At the time of Global uncertainty, I was very nervously wondering if my Admission to IGNTU got affected. Because education officials have been forced to close the campus in response to the growing coronavirus outbreak over the past months. Admissions were getting delayed. While this has elicited a range of emotions, from disappointment to uncertainty to anxiety. Anyhow I managed to keep myself calm with a belief that the best was yet to come.

How did I know about IGNTU?


I got to know about IGNTU (Indira Gandhi National Tribal University) which is a central university situated in the Amarkantak district of Madhya Pradesh. When I was pursuing my Graduation, my seniors and some of my family members used to suggest to me about IGNTU and all courses it offers, and its location. The unique feature of IGNTU is its sprawling campus surrounded by natural scenic beauty with soothing weather, I decided to pursue my further studies at IGNTU. To pursue MBA at IGNTU was a crucial decision as it determines my future based on the field I choose. Therefore I had certain expectations at the beginning of the first year.

Why did I choose IGNTU?

  • The very first reason to choose Indira Gandhi National Tribal University (IGNTU) was its location, I don’t have to face any type of convenience issue. The university provides transportation facilities like buses and Auto.
  • Another reason to choose IGNTU is the affordable tuition fees for the courses. It helps to reduce my parent’s burden.
  • I choose to study here because it offers two internship programs that are summer internship and winter internship. I think it gives me a greater exposure to the real work setting.
  • Opportunities to receive financial aid like scholarships.
  • Extensive library with a collection of books over 57,427 including 1309 donated books and computing facilities.
  • The IGNTU is connected to the National Knowledge Network (NKN) through an optical fiber link with a bandwidth of 1 GBPS.
  • Well maintained campus building, Park, Cafeteria, Bakery, Gym, Medical service, Grocery shop, guest room, Banks/ATM,
  • Sports complex: Badminton Court, Basketball Court, Cricket Ground, Football Ground, Tennis Court, Volleyball Court, Kabaddi Ground.
  • Excellent support service and staff.
  • Safety and security services especially for girls.
  • A wide range of course offerings in several streams.
  • The infrastructure of the university campus is like heaven and greenery is spread around the campus.

Effect of COVID-19 pandemic

Admission procedure

I took admission in the pandemic era (session 2021-2023). Due to Restrictions, campus visits and admissions testing were both significantly disrupted. We did not get the chance to visit the university. The admission form was filled out through the online mode. the Application fee was very nominal only 300/- The entrance was also organized in the online mode, we were provided the exam links on our mail IDs with the instructions. As the result for entrance was declared the verification was done through the online mode. I scanned my documents and mailed them to the HOD of tourism management, IGNTU. Like this, all the procedures were done and I got admission at IGNTU in MBA (Travel and Tourism Management).

First Time Interaction

The online Induction program was organized. As the campus was closed so, we were introducing each other to our faculty members, our senior scholars, and our classmates. it was done for the first time in online mode. I was very excited because I was going to meet our colleagues for the first time over a Google Meeting. It was a new experience for us as everything was in online mode. The next day, we received our Timetable and within one week, the classes also began in online mode itself.


We were strictly instructed to attend our online classes regularly because 75% attendance is a must to give the semester exams. For us, MPDP (Managerial Proficiency Development Program) is organized every Saturday. This Program tends to develop the Managerial Skills, Analytical Skills, and Technical Skills of an individual. In this MPDP program class is divided into several groups, where each group gets topics for presentation. Then each group gives their presentation and at the end, the results are announced and feedback is given to the groups. Hence, we are preparing for our semester exam which will be conducted through online mode. We were eagerly waiting to visit our university and live that new exciting campus life.

About MBA (TTM) at IGNTU


I feel blessed to be here at IGNTU, such a great university it is. It provides me with greater exposure to the real work setting and gave me a clear path to fulfil my expectation to achieve my future goals. The course that I choose is MBA in Tourism and Travel Management (TTM). Only our department gives 100% placement in IGNTU. I found it interesting. It helped me in acquiring lifelong learning skills. Our course offers stipulation of internship and placement. As we have the expertise of different subjects in our course. The professors are very supportive and coordinate well with us and maintain a healthy environment on the campus.

Types of Challenges

  • Learning online requires us to have access to technological devices and a stable internet connection. It’s been a bit difficult task to manage a quiet space without any disturbance to attend the online classes while being at home.
  • I felt that my life became a bit challenging I need to attend to my family commitment due to responsibility it was hard for me.
  • Another challenge with peers in the university was unavoidable, I had to face problems along with my coursemates, and I felt a little uncomfortable working in a group. I won’t get friendly in a short duration. it was difficult for me to start a conversation I feel a bit awkward approaching others at first.
  • Struggling to develop habits such as time management, prioritization, and staying healthy.

Benefits of actively participating

  • Personal interest grows, and programs and other co-curricular activities allow us to explore personal interests and passions.
  • The social connection grows through interaction with one another coming from different-different places which means meeting new people, developing new skills, and creating new ideas.
  • Fun leads to feeling good, as it is difficult to live away from the family and constantly focus on studies, it’s important to have fun to balance the stress of studying intensely and meeting academic deadlines.

During my first year of college, I was juggling many new experiences I learned many new things and met new people, and new activities, which added some beautiful memories to the journey of my life. The 1st-year experience allowed me to find my inner potential and taught me to deal with different situations in life, while a lot of these new experiences are exciting, this helped me out with academic adjustment and time management.

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