Travel Experience from Delhi to Jammu & Kashmir
Travel Experience from Delhi to Jammu & Kashmir

My Travel Experience from Delhi to Jammu & Kashmir

Travelling with family gives you a great experience together and lots of memories that can last a lifetime. Travelling with their grown-up child allows parents to recreate old memories, especially when you make a trip to the place where you have already vacationed in your childhood or many years back.


In April 2019, we decided to make a trip from Delhi to Jammu & Kashmir. That’s the place where I always wanted to visit once in my adulthood with my family because I have already gone there when I was 3 years old. And I have listened to so many stories of the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir from my parents and also witnessed it on social media through the internet. That was the reason why I wanted to visit this place once so badly.

Ticket Booking

Finally, we decided to go there and started packing our bags. Dad booked the train ticket for the next day and we were all set.

Trip Started

The next day we started our family trip. The train was scheduled for early morning. My travel experience is quite good this time because we get good company from another family who’s also going to Jammu and Kashmir for the family trip.

Family Photo

There were two uncles who start discussing politics and the politicians of India. As we have listened to so many stories of Jammu and Kashmir Politics, they have different laws, rules, and regulations. We start discussing all these things and time flies. On the way, we saw different villages, mountains, and snow. The next day we reached Jammu and Kashmir in the evening.

Mata Darshan

Katra Photo

Firstly we decided to go to the Vaishno Devi temple for the Darshan and after that to the different places. From the station, we book a cab to the hotel. The cab driver was basically from Uttar Pradesh so we get the same vibe of our hometown. He was working there for the last 2 years for earning a good amount of income. He helps us to find a good place to stay as he knows so many good locations near Vaishno Devi. We safely reached the hotel and after that, at night around 8’o clock, we started our Vaishno Devi Yatra. This was my first experience with the Vaishno Devi Yatra in my adulthood.

My Experience

The experience was very beautiful for me. I can’t even imagine that I will be going to witness such beauty of mountains, greenery, temples, and the good people there. We enjoyed ourselves so much on the way to reach the top of the mountains, everyone just kept saying Jai Mata Di till we reach the top and we were done with darshan.

Mata Darshan Photo

After successfully completing darshan we came back to the hotel, relaxing and making plans to visit the different parts of Jammu and Kashmir.

Way to Aru Valley

Next, we decided to go to Aru Valley, which is located in Kashmir. Aru is a small village which is covered with greenery and snow. We stayed there in a small cottage which was not too luxurious but still it was so beautiful. Aru valley is the place if you are looking for nature peace and some tracking fun, it’s a starting point for a number of treks in Kashmir.

Experience of Aru Valley

Aru Valley

When we start our journey from Jammu to Aru valley, it was foggy weather there. After some time it starts raining. By the time we reached our cottage, it was raining quite heavily. Because of whether there was no electricity. But it was a cosy homestay with a beautiful view of mountains from the rooms. The next day in the early morning I woke up and pull away from the curtains of my room and got to see the best view I haven’t seen before. It was simply breathtaking. The rains had stopped, everything was so beautiful there and then it was time to explore Aru valley.

The place where we stayed is surrounded by pine trees, green hills, and horses grazing around. It seems like a dream come true and we can live there forever. Aru valley doesn’t have a good internet connection, it seems like only BSNL worked theirs. The villagers of Aru valley are so good, simple, and understanding. Life is a little slow there but they love to spend time with their loved ones.

Srishti Photo

There are so many good places in Aru valley that you can visit. Such as River Point, Kootpathri, Posh Pathri, and so many other places.


This was my experience with my family during the trip to Jammu and Kashmir. We enjoyed it so much without caring about anything and spend a good time with each other. We enjoyed talking to the locals and exploring the places there. We witnessed sunrise and sunset in mountains. Everything was so perfect there. I would love to explore more places and share my experience with you guys, till then enjoy your life and stay happy.

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