qLost Luggage: Keep these things in mind while travelling by Air
Lost Luggage: Keep these things in mind while travelling by Air

Keep these things in mind while travelling by Air

Air travel saves time. If you have to go far and the train is going to take more time then you choose to go by plane. But nowadays passengers travelling by aeroplane have to face the huge problem of losing luggage. If the goods are lost in the journey then half the fun of the journey ends there. This accident happens to some passenger on the day of arrival. The airline pays only a few percent of the lost luggage as per its rules. So, in this article, I’m going to mention a few points which you must keep in your mind while flying.

Luggage should be light

Travel with luggage as much as necessary. While travelling, it is quite troubling lifting heavy luggage. Do not check-in by closing the valuables – cameras, laptops, essential documents, jewellery, passports etc. It is sure that the airline company will give you compensation if the goods are lost, but that is not enough. So it is important to keep only a few things together.

Do not carry expensive things

First of all, do not carry expensive and valuable things with you. Even if you have to carry them, do not check-in by keeping it with your luggage bag. These items can be kept in handbags and carried with you on the plane. This will not lose the baggage and second, you will not have to wait for the luggage to come on the belt.

Bag or suitcase should be of different colours

Keep in mind that the bag or suitcase carrying the luggage at the airport is different from the others. So that you can quickly and easily identify your belongings on the belt. With this, you will also be able to avoid bag thieves. Innocent looking thieves easily cross the bags of others as the black-and-blue common colours go unnoticed and the thieves steal the luggage before your goods reach to you. In such a situation, if you have different colours, you will be especially focused on the luggage. Put some attractive coloured plaques, belts or ribbons on your luggage to give it a different look so that it can be recognized from a distance.

Suitcase is normal

In air travel, thieves attract costly and expensive suitcases. Therefore, do not carry a suitcase with large size of expensive leather. They are more likely to be stolen. Thieves are confirmed of having valuable items in them and they especially want to blow them up.

When the goods are stolen

Despite taking such precautions, if your bag is stolen, immediately go to the baggage claim counter. This increases the chances of the bag thief getting caught early. Airlines company allows limited time for lodging complaints of lost luggage. If a complaint is made after that deadline, then there is less hope of compensation.

Stay alert

When you pick up your luggage from the belt, keep an eye on your other bags and luggage. If possible, hand over your luggage trolley to the person or children with you. By doing this, the goods will also be safe.

Avoid connecting flight

While going out, try to take a direct flight to another city. Many times luggage left to another flight. The more connecting flights we take, the greater the chances of losing luggage.

Information and security required

While booking the tickets, get the insurance done by airlines. Normally only five to eight percent of the cost is paid for lost luggage in the journey. But it is good that the latest information on this subject is taken from the airline. Who can protect us better than when goods are ours. Once the goods are lost, nothing remains in our hands. It would be better to take care that there is no lapse in security.

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