Must try these cuisines when you visit Raipur
Must try these cuisines when you visit Raipur

Must try these cuisines when you visit Raipur

Food is an essential part of our life. We all love food and there is no one in the world who can say I don’t have any favourite food/dish. But this favourite food is always being affected by different factors, like our age, gender, the location we are born in, the place we are currently living in, etc. Also, the same applies when you visit such a place where you have never been. A totally new place you are not introduced to. If you are fond of eating delicious food and you are travelling to Chhattisgarh, then you must go to Raipur to enlighten yourself with mouth-watering Chhattisgarhi Cuisines.

Raipur is not only famous for its delightful architecture and history but also for its food. There are a variety of delicious local cuisines this city has to serve you. They are traditional food, tribal food, sweet dishes and street or fast food. Raipur is famously called “The Rice Bowl of Central India”. Because most of their dishes are made up of rice and rice flour. Wheat, Millets, Rice flour, Lentils, Bajra, Maize, Jwar, etc. are the staple food of Chhattisgarh.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start eating lip-smacking Chhattisgarhi Cuisines.


The first dish you should eat is Muthia. It is a traditional dish made of rice batter. It is tasty and delicious dumplings garnished with coriander leaves and sesame seeds. Seasoned with various spices to enhance your taste and make it finger-licking cuisine. It is neither fried nor baked, but steamed so that it retains all the original nutritional value of its ingredients. It is usually prepared in the winter season at the time of breakfast in rural areas of the state. This is also popular in Gujarat cuisine as a snack.


Another dish you can have is Aamat. It is also known as Sambhar of the state. The hero ingredients of this dish are mixed vegetables, finely chopped and cooked. Sauté with various Indian spices and Ginger-Garlic paste to enhance the flavour of the dish. Traditionally and presently in rural areas of the state, this food is prepared with bamboo shoots. Bamboo helps in retaining the nutritional value and flavour of the dish, adding a unique aroma to it. But nowadays Aamat is prepared with modern equipment, especially in urban areas.


It is a gift of the Chhattisgarh state to the whole country. This is prepared in mostly 2 styles. An authentic traditional style where Chila is prepared with Rice batter mixed with Urad Daal/Lentil and served with Green Chutney. Another is common North Indian style where this is prepared with Besan, Onion and Coriander Leaves. This is made like a chapatti or dosa but looks like a pancake. It is very easy to cook that’s why you find it in every house in India. You can just hop around the city and can get a chance to eat Chila in any corner of the city.


Bhajia which you found in the city is another variant of South Dish named Bhajji. It is famous street food in Central India. You may get to taste the same dish in South India. While in the south it is prepared with corn flour, here you’ll find it made with gram flour. Bhajia is made with different ingredients like onions, potatoes, and even chillies. It is best served with a hot cup of tea and spicy green chutney. Have it and get lost in the blend of spices which gives you an unforgettable taste that you end up asking “How is this made?”

AamSabudana ki Khichadi

It is yet another famous dish mostly eaten during festivals in India or during fasts. It is made with soaked Sabudana balls, adding different vegetables and spices to bring a delicious mouth-watering dish on the plate. Some add onion and peanuts to it to give it a different aroma and taste. It is considered one of the healthiest dishes and can be added to the daily routine. It is a super light and tastiest dish you have ever eaten.


You might love to eat Bara in Raipur. It is another name for the South Indian dish ‘Vada’. It is made with less oil which is super light and healthy to eat. Fermented lentils or Urad Dal is mixed with different vegetables like chopped onions, coriander leaves, chillies, etc and various spices. It is best served with tamarind or tomato chutney. In the state, it is compulsory to serve Bara during marriage ceremonies.


If you ever like to enjoy desi momos made in Indian style, then go for Farra. The hero ingredient in this dish is rice. It is made with minimum spices and coriander leaves. Shaped in the dumpling and then put to steam for 10-15 mins. Serve hot with chilli sauce. It is a light, healthy and go-to snack for the locals. 


Tilgur, also known as Til k Laddoo, is a famous dish specially made during the festival of Makar Sankranti. Dark jaggery is mixed with roasted peanuts and sesame seeds. Then shaped in form of a laddoo or sphere. It is a sweet dish got its origin from Chhattisgarh state.



Khurma is yet another famous sweet dish of the state. Also known as Sewaiya in most parts of the country. It is mostly made on festival Id. Roasted vermicelli is added to the boiling milk, with sugar syrup and rich dry fruits to make it even sweeter and add an aroma to it.


Bafauri is another name of Idli – a famous dish of South India. You can find different variants of South Indian dishes in Raipur. It is made of Chana dal flour, the right amount of spices and vegetables. Made in form of balls and properly steamed. Though it is not cooked in oil, it becomes a healthy snack alternative to oily pakoras, in day to day lives of local people.

Dubki Kadi

If you visit Raipur, must try your taste buds on Dubki Kadi. It is a special dish served on lunch plates of the local people. It is made with besan and tangy curry of curd, along with various spices and gram flour pakoras dipped in it. It is eaten in place of pulses. The other variants include Arbi Kadi, Bhindi Kadi, etc. which are equally delicious. You can taste all of them.

So, if you planning to visit Raipur, make sure you have time and an empty stomach to taste these delicacies. Still, have any doubt? Go there and find your answers. You will soon definitely going to miss all these tasty cuisines once you go back.

So I wish you a happy journey and keep travelling! 

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