Cheers! We have come to the end of 2020, with almost having no experience of travelling this whole year. Instead, we were cramped into our indoor spaces, until most of us experienced a physiological imbalance.

The only solution to sort this down is travelling. Travelling makes anyone feel good and more relaxed. It teaches the most valuable lesson which no institution can. But this 2021, try out something different! Try travelling alone.

There is nothing more liberating than travelling alone and realising your capabilities. This will help you discover more about yourself.

Having issues with starting off as a solo traveller? That’s what we are exactly here to help you with.

Here are the top 10 powerful tips for solo travelling:

Step outside your comfort zone, ‘ALONE

If you have been always travelling with your friends and family to the same place or country, again and again? Then this is for you. You might have an insecurity issue when it comes to solo travelling. Break that insecure feeling with a little amount of confidence and a wide smile on your face. Start with your own surroundings, or a solo weekend trip. Initially, it may seem to be difficult. But trust me, doing this would give such pleasure and peace to yourself.

Get to save some money

Having to have travelling as a hobby needs to have Penny in pockets as well, without which this hobby may sound bitter. A piggy bank is always a go-to option, when comes to saving up for exploring places. It may appear old school, but this really helps to save a lot.

Have an environment-friendly trip

The least we could do to return back mother earth is through taking care of our environment from our side. Being a solo traveller, getting to have an environment-friendly trip is the best kind of experience ever. Having a check to reduce the carbon footprints is a wonderful resolution. This can be done by using public transport, packing lighter to reduce the fuel costs and etc.

Live the moment

Small things make our life more beautiful. But we often tend to not notice them. We should learn to enjoy what we do. It’s extremely important to stop or switch off our devices and to just acknowledge the moment. Be grateful for the things around you. Solo travelling helps you to explore the moment in peace.

Learn a new language

Language is always a hindrance for travelling to another country, especially when you are alone. Learning the local language may increase the excitement and curiosity to explore more of the region.

Accept your flaws

Unlike group travelling, solo travelling really shows up who you are. You don’t have to look perfect, since, it’s just you accompanying yourself. While travelling alone, there is no one for you to compete with. If you want to dress up you can, and if not, you don’t have to. Do it all for you rather than for anyone else. On the opposite hand, if you would like to wear an equivalent soft and cosy t-shirt for a couple of days during a row, nobody goes to notice it.

Bring a book and make it into a journal

Even if there are cameras and other devices to record your experiences, a book is the only thing which gives you a feel of the moment back then. This is because, a journal is something you write with the touch of your own hands. It adds more value to your memories. Next time on your solo trip, don’t forget to take a journal as your buddy!

Not to feel awkard about being alone

The most common drawback of being a solo traveller is that you tend to get awkward easily, especially at crowded places. Remember that you aren’t alone in the street. Make eye contacts at every stop and try to communicate with people who are just adjacent to you.

Get to stay in crazy locations

Travelling alone is the opportunity where you could experiment almost everything and get to know more about yourself. Embarrass yourself as much as possible by staying in areas which will make you tough and mould for the best.

Stay safe!

Adventures apart, travelling alone can be more risky and sometimes unsafe. If you feel something isn’t right, just leave. It is always best to be prepared for the worst. Also with the ongoing Corona Virus Pandemic, it is utmost important to follow all safety protocols and keep yourself safe.

Bon voyage! Hope this article pushes you to go for solo travel by 2021 and explore more about yourself. So next time when you have a confusion, choose solo travelling and you won’t regret at all!

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