to February. The whole trek is enthralling and is moderate to cover. Checkpoints of the trek are Pasighat, Marying, Yembung, Sessen, Milang, Peaka Modi, and Ponging. It’s a great trek for exploring the beauty of Arunachal Pradesh.

14. Tadiandamol Trek, Coorg

Tadiandamol trek is a famous trek of Karnataka. Located in the south-eastern part of Coorg district with 5700 ft. height. It’s a 15km long trek and is easy to cover. The best months to visit are from September to May. The atmosphere of the trek gives freshening vibes. The trek goes like this Kakkabe Bridge -> Nalknad Palace -> Base of Tadiandamol -> Boulder point -> Top of Tadiandamol. Various flora and fauna, Farmlands, Streams, Evergreen forests, and meadows are present here.

15. Nishani Motte Trek

Nishani Motte trek is at the highest peak of Nishani Hills at Coorg, also known as Nishani Betta. It’s a 15 km long trek and is best for exploring the beauty of the area. It is good for beginners as it is of moderate level. The best month to visit are between April and November. The trek is full of Evergreen forests, grasslands, foggy mountains, hills, a rare variety of flora, and fauna. Abbey falls, Triveni Sangam and Sri Bhagandeshwara Temple are places to visit while trekking.

16. Kotagiri Trek, Ooty

Kotagiri trek is in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, and is an amazing trek for natural beauty. It is an almost 10km long trek and is between easy and moderate levels. The best time to go trekking is between December-May. You will be witnessing waterfalls, the wide diversity of flora and fauna, numerous vegetation types, hills, and dense forests. Highlights of the trek are Elk Falls, Doddabetta Peak, Catherine falls, and the Rangaswami Pillar.

17. Mullayanagiri Trek, Chikmagalur

The Mullayanagiri Trek is situated in the Western Ghats of Chikmagalur, Karnataka. It’s a 10km long trek and 6,330 feet high. It is moderate to cover. The best time to visit is in the months from September to April. Physically fit Beginners, Families, Students, and Old people are all suitable for trekking here. this trek got its name from the Mullappa Swami Temple. Highlights of the trek are small streams, grasslands, some caves, Trails of hills, and the Nandi statue.

18. Kolukkumali Tea Estate Trek

The Kolukkumali Tea Estate Trek is located on the Kolukkumalai Hills in Kerala. It’s a 40 km long trek and is moderate to cover. The best time to visit is in the months of October to March. If you are a tea lover then this trek is perfect for you as you will seeing different varieties of tea flavours and can also buy tea leaves from factories. The sunrise, cool breeze, mild environment, sunsets, and clear waters are all mesmerizing to experience. Nearly Places which you can visit are Chinnakanal Waterfalls, Kolukkmalai Tiger Rock, Kundala Dam Lake, and Pampadum Shola National Park.

19. Chembra Peak Trek, Kerala

The Chembra Peak (Chembra Mala) is a mountain in the state of Kerala, with an elevation of 2,100 m (6,890 ft.) above sea level. The highest peak in the Wayanad hills and one of the highest peaks in the Western Ghats. The trek begins from the foot of the Chembra hill and is easy to cover. The trek is 4.5 km long. The best month to visit are September to February. Before starting the trek you need to take permission from the forest office and then the guide is provided by them for trekking. highlights of the trek are the heart-shaped lake, magnificent views, and fresh green plantations.

20. Rajmachi Trek, Maharashtra

The Rajmachi Trek is situated in the Sahyadri mountains, Maharashtra. It’s a 15 km long trek and is easy to cover. The best time to visit is from September to February. Highlights of the trek are Shiva temple, Shiravardhan, Lonavala Hill Station, Rajmanchi Hill Fort, Kataldhar Waterfall, and Kondivade. It’s a popular trek of Maharashtra and is favoured by many professional trekkers.

It’s a great idea to take a break from your everyday life and go trekking in the above-mentioned treks. As it will give you a fresh start and will revive your energy to focus again in your everyday schedule. These 20 best treks in India will give the best memories of your life.

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