Cruise Trips of India
Cruise Trips of India

5 Cruise Trips of India one must experience

Imagine getting lost in the peace and solitude of the vast stretches of the sea. The shining sun amid the day, dolphins, and many other small-big fishes racing your cruise. An elegant, rich and expensive cruise trip. A perfect relaxing vacation in the depths of the sea. But does this “expensive” break your dream? 

What if I say, it is now possible to do a budget cruise trip and that too in India? Yes, you heard it right. 

Earlier luxury cruises were just a dream for most people as cruise trips were only available at international destinations.

But now you can get relaxation along with delicious food, high-end entertainment activities while floating over the river or an ocean. This is what cruise ships are all about. It’s a must experience for all the travel hunters to map and enjoy India’s luxury cruises.

Here you’ll get all the extravagant services along with the tranquillity of calm waters passing through some exotic locations of this country that still remain unexplored.

To explore some majestic seas and the lush green surroundings of our country, Here are the 5 best luxury cruises in India that you can hop on to enjoy an adventurous trip.

The Sunderbans Luxury Cruise

Sunderban’s is known as the world’s largest Royal Bengal Tiger reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is definitely worth going to.

Carried by M.V. Paramhansa, this short cruise is one of the biggest mangroves reserves in the world, with different and expansive natural beauty water channels, mammals reptiles, and many more.

This adventurous cruise journey will take you through the course of the Malta River into the largest Mangroves forest in the world, through some narrow creeks and Sunderbans Tiger Reserve.

Also along with watching and getting to know more about diverse species of birds like kingfishers, herons and Salik bird,white-naked kites, bee-eaters, and animals like sweet water crocodiles, snakes, wild hogs, otters, and many more you’ll get the best onboard hospitality that includes facilities like Gym, massage parlour, and Ayurveda Treatment, also it has a library, a bar, a conference room with internet and fax facilities, a tea and a coffeemaker and sufficient reading stuff in every room.

Its luxury and utmost comfort zone makes it the best cruise to visit in India so to explore the wildlife and wonderful atmosphere of the Sunderbans this is a must-visit.

Brahmaputra River Cruise

Taking travellers through the mighty river of Brahmputra flowing through Assam culminated to the Bay of Bengal, M.V Baahu is the supreme cruise for the journey.

 It is not only enormous but the way through which the cruise runs is the most picturesque and scenic region of the country.

Brahmaputra River cruise will lead the passengers or travellers to the exotic trip along with taking them deep inside the rich flora and fauna of the Kaziranga National Park, Majuli which is one of the largest deltaic regions.

Also, it will give travellers a great chance to see the various attractions like Buddhists Monasteries and Hindu Gurukuls dense forest and also vast rice paddies of Assam. Along with going through dense forests, guests can enjoy some amazing facilities provided in the cruise like rejuvenating health spas, a range of massages, different board games, a stocked-up library, and many more indulging activities.

Lakshadweep Island Cruise

Known as one of the most aesthetic destinations of India with a large diversity of marine life and amazingly beautiful azure blue water with expansive white sandy beaches M.V Kavaratti is a ship featuring independent galleys, a helipad along with astonishing hospitality like on-call entertainment,on-call doctor, gymnasium, a recreation room and a swimming pool. Also, this magnificent cruise has a total capacity of 700 passengers and 200 tons of cargo including a 152 seater cafeteria and large airspace for a remarkable and unique experience of tourism.

A must-visit cruise to explore many different sites of this country as the cruise was started to promote and showcase the beautiful and amazing beauty of Lakshwadeep Island including Lakshadweep cruise trip in one of the Best cruises in India.

Costa Victoria Cruise

To get the best luxury treatment and get all the entertainment throughout the journey then this is the must o for every traveller, with a capacity of 2000 passengers costa victoria is a remarkable cruise that sails from Mumbai to Cochin, offering many different facilities like four luxurious restaurants offering both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties with multi-cuisine dishes, so be ready you may gain some pounds n this ship but no need to worry it also has fitness and wellness centre onboard only along with some disco club to burn some calories by enjoying and bashing on the dance floor or by working out or even you can enjoy some therapy by Sauna and steam rooms. Also, you can enjoy an onboard theatre room, pool in the largest Arabian sea.

This cruise will take you on the journey in the mesmerizing landscape of the Arabian sea with the lush green surroundings that make up the Western Ghats more beautiful also giving you an option to click more and more pictures in the wonderful atmosphere while enjoying the sunset with cold sea breeze and also a primitive fishing culture of Cochin that will greet you in the voyage.

Nefertiti Cruise

Known as an ideal place for conducting destination parties, corporate events, and celebrations, the Nefertiti cruise is one of the craftily designed cruises with various colourful images of mermaid and peacock adorning the front part of the cruise. Named after renowned Egyptian queen Nefertiti this beautiful cruise offers extravagant facilities and a comfortable stay with the capability of accommodating 200 passengers along with the scenic views of the Arabian sea touching the shores of Kerala is also an amazing site that no travellers wish to miss in the tropical paradise of Kerala.

This ship contains grand banquet halls, A/C restaurant, Lounge Bar,3D Theatre room, Recreational Area, open sundeck, Cocktail Party area/Bar Lounge. Apart from this, it contains a Children’s Playroom equipped with fun board games and video games so that kids and children don’t get bored along the journey.


Getting a relaxing yet amazing vacation is important for everyone and when we know we can get a luxury getaway in between the sea with the best hospitality team onboard sailing through many different shores in between the wildlife and lushes of greenery along with the mind-blogging marine life with having your favourite cuisine while enjoying the sunset along with the cold sea breeze in between the endless water and greenery around, you can get a vibe of relaxation and the best travel experience in your country with the 5 Best cruises of India mentioned above. All the best for the best holiday experience in India!!

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