India is a country where you find people originating from different backgrounds having different tastes. In India, wherever you go, you will find a different taste in each of its states. Undoubtedly, the first food that comes to our mind when talking about north-eastern food is a delicious, mouth-watering snack-momo. But north-eastern states offer many other special delicacies than momo. Let’s have a look at the Top 10 Unusual Foods to taste in North-Eastern India.

Here, we bring to you some delicious delicacies from North-Eastern India that you must try on your next visit!

1. Apong and Marua, Arunachal Pradesh

Apong is a traditional drink of Arunachal Pradesh. The dish is homemade from fermenting rice. It is not very strong in taste and makes it suitable to drink anytime. Best served with an edible bamboo shoot for additional flavours. Apong and Marua are the two drinks which are very famous in the North East and you can find it in almost every house of Arunachal Pradesh.

  • Main ingredients: Rice
  • Special dish of: Arunachal Pradesh

Make sure you try this unique specialty of Arunachal Pradesh on your next visit!

2. Galho, Nagaland

Galho, a dish from Nagaland made by the Angami tribe. It is just like khichdi but a little different in taste than the normal vegetarian one. To prepare the amazing and healthy delicacy of Galho, some smoked pork or beef along with some rice and vegetables and axone which is fermented soybean are mixed. Additionally, the ingredients are steam cooked in a cooker and this amazing dish is ready to eat.

  • Main ingredients: Smoked pork or beef, rice, veggies and fermented soya
  • Special dish of: Nagaland

Give this dish a try and taste it whenever you visit to Nagaland.

3. Aloo Pitika, Assam

Aloo Pitika from Assam is a very simple yet tasty dish made by cooking mashed potatoes with mustard oil, coriander, and some salt to taste. The fragrance and taste of mustard oil just add wonders to it.

  • Main ingredients: Potatoes, coriander leaves, mustard oil, and salt.
  • Special dish of: Assam

If potato is your go-to-food, do not forget to try this simple yet different and tasty delicacy in Assam.

4. Laksa, Assam

Rice is a staple food in Assam. Laksa is a mouth-watering noodle soup made from rice noodles. The thick noodles are served with chicken, prawn, or fish with a spicy and creamy coconut curry. Additionally, it is seasoned with some fresh lemon grass which adds up to the taste of this flavorful dish. It is very delicious and full of flavors.

  • Main ingredients: Noodles, chicken, prawn, coconuts
  • Special dish of: Assam

If you love eating noodles, Laksa is a must-try for you in Assam. Do not miss out this special noodle dish on your next visit.

5. Sha Phaley, Sikkim

Sha Phaley has a Tibetan origin and very popularly eaten in Sikkim. With a crispy and crunchy outer layer of bread with soft minced meat inside as a filling. Best served with Rutang soup or chilly sauce. This snack is similar to fried momo or a samosa mostly eaten in north India.

  • Main ingredients: Minced meat, onion, regular spices and all-purpose flour
  • Special dish of: Sikkim

Enjoy this perfect snack in the chilly winters of Sikkim with some tea.

6. Bamboo-steamed fish, Nagaland

Steamed fish in bamboo is one of the common dishes that you can find on every dinner table in homes of Nagaland. This is a simple recipie yet flavourful. Make sure you buy a frech fish from market before starting the preparation.

Unlike the traditional normal way of steaming , the fish it is steamed in utensils made of bamboo. Thus, the fish has a mild flavor of bamboo. The preparation for the dish requires a fresh fish, some garlic, salt, bamboo shoot-juice and some regular spices. This dish is very simple to make and is full of flavors.

  • Main ingredients: Fresh fish piece, bamboo shoots juice, regular spices.
  • Special dish of: Nagaland

On your next visit to Nagaland, taste this authentic, rich and flavorful dish.

7. Kelli Chana, Manipur

Found on the streets of Manipur, Kelli Chana is a snack served on a lotus leaf which adds a local touch to it. Kelli Chana is made by mixing the chana or chickpeas with chopped onions, tomatoes and topped with some spices. It is tasty, flavorful, and healthy.

  • Main ingredients: Chickpeas, some flavoured herbs and regular spices
  • Special dish of: Manipur

Your visit to Manipur would be incomplete without eating this tasty spicy snack.

8. Tenga Fish, Assam

This dish is one of a kind- sour and delicious. Tenga means- sour and fish means Masor. It is made in Assam in summer and winter. The fish is cooked in a gravy of tomatoes with lime juice to give a tangy flavor to the dish. Every household has its version of the recipe. Sometimes, vegetables like bottle gourd and potatoes are also added to the gravy giving it a more flavorful taste. It is quick to cook and served with steamed hot rice.

  • Main ingredients: Fish and some regular spices
  • Special dish of: Assam

If you like seafood, then you must try this tasty dish on your visit to Assam.

9. Sanpiau, Mizoram

Sanpiau is the dish originating from Mizoram. It is sold as famous street food and also made in household. This dish represent the rich traditional culture of Mizoram. It is made by mixing the coriander paste, onion and black pepper. some fish sauce is also added to these mixture of ingredients.

Egg Sanpiau is another amazing dish from Mizoram which is made with scrambled eggs, giving the dish a different taste and flavor. For all the egg lovers, do not miss to try this dish!

  • Main ingredients: Rice porridge, coriander paste, fish sauce and eggs for egg sanpiau
  • Special dish of: Mizoram

Do try out this dish and enjoy every bite you take of it!

10. Sel Roti, Sikkim

A sweet dish from Sikkim made with rice flour. It looks like a donut or a ring-shaped bread, which is sweet. This is made during the festival – Tihar, and Dashain. These Hindu festivals are celebrated in Sikkim, Nepal, and Darjeeling. This sweet dish can be cooked and stored for a duration of 20 days at room temperature. Sel roti, is made by deep frying the semi-liquid batter in shape of rings. The consistency of batter is semi-liquid made from rice flour, mixed with milk, cardamom, bananas, cooking oil, sugar and other flavors as per choice. For all the sweet lovers, this dish is a must-try!

  • Main ingredients: Rice flour, sugar, cardamom, bananas, milk
  • Special dish of: Nepal, Sikkim and Darjeeling

Since now you know some of the unusual, tasty delicacies from the North-East, do not miss out to try these on your next visit.

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