12 Things to Keep in Mind While Doing Jungle Safari
12 Things to Keep in Mind While Doing Jungle Safari

12 Things to Keep in Mind While Doing Jungle Safari

You may have seen many documentaries about the wildlife, visited many zoos, or you may have a wishlist of the National Park that you would want to visit at least once in your lifetime. Jungle safari is that one adventure that you can experience at any age of life. Even if you take a jungle safari twice or thrice, the excitement never goes off and every jungle safari has its own beauty and experience you gain from it. If you are a ‘nature enthusiast’, and this is exactly what is in your heart, then you should take a trip to the jungle safari.

Here, we have listed out a few things that you must remember while doing a jungle safari.

1. Pre-book the jungle safari

While visiting the jungle safari, always plan your trip and make prior arrangements for everything. To avoid the last moment disappointments, pre-plan your trip. It is always a plus point to pre-book the safari. You can pre-book a jungle safari online from the specific website of the National Park managed by Government officials. You can find details regarding timings, you can choose the slot you wish to book and make essential payments for the same. The online booking payment will vary depending upon the number of passengers in a jeep or canter, nationality, and timing. The cost of the booking will also differ depending on the National Park you wish to visit.

2. Take a tour guide

Tour Guide

Opt for a tour guide to explore the unknown. They are well aware of every corner and would take you at the right time and correct place before the animal passes off from that area. On your way back from Safari, obviously, you would want to take some exciting and thrilling stories and memories along with you. The tour guides are the right people who would tell you some interesting and thrilling stories and facts from their experience. So, it is always suggested to take a tour guide with you.

3. Carry a valid identity proof

While packing the essentials for the trip to jungle safari, NEVER forget a valid identity proof to take along with you. Before entering any National Park, you need to verify your identity. Only after verifying, the authorities allow you to enter the territory of the jungle. Thus, do not forget to carry valid identity proof and double-check before leaving your house.

4. Be thorough with the safari rules

Read all the rules and regulations that you need to follow while doing a jungle safari. Rules like, not talking loudly, avoiding littering around, not eating are just a few of them that you should follow. Keep in mind to read all the instructions before you enter.

5. Stay quiet and be patient

The excitement when you enter the National Park for a jungle safari is undoubtedly very high. But do not forget that you are actually entering their residence. You should maintain a safe distance from the animals. Hold on to your excitement and stay quiet. Let the animals cross the way first. Remember not to tease any animal when you spot them. Be patient and enjoy the beauty of nature, listen to the chirps of birds, and at the same time, be attentive to spot the animal.

6. Do not get off the vehicle

While doing a jungle safari, do not get off the vehicle even if there is no animal you see around. You never know, the tables may turn around any time soon. If you spot any animal, hold on to your excitement and do not get down from the vehicle. Instead, observe and maintain the silence.

7. Pack the right way

Travel Packing

You must pack what is important and needful for your trip to a jungle safari. Remember, to pack the right pair of clothes for the jungle safari. The weather might turn from a breezy morning to a humid day. Mostly, the jungle safari starts in the early morning around 6:30 am or sometime later in the evening. Keeping in mind the temperature variation, wear layers. Additionally, carrying a scarf or windcheater would help you. Remember, to wear the right pair of shoes. Girls should avoid wearing any heeled sandals which would make them uncomfortable and unsuitable for a jungle safari.

8. Avoid wearing bright colours

As one of the safari rules to follow, avoid wearing bright-coloured clothes. It is not necessary to shop for a new set of clothing for a jungle safari experience. You must wear clothes which are comfy, that camouflage with the surroundings. Some breathable fabrics, trousers, shirts are some of the options you can keep in mind. Remember to follow their house rules!

9. The right equipment to capture

Remember to take a camera or a phone to capture nature’s beauty. Keep your phone and power bank charged. However, you should always remember to keep your camera flash off. You can also carry binoculars for a better, clearer, and closer view of the animal or birds. Carrying a binocular would make a huge difference to your jungle safari experience. Moreover, you can also carry a torch with you to be well prepared to face the odds if any. But do not use it unnecessarily.

10. Carry the essentials

Bring a water bottle with you to stay hydrated and enjoy the beauty of nature. Since you are in a jungle, be well prepared. But, do not drink water or eat anything other than the allocated time. Also, carry a medical aid for first-line treatment.

11. Stick to the timing of the park

Avoid delay and enter the park on time. Do not take extra time to exit the park. There is a time limit within which you need to do a jungle safari and return back. Do not exceed the time limit as your driver or tour guide may have to give a penalty for being late.

12. Observe everything around

Witnessing the wildlife is an amazing experience. Be attentive and perceive your surroundings. Listen to the chirps of birds. Enjoy every bit of the jungle safari. While doing the jungle safari, observe everything and embrace the beauty of nature. Because away from the busy city life with hectic schedules, this is the best time to witness the alluring beauty of nature and wildlife.

Expectantly, these tips would help you to pack the right way for a jungle safari and enjoy the adventurous trip.

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