A Tour to Transport Facilities in Bangalore
A Tour to Transport Facilities in Bangalore

A Tour to Transport Facilities in Bangalore

Bangalore is a huge city with 741 kms and is a favourite tourist spot to many. But you will be confused and doubtful about transport facilities in Bangalore, aren’t you? In this blog, you will figure out various modes of transport in Bangalore even during pandemics. Helps to make your vacation budget-friendly in this fashion hub. 

Bangalore has many places for you to explore, such as Lalbagh, Bannerghatta, Kanakpura, Vidhan Soudha, etc. But reaching from one place to another is important. It isn’t only a tourist spot but is also home for many labourers, students and many more, making good transport a necessity. Being a tech city, it has modest ways of connectivity. These are the few available transport facilities in Bangalore.


Cars make you feel like travelling in your vehicle even if it’s a cab. Uber and Ola are the most used cabs in the city. You can avail a cab just 15minutes from your location. Bangalore cab drivers are very friendly and responsible to their customers.

Cab Driver

They connect you from one corner of the city to another very conveniently. It may not be an option for students to travel every day, but is a preferable option to opt once in a while. Cost may vary depending on the distance travelled but may range above Rs.200. But if it isn’t an unauthorized cab, it won’t be a good option after the dawn. 

Rental Cars

You may feel the need for your vehicle even when you are in another town. It isn’t wrong to feel that way. Bangalore tries to satisfy all your needs along with this desire. You can rent a 4 wheeler for your tour in Bangalore. Many agencies are helping you to avail of this facility, such as zoom cars.

While enjoying the luxury of a rental car, be sure to take care of damages to the vehicle. If any damage has happened to the car while returning, you will have to pay for it. The average starting price of a car is Rs.70/hr. If opting for this method, make sure you have a person who has accurate knowledge about the city.

Rental 2 wheelers

Mimicking the rental cars, rental scooters are also available but it is a modified version. If you know how to drive and want to save time travelling, then rent a 2 wheeler. It is easy to get one if you own a driving license. Download the app of the particular vehicle you would like to rent. Login by providing necessary information such as your name, age, and driving license. Scan the QR code on the vehicle and start your ride. 

The app will automatically make note of the distance travelled and charge accordingly. After reaching the destination, you can just park it in a safe place, pay the amount and leave. These services are provided by private firms such as Bounce and Yulu. Yulu has gone a step further and made electrical vehicles available. You can have a flexible journey to your location but be assured to follow all road rules while driving. Its average cost is Rs.4 per km.


Looking for a fast and pocket-friendly transport partner? Metro is the best in Bangalore’s hectic traffic. The first metro lane in Bangalore was established in 2011. Since then, upgrading of equipment and building new lanes is in progress. Metro is maintained and developed under the name Namma Metro meaning our metro. 

Bangalore Metro

It is available 24/7 to all citizens and the services provided are up to the mark. It is very budget-friendly and daily travellers can also avail the benefit of daily passes, a monthly pass, and a yearly pass. The cost of a ticket ranges from Rs.50 to Rs.100 depending on the distance.


New to the city? Confused about reaching the place? Take a local auto. Auto’s are abundant in Bangalore city. They are efficient to make you reach every nook and corner. Auto drivers are very skilled as they make you reach your destination on time. In an emergency, it is the most appealing and convenient option.


Uber and Ola have also upgraded themselves and made autos available in their services. But before hiring one, beware of the prices. Auto’s are of great demand, they charge ruthlessly even for a small distance. Its cost may vary depending on the distance. They are more costly, when hired for an isolated area and when hired after dawn. Its prices usually range above Rs.100.


Bus in Chennai

Buses are the most used means of transport in the city. They are maintained by Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC). It is available to everyone and is eco-friendly and economical. Some people travel by bus every day. In Bangalore, you can find two types of buses.


These buses are abundant and are found in all areas of the city. This is one of the most used transport facilities in Bangalore. Daily travellers can avail the benefit of a daily pass, monthly pass, yearly pass, and also student pass. You can find a direct bus to the location but at times you find the need to change buses. It may be crowded at times and you have to stand. It’s economical and the cost of the ticket ranges from Rs.20 to Rs.50 per person. 

Along with transport within the city, buses from Bangalore to places out of the city are also available. These buses are maintained by Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC). They also provide the same facilities as BMTC buses. The cost may range from Rs.50 to Rs.100 per person.


Private firms also provide transport facilities and give the extra benefit of an Air Conditioner in the bus. They provide only transport within the city and follow the same guidelines as BMTC buses. They are maintained by Volvo. Volvo buses are AC buses and are spacious when compared to Government-owned buses. The cost may range from Rs.50 to Rs.150 and are a little costly.



Along with the above-mentioned options, Rapido is a newly emerging way to travel. You get a 2 wheeler along with a driver to make you reach the destination. If you want to reach the location fast, but do not know driving, this is your option. It is an economical and pocket-friendly option if the traveller is just one person. The base price is Rs.35 for an initial 2km. After the first 2km, it is Rs.15 per km. It saves time, but be aware to check the profile of your driver before taking the ride. 

This is the overview of transport facilities in Bangalore. Every option has its pros and cons. Weigh it properly according to your needs and choose the best. When travelling to a new place, it’s important to be sure of safety rather than budget. But when you are travelling every day, it’s important to check on your budget with no less importance to safety. Enjoy your travel in this mind-blowing city and avail yourself of the best from all the services available.

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