Life Saving Hacks for Train Travelling in India
Life Saving Hacks for Train Travelling in India

Life Saving Hacks for Train Travelling in India

Are you planning your trip through the Indian railways? Are you ready to experience the most fun way of travelling? Well, you obviously should be.

Despite all luxuries of airways and other means of travelling, railways are the most fun and enjoyable means of travelling which everyone should experience. Travelling by train is the most preferable means of travelling for every Indian. It is followed by most scenic routes and most pocket-friendly means of reaching your long way destination, ONLY IF TRAVELLED CAREFULLY!

Live-saving Hacks

Below is a list of few precautions that would lead passengers to reach their destination safely without having to experience a stressed journey.

Don’t wear expensive stuff

While travelling through Indian railways, it is suggested not to wear any valuables like expensive jewellery items or expensive watches. As that would only raise the risk of theft or your things getting lost.

Try to reach the station prior to the time

Passengers should always reach the station before time ( usually 30 to 40 mins)as it becomes the most crowded place when only few time is left for the train. Passengers travelling alone or travelling for the first time should be aware of this.

Carrying your entertainment buddy

Though travelling through railways is quite an enjoyable experience but many times it would make your time hard to pass (especially if you are a solo traveller). One must keep with themselves some books or some downloaded movies in their mobile that would complement your leisure time

Use loo while the train is running

This is the most familiar and obvious cause of theft. Most often passengers tend to use washrooms while the train stops or is about to leave a station as that is the time when the risk of theft is high. Always try to use the washroom while the train is moving

Buy preferable locks and chains as well

Before beginning the train journey, one must always carry some locks and chains with them. This would allow passengers to make their luggage safe.

Try to opt for upper berth

If passengers are travelling alone or especially being a female solo traveller, try to reserve an upper berth as it would be safer for them

Travelling Light

While travelling through the railways, passengers should try to carry less luggage with them. This would not only help them to carry their luggage easily by themselves (without asking for porter’s help) but would lessen the risk of theft as well.

Try not to carry cash

The most obvious precaution passengers need to keep in mind is not to carry lots of cash with them. This would make them always worried about their money and would increase the risk of any unforeseen problem.

Carry a power bank

There is never the facility of suitable charger points in every berth so it is advisable to carry a power bank for your gadgets to keep them charged all the time.

Carry proper medication

If passenger consumes any medication on daily basis, he/she must carry it while their railways journey too.

Try to get dressed up appropriately

Reason valid for female travellers, always wear clothes that are sophisticated and make you covered properly to avoid any uncomfortable attention from other passengers. Talking about other passengers, try wearing loose-fitting clothes that would make the journey comfortable by just being dressed according to one’s personal fashion sense.

Avoid getting too lost

There are chances that passengers get too busy with their gadgets like mobile phone and laptops and forget the sense of responsibility for their luggage. It is advised that they must keep an eye on their belongings at the same time.

Avoid getting down of train for multiple purposes

Sometimes passengers tend to roam around ( mostly out of the train) while the train stops at different stations. They may get out of the train to purchase something from vendors but that is strictly unavoidable as this would risk their belongings.

Carry eatables

Many trains do not serve food to the passengers as there may be no pantry in the train. So if passengers travel through these trains, the should carry preferable eatables with them or they could purchase from the vendors also.

Avoid leaving your place too much

Passengers are advised to only leave their berths for anything important or else they should not leave their place to roam around without any purpose.

Keep the luggage on the opposite side

This would help to keep the luggage safe during the journey. Sleeping with the bags behind the head would not only keep your stuff out of risk but would also let you sleep without the thought of any uncertainty.

Avoid your place to be near washroom

This could be quite a gross experience for passengers as people walk through the way too often. Stinking washrooms and noise could make your journey awful

Don’t spend the journey snoozing

While travelling, many passengers spend their journey just by sleeping most of the time which make them unaware of their belongings as well as the destination. Passengers should only take nap for a few moments.

Hope these hacks would help passengers to begin their journey on a safe note.

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