Solo Trip vs. Family Trip
Solo Trip vs. Family Trip

Solo Trip Vs. Family Trip – Explained

Everyone loves to travel, don’t we? It doesn’t really matter if it’s a solo trip or a family trip. In the end, what really matters is that at the end of the trip we should have that heartfelt satisfaction and a sigh of happiness that we have enjoyed this trip a 100%. But however, it differs from perspective to perspective and both Solo and Family trips have their own pros and cons. So, let’s dive directly into it.

When you choose a solo trip!


This is the most common reason why some choose to travel alone.  It gives them the liberty to go anywhere at any time and enjoy themselves in and out. To them, no worries, no time limits, no proper itinerary as in they can easily skip any destination or cut the trip in the middle and just loiter around. They can take a break whenever they want and can just get lost in their thoughts too.


A lot of people choose a solo trip in order to know themselves. It can be a great way to accept oneself and be happy with your own company. Sometimes, all you need is light music, sit, and just stargaze. It is just one amazing experience that everyone should try.


This can be a big thing as when you are going on a solo trip, you know your needs and you can adjust at some places. Bargaining is also very easy when you travel solo. One can even make use of public transport to travel from one place to another.


Above all, you get to experience “expect the unexpected”. This experience is one of its kind and it cannot be matched with family trips. You can meet new people, learn about new cultures, learn new languages, use different kinds of public transport available in that place and above all, explore the place on your OWN! Doesn’t it sound exciting?

When you choose a Family trip!


Your trip will be on the whole organized that is, you will know the whole itinerary before itself. It will be more organized as in you can’t cut the trip in between even If you want to. However, the thrill might be a little less when compared to solo trips, but in Family trips, it’s all about making memories with family right?


If you’re on a trip with a group of family members, I bet you can have a gala time. You can enjoy yourself to your fullest and have a nice time with your family. Especially, if you are a workaholic, this will be a nice opportunity to spend time with family.


This way, you will be booking under a travel agency, who will give you the whole itinerary about the trip. Since it’s a group trip, the price maybe a little less per head comparatively and the whole expense of the trip might be cheap because of the mass booking.


This will also be a whole new experience. It is always fun hanging up with the fam, listening to music, clicking pictures, camping, playing games, listen to daadi’s old stories, and a lot more. There is always someone to look after you like to check up on you during the whole trip. That kind of makes us feel special and more comfortable which one can’t get during the Solo trip.


On the whole, travel is itself an experience however you go – Solo or family trip. It all lies in your perspective and how you wanted to enjoy the trip. Each has its own pros and cons and it totally depends on each person. Anyways have a good and safe journey you all!

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