Top 12 Dams to visit in India
Top 12 Dams to visit in India

Top 12 Dams to visit in India

Dams are high raised structures that are constructed by humans to control the water force and the water level. It is usually built on rivers and fast-flowing streams to control the flow of the water. The entire structure of the dam is made using concrete which is in a concaved-curved downstream surface that helps absorb such heavy flow of the river. 

Dams are not something new but rather used from ancient times. They provide us with many uses such as irrigation purposes where water is not in abundance, it is used to generate hydroelectricity as the force of the water is converted to electricity, to control and release the water according to the requirements. 

Below is the list of the top 12 Dams to visit in India.

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam

This Nagarjuna Sagar dam is located on the borders of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The dam is 124 meters in height and is built on the Krishna River in 1967. It has 2 canals from which it can provide water from the reservoir. It is located 150km from Hyderabad. There is much scenic beauty that this place has to offer. The greenery and the wildlife around it just adds to the beauty. Activities such as boating in Nagarjuna Sagar add to this delightful experience. To reach this place one can take a cab or a bus that leaves from Hyderabad. 

Interesting Fact: This dam was constructed using stones and not concrete! 

Bhavani Sagar Dam

Bhavani Sagar Dam

This dam is located in Tamil Nadu and is built on the Bhavani River. The length of this dam is about 105ft with an amazing length of 1700 meters. There is a garden located right in front of this dam making it a great destination for one-day picnics or just a visit for a few hours. The Park is well-taken care of and has a few rides and swings making it a more joyful experience for the young visitors. There is also a Shiva Temple located in Bhavanisagar Dam called the Danayakkan Kotti Temple. The temple can only be visited when the water levels are low. 

Interesting Fact: This dam is the largest earthen Dam in India and South Asia and the second largest in the world!

Tehri Dam

This dam is built on the Bhilangana River and stands over 260 meters. This dam serves the multipurpose of irrigation as well as generating hydroelectricity. It is a reservoir for irrigation purposes as well as for the municipal water supply. Now as a tourist there are many water sport activities that one might enjoy, like paragliding, jet skiing and banana boat ride. These are some of the activities that take place on Tehri Lake.

Interesting Fact: Tehri Dam is the highest dam in India and comes under the top 10 highest dams in the world!

Bhakra Nangal Dam

This dam stands about 207 meters and at a stretch of 168 kilometres. This is a multipurpose dam providing for irrigation and hydroelectricity, and its construction started in the year 1963. It is built on the Sutlej river. It is an amazing getaway for a day and one can have fun with family and friends. The view is absolutely magnificent and one should definitely visit this place.

Interesting Fact: The Bhakra Nangal Dam is the second-largest reservoir in India!

Tungabhadra Dam

Tungabhadra Dam

This dam stands on the Tungabadhra river. This dam has many purposes such as irrigation for the nearby areas, providing hydroelectricity and flood control. This is one of the oldest built dams post-independence and it is a pretty huge dam that has a capacity of up to 135,000 million cubic feet. This place is bliss to the eye with great architecture. River Tungarbadra itself is considered a holy river especially in the state of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh making it worth a visit in a lifetime. Winter is the best time to visit this place and also one of the biggest festivals that is celebrated in this dam is Diwali so that is something that a tourist might enjoy with their family. 

Interesting Fact: It is the only dam in India built without concrete and cement!

Konya Dam

The Konya Dam is located in Mahabaleshwar which is a hill station and the dam is built on the Konya River. It was built in the year 1963 with a whopping capacity of 98.78 TMC. The dam is an aid to many industries in the state, provides irrigation to the nearby areas and is used to generate hydroelectricity. Being on a hill station the dam is surrounded by green-capped mountains, beautiful birds and other wildlife and provides a perfect weekend getaway. No wonder this dam is a lifeline to the locals and the state. Apart from all this, the views that it provides is on another level. 

Interesting Facts: Konya Dam is the largest dam in the entire state of Maharashtra!

Kallanai Dam

This is one of the oldest dams that one can visit. It is standing on the Kaveri River. The dam has a very rich history and was constructed during the rule of The Chola King, and was built around 100BC. The main purpose of this dam was to help the people by diverting the water and providing it to farmers and villagers nearby so that irrigation activities could easily be carried out. It is also called the marvel of engineering. When India was colonised by the Britishers, even they were astonished to see such a piece of engineering and hence they started to study the architecture of this antique dam. There is a garden nearby and some statues that tourists enjoy clicking pictures around because this structure has survived for about 20 centuries.

Interesting Fact: The Kallanai Dam is the 4th oldest water diversion structure in the world and the oldest in India!

Hirakud Dam

Hirakud Dam

The Hirakhud Dam stands on the River Mahanadi and one must know that is one of the first multipurpose river valley projects that started in India after its independence. The dam has a budget of about Rs. 1000.2 million but it was in 1966 that it reached its maximum potential. The dam is used for industrial purposes, irrigation purposes and of course to generate hydroelectricity. There are 2 observation towers on the dam and the view is splendid from both of them. Although in recent years the water holding capacity of the dam has been reduced drastically by 28%. 

Interesting Fact: Hirakud Dam is the longest earthen dam in the world!

Sardar Sarovar Dam

Sardar Sarovar Dam

This dam is a concrete gravity dam that is constructed on the Narmada River. The dam had many complications and huddles while being built but in the year 2017 it again had its height increased on order by the court. The dam has some beautiful views to offer to visitors. There are also some very good restaurants around the Sardar Sarovar Dam that one can dine in while visiting this place. While touring this place one can see the fine and elite engineering that has gone into this project. The dam is also very useful in providing access to water to its nearby areas and by helping the state generate more hydropower. 

Interesting Fact: The Sardar Sarovar Dam is the world’s second-largest dam and provides 4 states with water and electricity!

Bisalpur Dam

This dam was constructed in the 1990s and today the dam supplies water to two districts that are Sawai Madhopur and Tonk. It is surrounded by greenery and is a beautiful spot for one to visit with family for a day out or a picnic. One can even order food based on their preference and enjoy their meal with a splendid view of the blue flowing water. To reach this place one can take a cab or a private car and opt for a road trip which is about 150 kilometres from Jaipur. 

Interesting Fact: During the construction of this dam, the government had to face many protests against this project because people were not convinced!

Maithon Dam

Maithon Dam

This dam is constructed on the Barakar River. The purpose of this dam was to control floods during the time that it was built, but now today it serves many more purposes. It is about 165ft high and 4789 meters long. One can plan a day’s trip to this place because it is in the middle of a hilly region and provides some awesome snack corners. It also has a garden around it making it a more enjoyable experience for the kids. The visitor can enjoy the beautiful views of the dam and later on come down to relax in the garden. 

Interesting Fact: The Maithon Dam has an underground power station which is very unique in the entire region of South-East Asia!

Rihand Dam

Also known as Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar is a very huge project that one just can’t miss. The dam is located on the Rihand River and supplies irrigation water especially in the state of Bihar. The height of this project is about 91.46 meters and its construction was completed in the year 1967. The dam is built on a huge piece of land and the view that it provides will just leave the tourist in awe. There are many restaurants in the surrounding area that one can plan to have their dinner or lunch after a mesmerizing trip to the dam, and that is something I think no one can forget. 

Interesting Fact: The reservoir of this dam is also India’s largest artificial Lake!

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