Datia Palace: A Palace where no one lived
Datia Palace: A Palace where no one lived

Datia Palace: A Palace where no one lived

I was scouring for some places to visit in my neighbourhood state Madhya Pradesh, Where I came to know about Datia Palace which is situated nearly 75 km from Gwalior City in Madhya Pradesh.

“Take only memories, leave only footprints” ~ Chief Seattle.”

About Datia Mahal

Datia is a district in Madhya Pradesh. People here are conservative and live a normal life. Bundelkhandi and Hindi are the languages in which people converse. With the population not more than 1 lakh with very decent literacy rate followed by developing place but with an amazing history of forts!

Datia Mahal

Datia Palace or Datia Mahal is inferred by many titles. The palace is one of the unexplored places in your bucket list and before we proceed further to you about it, you make sure to add this place in your list!

“History is written by the victors.”

History of Datia Mahal

It is said that Datia Palace or Mahal was constructed by Maharaja Bir Singh Deo on 1614. It took nine years to build it by expanding 35 lakh rupees. It is one of the excellent architecture out of 52 Monuments made by Maharaja Bir Singh in all country. The palace narrates about the partnership of Jahangir and Maharaja Bir Singh. As because of Jahangir He became Maharaja of Datia and to give tribute he made this palace.

Regardless, according to historian Jahangir never visited in his friend fort. So that is why nobody ruled or ever lived in this fort, not even the king himself. A fort which is only made to showcase the friendship but in contrary it gives a betrayal sentiment!


  • The Palace has Seven Floors, Two floors in the basement followed by 440 compartments and courtyards.
  • The Palace is said to be prepared out of stone and bricks without any use of wood or iron. So, the whole 7- storied building frameworks without any support of metal or even wood. ( Surprisingly, isn’t it ?) Also, the palace is designed with a from an ancient mixture of pulses, jaggery and oil not with any sort of cement.
  • The Fort is a mixture of Islamic and Indo Architecture so the inside attributes have Temples like Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga and Mosque.
  • The main part of this fort is its stunning painting which is said to be the masterpiece of this fort, also it has a balcony and some wonderful scripture windows.
  • Datia Fort was the famous fortress of Sir Edwin Lutyens. Let us tell you that Edwin is a British architect who designed most of the buildings in Delhi.

Places Near Datia Palace for exploring

When you have attained Datia Palace, let’s explore more. Your next goal should be Sonagiri City which is known as Golden too. Sonagiri is located in Datia district in the state of Madhya Pradesh. You can visit the famous Jain Mandir as it figures in a major pilgrimage centre for Jainism. Lord Chandraprabhu, the eighth Tirthankara, attained nirvana on this holy land. There are more than hundred Jain temples in Sonagiri. The most famous temple of them all is 57, where you can see the 11 feet high statue of Chandraprabhu.

How to Reach

If you live outside from MP( Madhya Pradesh), then you have to travel a lot and possibly has to travel a long route from your city to Bhopal, and Bhopal to datia by following means-

  • By Road/bus – 360 Km

  • By Train (best option) in 6 to 7 hours-Jhansi and Gwalior route (1-2 hours)

  • By Flight through Raja Bhoj International Airport.

*Also, contact your travel agency or Railways or Bus-in-charge of better information.

Tips For Tourists (Mandatory)

  • Well, not too feeble the tourist but it is recorded in haunted spots of Madhya Pradesh. So it would be adequate to visit the place before dusk.
  • Second is to carry a torch, water bottles and other necessary things whenever you are visiting this place as you might lose in this maze.
  • Third Datia is a congested and crowded place so try not to visit when it’s crowded.
  • Fourth if you are scheduling to hang around there let me notify you also that hotels are very less but you can find Dharmashala more so get in contact with the best local hotels or Dharmashala.
  • Fifth the fort is not in a good condition so be careful.

bon voyage!

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