Top 15 Cuisines to taste in Wayanad
Top 15 Cuisines to taste in Wayanad

Top 15 Cuisines to taste in Wayanad

Wayanad, a rural district in Kerala is pure scenic bliss. The picturesque plateau situated in the Western Ghats. The city is known for its mouth-watering delicacies. South India has the distinction of adding flavours through its spices. Hence the city offers some authentic dishes that define Kerala and its food culture. Are you a big foodie like me then let’s have a look at these heavenly delicious cuisines to taste in Wayanad. Here we go…

1. Moru Curry

It is a common household dish in Kerala. The base of the curry is coconut and yoghurt or buttermilk. Made with green plantain or white pumpkin, is both healthy and delicious. There is a smooth texture to the curry. This dish is enjoyed with a local variety of Rice. The dish is available at a big fancy hotel as well as a local eatery. It is comfort food for all vegetarians. If planning a trip to Wayanad, this dish cannot be a miss.

2. Fish Moilee

Seafood is the heart and soul of South India. When it comes to fish, nothing can beat its flavours. Fish Moilee is one such dish full of flavour and Malabari spices. The base is Coconut gravy. There is speculation regarding the origin of the dish. Some say it is Portuguese and some consider it to be Malaysian. The fried fish has a crunch to it. It is balanced by the soft texture of the gravy. It is an absolute delight for fish lovers.

3. Appam and Chicken Stew

Chicken stew, also called Nadan Kozhi Ishtu, is an authentic cuisine of Kerala. It is a mild Chicken gravy with veggies. It is made in coconut milk and coconut oil. The coconut oil enhances its flavours. The stew is best served with Appam. It is somewhat similar to a dosa but in a much lighter and different form. It is made from rice flour. On Sundays, the locals are up for a lavish breakfast cum lunch with Chicken stew and Appam. It makes for a perfect start to the day.

4. Nadan Beef

It is a slow-cooked food. The meat is coated in spices and curry leaves. It is then roasted on the fire. The aromatic marination tends to give the dish its flavours. The dish is quite popular at small gatherings and parties. It is an easy dish, generally eaten with Malabari Porotta.

5. Karimeen Pollichathu

It is a fish delicacy relished by the people of Kerala. The preparation is different from a Fish Moilee. It is cooked in Banana leaf by either steaming it or shallow frying it. The fish is full of spices and flavours and the banana leaf gives it a unique touch. The cuisine is mostly eaten with rice.

6. Katto Soup

It is a unique dish of Kerala. It is not like a usual soup due to its thick gravy-like texture. The dish is made from raw mango pulp and spices. The addition to the dish is either chicken, fish, or any seasonal vegetable. It is deliciously healthy and nutritious. It reminds me of an Indian porridge.

7. Payasam

Kerala has a very prominent festival Onam. It is a harvest festival usually celebrated during August- September. The festival is celebrated with a very famous cuisine, Kerala Payasam. It is a sweet dish which is made with Rice, Jaggery, Coconut, and Ghee. It is eaten with dry fruits and coconut shreds. If you have a sweet tooth, then this is the dish for you.

8. Then Nellikka

It is a tribal dish made with gooseberries and honey. These are not just berries but grown in the vicinity of Wayanad. These are relished like candies and even after meals. They have medicinal benefits as well. The dish has some simplicity that enhances its taste.

9. Chatti Pathiri

Want to binge some more then this interesting cuisine will surely surprise you. It is somewhat similar to an Italian Lasagna with an Indian twist. It is made with eggs and refined flour. The dish is layered like a Lasagna. It can be both savoury and sweet, available in veg and non-veg options. It is a perfect evening snack.

10. Chemmeen Pathiri

It is another binge-worthy evening snack in Wayanad. The difference is that it is steamed and not fried. The stuffing is mostly seafood like prawns and the base is rice pancakes. The dish is steamed in banana leaf which enhances its flavours as well.

11. Malabar Duck Roast

Just like seafood, Duck is predominantly found in all Wayanad eateries. It is their go-to meal. The duck meat is itself flavourful and when added with all the Malabari spices, the dish is heaven for the Keralites. It is best served with Malabari parotta.

12. Malabar Biryani

Biryani as we know is always a hit when it comes to food. Malabar Biryani is another drool-worthy cuisine that is enjoyed by people. The biryani uses a local variety of rice called Kaima rice. The flavours of the meat blend with the rice and bring out a perfectly authentic, aromatic Biryani.

13. Puttu and Beef Fry

Puttu is a steamed rice and coconut dish. It is similar to sticky rice. The dish is best served with Beef Fry, an authentic Kerala dish. It is marinated in loads of spices and coconut and fried in coconut oil. It is popularly known as Beef Ullarthiyathu.

14. Poricha Kootu and Rice

Kerala also serves some delicious vegetarian dishes as seen above. One such cuisine is Poricha Kootu. It is a snake guard stew. The base is moong dal. The spices are roasted in Ghee and then ground with some shredded coconut. It is healthy and full of protein from the dal and also heavenly delicious.

15. Kadala Curry

It is a quintessential cuisine, pretty common in every household. The dish is black chickpea curry. This is made in coconut milk with a lot of spices and is served with appam, parotta, dosa, etc. The dish is high in protein and healthy, so a great way to treat your tummy with some delicious and nutritious food.

These were some of the prominent and loved cuisines of Wayanad, Kerala. The cuisines are highly enjoyed by the people. Also, they are easily available at minimal prices, at every eatery and restaurant. If you are planning on a trip to Wayanad, while enjoying its landscape do give these dishes a try and you will be surprised with what Kerala has to offer you.

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