Exploring Dooars
Exploring Dooars

Exploring Dooars: Where Nature and Wildlife Thrive in Harmony

The Dooars area, located in northeastern India, is a hidden gem that entices tourists with its unspoiled beauty and abundant wildlife. The Eastern Himalayan woods are accessible by Dooars, which is Bengali meaning “doors.” This area, which straddles the southern border of Bhutan and the northern border of West Bengal, is proof that nature and animals can dwell in complete peace.

Diversity in Flora and Fauna

The Dooars area is well known for its verdant woods and thick foliage, which serve as a natural habitat for an amazing variety of species. The area is a component of the Terai-Duar savanna and grasslands, one of the hotspots with the greatest biodiversity on earth. You may see a wide variety of wildlife in this area, including elephants, rhinoceroses, tigers, leopards, Indian bison, and several bird species.

Kaziranga National Park

The Indian rhinoceros, which resides in the Jaldapara National Park, is one of the most recognisable inhabitants of the Dooars. This park serves as a haven for these gorgeous animals and provides visitors with a rare chance to see them in their natural environment. Another gem of the Dooars, Gorumara National Park, is well-known for its population of Indian elephants and variety of birds. The park’s rich vegetation and sparkling waterways provide nature lovers and animal photographers with the perfect backdrop.

A Journey Through the Tea Gardens

In addition to its abundant fauna, the Dooars region is renowned for its vast tea gardens. A stunning view of undulating hills bathed in vivid green is produced by the large area of tea plants. The fragrant tea gardens serve as a reminder of the area’s historical ties to the British colonial period when tea growing was first established there.

Highfield Tea Estate

The vast Dooars Tea Garden is among the most well-known tea farms in the Dooars. Visitors may join guided tours of the estate to discover the complex steps involved in producing tea, from picking the leaves to their final conversion into the well-liked brew. Visitors are drawn into the realm of tea by the perfume of fresh tea leaves and the sight of ladies picking them up with deft fingertips.

Adventure Awaits

Dooars has a wide range of thrilling activities available for anyone looking for adventure. The region’s extensive riverine systems offer chances for river safaris and white-water rafting. White-water rafting is particularly popular on the Teesta River, which has exhilarating rapids and expansive vistas of the surrounding countryside.

Munnar, Kerala

In addition, trekkers and hikers find refuge in the deep forests of the Dooars. Adventure seekers love visiting the Buxa Tiger Reserve for its difficult hiking terrain. The paths provide panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks as well as access to historic ruins and secret caverns.

Cultural Experiences

Dooars is not simply a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and environment lovers; it also provides a window into the area’s incredibly diverse cultural heritage. The culture and customs of the Dooars are greatly influenced by indigenous groups like the Lepchas, Bhutias, and Gorkhas. Visitors are welcome to participate in cultural activities including seeing traditional dance performances, mingling with the populace, and dining on regional food. Visitors visiting the Dooars are made to feel like a vital part of their culture by the kind hospitality of the locals.

Preserving the Harmony

In the Dooars, it is crucial to maintain the delicate balance between nature and fauna. Through the creation of national parks and animal sanctuaries, efforts have been undertaken to preserve and maintain the area’s tremendous biodiversity. Local communities actively participate in conservation programmes that not only safeguard wildlife but also give locals sustainable means of subsistence.


In conclusion, travelling through the Dooars is like entering a place where wildlife and environment coexist together. The area is unlike any other because of its beautiful woods, varied flora and wildlife, tea gardens, adventure options, and rich cultural experiences. Dooars offers visitors an opportunity to engage with nature and see the harmonious coexistence of wildlife and people. It also allows visitors to immerse themselves in its beauty and tranquillity. Dooars is a must-visit location for everyone wishing to experience the enchantment of the natural world since it has something exceptional to offer to everyone, whether they are nature lovers, adventure seekers, or cultural explorers.

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