Top 10 De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Centres in India
Top 10 De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Centres in India

Top 10 De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Centres in India

Rehabilitation is essential when an individual loses direction and needs to be brought back to the right one. In De-addiction & Re-rehabilitation centers, comprehensive treatment and training are provided to clients. Depending on individual-centric needs, they are given occupational, vocational and physical therapy. In this blog, I break down the Top 10 De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Centers in India.

1. Safe House Wellness Retreat, Delhi

Let me introduce you to the Safe House Wellness Retreat which is one of Delhi’s premier rehabilitation centers. They treat men and women from all over the world, starting at the age of 15 years old. SH (abbreviated form of Safe House) have the greatest amenities and give a safe, secure atmosphere with comfortable settings that make you feel at ease.

When talking about the food, this rehabilitation centre offers healthy and custom-made cuisines to meet any dietary requirements. Executive chefs prepare vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals and guests are encouraged to suggest menu favourites. Moreover, their team of highly experienced specialists put themselves in the patients’ position and provide the maximum safety and comfort while listening to them express their sentiments and emotions.


  • Serene surroundings.
  • Treatment of men & women both.
  • Starting from age group of 15+ year old.
  • Experience full day treatment (from 7;30 AM in morning to 9:30 PM in night).

2. Alpha Healing Center, Gujarat

Next up on the list, we have Alpha Healing Center, located in Vadodara, Gujarat. To start off, it is a well-known luxury private rehab. And you know what, the centre has treated patients from all over the world with the greatest personnel and top-of-the-line amenities. They treat alcoholism, cocaine addiction, meth addiction, weed/marijuana addiction, smoking addiction, gambling addiction, and other substance addictions. The beauty and speciality of the centre are that they have treated patients from nearly every state in India and are well-known and recommended by India’s leading psychiatrists. Moreover, AHC (Alpha Healing Centre) even provides special therapy for those who have experienced trauma or have PTSD. An interesting fact about their treatment is that they deliver a thorough therapy with a completion rate of over 96 percent using a properly developed weekly regimen!


  • Treatment of men & women both.
  • Individuals 18 years or older.
  • ISO approved facility.
  • Residential 8-12 week program with Individualized plan.
  • Holistic model for purification of body, mind and soul.

3. Tulasi Healthcare, Delhi

The 3rd on this list is Tulasi Healthcare rehabilitation centre in Delhi. Did you know that it is known to have the best staff of well-known psychiatrists and psychologists that work in mental nursing homes and rehabilitation centres all throughout Delhi-NCR? Well, now you know! 😉 The healthcare centre specializes and treats alcohol and drug addiction as well as a variety of mental and behavioural issues such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, anger, anxiety, and aggression. And that is not all, further, Medication, behavioural therapy, psychotherapy, and support groups are among the other treatments available. Another interesting feature is the state-of-the-art facilities offered, this includes bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, a sitting area, a dining area, and a recreational room.


  • Timely detection, including screening and intervention.
  • Comprehensive assessment and personalized treatment plan.
  • Contracting with patients using the carrot and stick approach (to reward good behavior and to punish bad behavior can improve treatment outcomes).
  • Social skills training: The basis for cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Continuous care for patients.

4. ABHASA Rehabilitation and Wellness Home

Next on the list, we have a perfect-location centre for a speedy recovery: The Western Ghats. Where ABHASA is located, is famed for its lush vegetation, moderate climate, and pollution-free environment, all of which help to heal and recover. Now, coming to the facility, it follows a comprehensive approach, which includes treatment, food, and other physical activities like nature walks, meditation, and so on. And as a cherry on the top, the team is built by skilled and renowned professionals who create a rehabilitation programme that is tailored to the individual’s preferences and life choices to assist them in achieving their goals.


  • Fresh organic food that is rich in nutritional value & contributes to the overall physical and emotional health.
  • 24*7 surveillance cameras and security guards to ensure the safety of clients. 
  • Recreational activities that are customized to one’s preferences to help unwind and feel at home.
  • Qualified and experienced nurses to monitor clients 24/7.

5. Athena

Now, let me take you to the 5th on the list and one of India’s best mental health and addiction treatment centers: Athena. Athena is putting in every effort to assist people in regaining control of their health and the different disorders that are wreaking havoc on their lives. One of the best parts about the centre is that it provides a wide range of therapy plans to meet the patients’ various demands. Further, they take the finest strategy by bringing together a diverse set of resources to ensure that patients’ rehabilitation is effective. Their emphasis is not only on delivering effective and result-oriented therapy but also on following up on their recovery – which is what makes them unique and one of the best!


  • Services to persons of all ages and genders.
  • Luxurious and modern accommodation with access to a bevy of recreational facilities.
  • Buffet dining known for its lavish spread of healthy and delicious fusion cuisine.
  • Seasoned experts for every department.

6. Sanctum Wellness and Healing

Moving forward in the list, we come to Sanctum, located in the capital city of Delhi, is one of the greatest luxury rehabilitation institutions in India. It focuses on rehabilitation, wellness, and healing, with treatment standards that are both internationally matched and cutting-edge. In addition, it has a staff of globally qualified doctors that are dedicated to assisting any patient suffering from any type of addiction.


  • Wide range of amenities such as private suites, swimming pools, and a gym, among others.
  • With the goal of giving the patient the best possible care, they are surrounded by beautiful green gardens
  • Healthy meals prepared by chefs, as well as qualified yoga teachers.

7. Phoenix Foundation India

Following this comes, The Phoenix Foundation, which is a premium rehabilitation clinic in Hyderabad that specializes in the treatment of drug addiction and behavioural addiction. What is special about the centre is that it is recognised for its therapeutic strategy, which combines cognitive therapy, rational emotive therapy, and other de-addiction treatments. One of the best features of the foundation is that it follows a 12-step programme, which has been authorised by the World Health Organization to treat addiction! Furthermore, their infrastructure is a crucial selling point, as they offer twenty-five air-conditioned rooms, a variety of seminars, and recreational halls to patients. They also have leisure facilities such as a gym, a pool, to name a few.


  • Over a decade experience in treating addictions caused by Alcohol & Drugs.
  • Dedicated and highly specialised team consisting of Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Physicians, Counsellors, Nurses and Support Staff.
  • Yoga, Meditation, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Role Plays, Psychodrama and Model Therapy.
  • Located in Hyderabad, India which is the No. 1 Quality of Living City – 2019 (India) as rated by Mercer.
  • Well-connected and easily accessible through several national and international flights and through road and rail.
  • Safe & Confidential Care.

8. Om Beach Resort, Karnataka

Now we come to one of the most premium rehabilitation centers (cum resort) of India – Om Beach Resort. It is unquestionably a beautiful beach resort where rehabilitation is delivered as if you were on vacation. They treat their patients with fewer medicine-based and more nature-based therapies that help them avoid relapse and have nearly no negative effects. Not only that, but they also provide Ayurvedic therapies for alcohol addiction and organise smoking cessation programmes. Although the treatment costs at this luxury rehabilitation centre may appear costly to some, there is no better place in India to receive rehab therapy than this location.


  • For both men and women.
  • Treats persons of all ages.
  • State-of-the-art facilities and arrangements.
  • Located in serene and beautiful environment of Karnataka.

9. Arel Hope Recovery Services Private Limited, Hyderabad

Coming to the 9th on the list – Arel Hope Recovery Services Private Limited, Hyderabad. Family therapy, early-stage counselling, child drug addiction counselling, talk treatments, discussion therapies, and detoxification, as well as yoga and meditation therapies, are all available at Arel Hopes Recovery Center. This is one of the top premium residential rehabilitation centres in India, located in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. One fun fact about the clinic is hat it is one of India’s most effective rehab centres!


  • Backed by nearly 2 decades of experience.
  • Residential, outpatient and online therapy options.
  • Collaborations with leading addiction treatment providers in Canada and UK.
  • Evidence-based integrated treatment model.
  • Full gamut of treatment services: from pre-admission intervention, detox to relapse-prevention.

10. Cadabam’s Amitha, Bengaluru

Last but definitely not the least is Cadabam’s Amitha. A short and long-term rehabilitation centre for patients suffering from drug addictions such as cigarettes, marijuana, cocaine, LSD, and even painkiller and sleeping pill addiction. The individual, group, and family therapy, counselling, yoga, meditation, psychotherapy, and a 12-step programme are all available to help people improve their quality of life. Amitha provides a safe atmosphere for patients by providing accommodations (dormitory and single cottage), a well-equipped kitchen, an activity space, a library, and much more.


  • Varied treatments and therapies: Rehabilitation care varies from individual to individual.
  • A homely yet monitored atmosphere: With various amenities and comfortable resting quarters, the living spaces at Amitha are designed to make patients feel at home. The center also has a round-the-clock patient support and a well monitored campus to make sure every individual’s mental condition is kept in check. 
  • A proper regime: Caring for individuals with mental illnesses requires a strict and streamlined treatment routine. Cadabam’s Amitha has a well structured regime that makes sure every individual follows their personalised caring routine. 

Now, that the article has come to an end, I really hope the read helped you in any way possible! 🙂 Remember, therapy and rehabilitation is long and tiresome journey, but there is light and strength at the end of the tunnel. In the words of Helen Keller, “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it”.

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