Jain Circuit- Find the Way of life
Jain Circuit- Find the Way of life

Jain Circuit: Find the Way of Life

Jainism is one of the prominent religions of India. It has been practised and propagated on a large scale. The founder, Lord Mahavira was born in Bihar. Since then Bihar has become a pilgrimage spot for the Jains. Bihar has a Jain circuit that celebrates the essence of Jainism and its teachings. Therefore here are some of the places in the Jain Circuit that are a must-visit.

Kamaldah Jain Temple, Patna

It is one of the oldest Jain temples in Bihar. The construction of the temple happened in 1729. The Jain teacher Sthulabhadra is associated with this place. Interestingly this site has an inscription that confirms the relation of Patliputra and Patna since ancient times.

Kundalpur, Nalanda

It is the birthplace of Gautam Swami, the chief disciple of Lord Mahavira. The village houses some of the beautiful temples of Rishabhadeva, Mahavira and Gautam Swami. There is also a Digambar Jain temple nearby. The people have been visiting this place since time immemorial.

Jal Mandir, Pawapuri

Lord Mahavira attained Nirvana at this place. It is one of the temples which worships the foot impression of Mahavira. The temple is in water, built-in white marble. The architecture of the temple is in the form of a Vimana or Chariot. The spiritual element adds to the simplicity of the temple. Since the temple owes its existence to Mahavira, it is an important pilgrimage destination for the followers of Jainism.


The temple is a white marble building. It is located at Pawapuri. It commemorates the last preaching days of Mahavira. Here a statue of Mahavira is deified. It is located in the close vicinity of the Jal Mandir. Mahavira spent his last days at this place. It has a beauty in its serene ambience.

Maniyar Math

It is one of the important sites at Rajgir. The site has the distinction of having layers of religious attachments. It is a Jain temple hence the Jain monk Shailabhadra is related to this place. The Gupta period is credited with its architectural brilliance.

Sonbhadra Caves

These caves, located in Rajgir, belong to Jains. These are two rock-cut caves. The Jain Tirthankaras like Padmaprabha, Parshvanath and Mahavira have been represented in small figurines inside the southern wall of the cave. 

Gonawa Jee, Nevada

The village is a pilgrimage site for the Jains. Lord Mahavira’s first disciple, Gautam Gandharva, attained Nirvana at this place. There is Svetambara and Digambara temple as well in the vicinity. The location is a popular site among Jains.

Bisram, Bhojpur

It is a pilgrimage centre among the Jains as it houses 45 Jain temples. The term Bisram means rest. Lord Mahavira often rested here during travels. Hence it was dedicated to him. It is a weekend getaway from Patna. It is a pure and pious location, great for relaxation.

These were some of the top places to visit in the Jain circuit in Bihar. These are perfect in their religious and spiritual references. The calmness and tranquillity of the place is the symbol of its purity and divinity.

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