Every state of India has its unique speciality in terms of food. All their cuisines are somewhat dependent on their tradition, culture, climate, or habitat. Similar to this Belgaum officially known as Belgavi a city in the Indian state of Karnataka has its own speciality in terms of cuisine. Because of its location in the northern part along the Western Ghats, the food here has got North Karnataka taste as well. Belgaum is not only limited to street food or its local cuisine but you can find a variety of other state cuisines as well with the top-level taste. Example: Hyderabadi cuisine, Goan cuisine, Maharashtrian cuisine, north Karnataka cuisine, and much more. The various cuisines are enjoyed by the locals and tourists in the city.

The people of the city are very kind, they warmly welcome different mankind, food habits, and culture. Due to this you will never feel away from home and other stuff but can enjoy the wide varieties of cuisines according to your taste and preferences. Also for vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian, Belgaum dishes have got an absolute taste in both of them. Belgaum cuisines are among the rare cuisines. Starting from mouth-watering Street foods to delightful dishes and ending with delicate yummy deserts. It’s not just the famous tourist attractions or the culture of Belgaum which makes it fantastic but it’s also the food that adds more eminence to the city.

So in this blog, I am going to mention the top 15 cuisines to taste in Belgaum. If you are a foodie then you are in a perfectly right place. Here is the list of the top 15 cuisines which you should definitely try during your visit to Belgaum.

1. Karadant


Karadant is a traditional sweet of Karnataka. It’s very nutritious and boosts your energy. The sweet has a balanced texture and is not too sugary. It covers a lot of jaggeries, dry fruits, and dry dates powder which makes it chewy in taste. The sweet is small square-shaped. The major ingredients of the sweet are jaggery, Daria dal, net meg powder, grated dry coconut, cashew powder, black current, dry date powder, and a wide variety of dry fruits. It is a very authentic local sweet loved by many tourists.

2. Alipak

Alipak is the favourite snack of the people of Belgaum. People usually like it with sugarcane juice. It is made of groundnuts, grated coconut, puffed rice, and a spice called ‘Pade Lavan’. Alipak is a non-oily spicy snack, can be made instantly. It has two forms first is a parched rice base with grated coconut and the second is a Groundnut base. The process of making and ingredients are just the same, only parched rice is replaced with groundnuts to make the other form, and then it tastes different. Alipak is a portion of flavorful street food to taste here.

3. Shawarma

Shawarma is mainly a street food of the middle eastern version. It’s a heavy dish consisting of spices like cinnamon, coriander, black pepper, turmeric, cloves, and nutmeg, and much more. The meat used is chicken, lamb, veal, or beef. It is served with bread, parsley, salad, pickled vegetables, or flatbread, rice, vegetables, or sometimes also with french fries, yoghurt, and sauce. It can be prepared by frying, baking, or grilling. Major ingredients used in this are beef or mutton, meat spices, vinegar, pickles, and parsley. If you are a non-vegetarian then you will be going to love it.

4. Sweet corn dosa

Sweet corn dosa
Sweet corn dosa

Sweet corn dosa is a unique type of street food. It’s a very nice breakfast-type food. Mainly served with coconut chutney. It’s not that too much oily spicy street food but has a balanced taste and proves to be healthy. Major ingredients are sweet corn, garam masala powder, ginger garlic paste, tomatoes, onion, and cumin seeds.

5. Kunda

Kunda is a north Karnataka sweet dish. It has different names like caramelized milk cake, thiratti paal, caramelized palkova, caramelized milk fudge, kalakand. Although the taste is somewhat similar to the other sweets across the states. Still, the cooking style is always different. The dish preparation is time-consuming. It is made during the festivals time which are Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Sankranti, and Dussera. There are not many ingredients required, Majorly milk, dry fruits, curd, sugar, and cardamom powder are required.

6. Solkadhi

Solkadhi is a drink that originated from Goan, Konkan, and Malvani cuisine. It has many names like Goan sol kadhi, kokum kadhi, kokum curry, or sol kadi. This is mostly consumed for digestion purposes or as a refreshing cooling drink. Prepared with kokum fruit which has a quality of reducing itchiness and summer rashes. Therefore it is mostly favoured in summer times. Kokum and coconut milk are the major ingredients. People generally prefer it with fish. The kokum is sour in taste which makes the taste of the drink similar to it.

7. Masala Pav

Masala Pav
Masala Pav

Masala Pav is a spicy Marathi fast food but Belgaum adds its own flavour and twists in it. Belgaum Masala pav is spicy, hot, buttery, and for some, it’s eye-watering too. It’s very easy to make and takes very little time while preparing. Masala Pav is a very common snack among the locals. It’s very pocket-friendly food. Major ingredients are tomatoes, onions, bread ( Pav ), butter, and some spices. With the setup of new restaurants in Belgaum. You can now find a variety of Masala Pav to taste. Some of them are Schezwan Masala Pav, Cheese Masala Pav, Sabudana Vada, Mix Veg Masala Pav, Tikki Masala Pav, and Masala Palak Makkai Tikki.

8. Ladagi laddu

Ladagi laddu also known as ladagi undi is a traditional sweet of Gokak a small town in Belgaum. It’s a very nutritious sweet and is highly recommended for athletes, kids, and pregnant women. Laddu is very delicious in taste with rich proteins. These laddus are the favourite of the North Karnataka people. A lot of jaggery present in it makes it very healthy sweet. It’s one of the specialities of Belgaum. Major ingredients are Gram flour, Dry fruits, Refined edible oil, Jaggery, Coconut, Indian spices. You should probably give it a taste.

9. Mutton Biryani

Mutton Biryani
Mutton Biryani

Biryani word is derived from the Persian word Birinj meaning rice and birian, meaning ‘fried before cooking.’ Biryani is an evergreen dish that gets adjusted according to every state style. Similarly, the mutton biryani has a local variation of Belgaum in it. It’s one of the best seller dishes of Belgaum and can be easily found in restaurants and hotels present here. You will find a unique flavour in biryani at almost any place you eat in Belgaum.

No two places will give you a similar taste of biryani in Belgaum because of the difference in the level of preparation i.e. from marinating it to the final step. Also, margination is the most important part which gives a distinct taste to the biryani. Major ingredients involved in it are mutton, rice, vegetables, and spices. You can also order homemade biryani while staying there. Every Belagavi house has its own traditional recipes. The main quality of biryani is that its aroma is very appetizing.  

10. Sweet Masala Doodh

Masala Doodh
Masala Doodh

After Masala Chai, Masala Doodh is a traditional drink. It’s a very good drink for kids, sportsperson, and pregnant women. Rich with vitamins and minerals, it proves to be very healthy. The smell and taste both are very delicious. Mainly during pooja or festival time, it is made in households. The drink is enjoyed by both tourists and locals. It’s a very quick and easy-to-make drink. Major ingredients are milk, Nutmeg powder, sugar, saffron, Indian masalas, Cardamom powder, and a lot of dry fruits.

11. Bun Halwa

Bun Halwa
Bun Halwa

In India, every state has got its own touchup in the ingredients used in Halwa which leads to different tastes in them. Bun Halwa is another flavorful sweet of Belgaum. The recipe is soo simple with very less ingredients used. It’s a very light dessert, usually eaten after dinner or at the time of occasion. You must try this delightful sweet. Major ingredients are bread/bun, milk, cardamom powder, and dry fruits.

12. Tatte Idli

Tatte Idli is a Karnataka traditional dish. The shape of this idli is slightly bigger and flatter than the normal idlis. They are cooked on a flat plate. The idli batter is generally of rice, urad dal, poha, or sabudana. This is the best lunchtime dish. Tatte idli is generally served with sambhar and coconut chutney but tomato chutney, onion chutney, or coconut sambhar are also a great combination for it. The chutneys are lick-worthy and mildly spicy, perfectly complimenting the soft idlis. It is a must-try cuisine while travelling in Belgaum. It’s a great value for money dish.

13. Shrikhand

Shrikhand has been referred to as “Shikhrini” in Sanskrit literature. It’s a very classy and delightful dessert. Shrikhand has a thick, creamy, and dense texture, probably like a pudding. It’s a perfect dinner-time dessert. Traditional shrikhand is made with hung curd (a homemade yoghurt). You can also have it with pudi or Rotis. Major ingredients are saffron, sugar, yoghurt, saffron, and cardamom. You will find a variety of other flavourful Shrikhand too like strawberry, mango, rose, raspberry, and mudapples, etc. You are going to love this dessert, it’s worth a try.

14. Paratha


The word paratha is derived from the Sanskrit word. It has various names like paarota, parantha,  parauntha, prontha,  parontay, and paronthi, etc. It is majorly a north Indian food. The parathas are stuffed with a variety of stuffings and Belgaum is a fabulous place to try parathas. You will find different varieties in paranthas like Paneer Paratha, Aloo Paratha, Frozen parathas, Chana Dal Paratha, Vegetable Paratha, Gobi Paratha, Mooli Paratha, Methi Paratha, Palak Paratha, and much more. These are usually served with yogurt, pickle, or green chutney. Paranthas are really pocket-friendly food that will satisfy your appetite. Do give these a try as it’s the best part of the cuisine.

15. Seafood Thali

Seafood thali is the best for trying a variety of dishes. It proves to be a delectable and satisfactory meal of different flavours and textures. The thali consists of a diverse variety of seafood. Some of them are Kadai Fish, Lobster Balchao, Shrimp Palak, Prawns Curry, Seafood Masala, Shrimp curry, Rawa King Fish Fry, Seafood Vindaloo, Shrimp Jalfrezi and much more. If you are fond of Seafood then you will gonna definitely love this. Also, locals and tourists enjoy the Seafood thali too. It’s a complete pack meal. All the ingredients used are flavorful and the dishes just taste perfect. You can elaborate and customize the dishes in your thali as per your preference.

No travel is complete without tasting the cuisine of the place you are travelling. So these were the top 15 cuisines to taste in Belgaum. All got its alluring taste. Cuisine present of such diverse variety will tickle your taste buds with some awesome new taste. Belgaum is synonymous with delicious cuisine that can full fill all food cravings. It is home to some of the most cherished cuisines. So do taste them out!

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