Coorg: Princely Hill station of Karnataka
Coorg: Princely Hill station of Karnataka

Coorg: The Princely Hill Station of Karnataka

Coorg, Conventionally known as Kodagu, is the most princely hill station in Karnataka. The vivid magnificence of this foggy place with slopes and the soothing sound of flowing streams and aroma of sedative coffee. Coorg is known as the Scotland of India. It satisfies its name by attracting a blend of history, extravagance, and Cuisine. Situated along the western ghats, this coffee fabricating hill station is striking for its dazzling heavenly scene and lavishness.


Coorg (Kodagu) is a little locale in Karnataka close to the Western Ghats. The historical backdrop of this district is very old. Kadavu was the local name of Kodagu. The Kodavas were the soonest agriculturists in Kodagu, who lived there for quite a long time. Belonging from warrior groups, they conveyed arms during seasons of war and had their own tribal leaders. The Hariri tradition, a branch of the Keladi Nayakas, governed Kodagu somewhere in the range of 1600 and 1834. Later the British administered Kodagu from 1834, after the Coorg War, until India’s freedom in 1947. Coorg was called a different state (called Coorg State) up to that point, in 1956 Kodagu was then integrated with the Mysore State.


Kodagu is a bumpy area of Karnataka prevalently called Coorg. This bumpy locale is a piece of Western Ghat and it covers a region of 4103 sq. km. situated around 257 km away from the state capital, Bangalore. Madikeri is the principal town of Coorg. Other significant urban communities of the Kodagu are Virajpet, Kushalanagara, and Somwarpet. Coorg district is separated into the three talukas in particular Madikeri, Virajpet, and Somwarpet.

How to reach Coorg?

By Air

On the off chance that you wanted to go Coorg via aviation route, the air terminal of Mangalore International Airport would be appropriate to you. Mysore homegrown air terminal is the closest from Madikeri situated around 121 km away. Mangalore Airport situated around 137 km away from Kodagu

By Train

On the off chance that you are a vacationer from northern Indian states, the most ideal alternative is to arrive at Bangalore first to get Coorg which is around 257 km away from the locale. The close-by rail line stations of Madikeriare (region central command, Coorg) are Thalassery and Kannur (these two urban areas are in Kerala). Other closer stations of the area are situated at Mangalore, Mysore, and Hassan in Karnataka.

By Road

Madikeri is the principal city of Coorg which is all around associated with adjoining urban areas (Mangalore, Hassan, Mysore, Bangalore, and so on) of Karnataka by streets. You can likewise make travel to this slope station from its abutting state Kerala. Transport administration in Madikeri is successive from Madikeri to each visit spots in the region with the exception of Kushalnagar. You can straightforwardly venture out through transport to reach here from the accompanying spots Mysore, Mangalore, Hassan, Chikmagalur, and Shimoga.

When to visit Coorg?

The best and ideal opportunity to visit Coorg is from November to February. Winter is the best season to visit this spot since there is not really any downpour and the temperature is charming.

Official Language

Coorgi language is the fundamental lingo of the area yet the Kannada Language is acknowledged as the true language of Coorg. English is also used widely.


Climatic qualities of Coorg stay wonderful consistently, uncommonly in summer. The normal temp of summer (March to mid-June) is 26 °C. Normal yearly rainfalls of the area including Monsoons (mid-June to September) are around 310 cm. Furthermore, the colder time of year (late-November to February) is very cool when normal temperatures stay around 15°C. Some upper uneven locale it very well might be roar 0°C in winter.

Fairs & Festivals in Coorg

The People of Coorg has an interesting and vivid celebration. The Cultural existence of Coorg relies upon Village and everyday life. Individuals of Coorg praises all the celebrations with incredible enthusiasm. There are three significant celebrations of Coorg. They are Kailpodhu, Kaveri Sankramana and Puttari.


KaliPodhu prominently known for the celebration of Arms, celebrated in September during this all the weapons and arms are cleaned and polished prior to being put to utilize. Men prepare to guard their crops and protect them from wild bores. The whole family assembles in open ground for sports. The games are led in a local gathering called Kodava Samaj. ‘Nativ – the transplantation of rice that is a paddy crop. As the name proposes Kali implies weapon or arsenal and Podhu implies celebration. It’s a celebration of arms.

Kaveri Sankramana

Kaveri Sankramana is usually celebrated in mid-October, it’s a celebration commending the origin of the River Kaveri which starts at Talakaveri in Kodagu. Individuals drench themselves in this water as they believe it to be heavenly. This heavenly water, in any case, known as tirtha, is gathered in bottles and dispersed among each Kodava family unit.

This consecrated water is intended to be protected at each individual’s residence. Such is the significance of the River Kaveri in this land, its significance doesn’t just end here. This water is taken care of to the perishing in the conviction that they will attain moksha (salvation).


The celebration marks getting back the new paddy crop from the fields, a way to welcome Goddess Lakshmi.

Prior to collecting, they recited mottos ‘Poli Deva’ (God favour us with greater thriving) terminated multiple times noticeable all around and burst saltines. They at that point conveyed the paddy stacks into their homes and appealed to God for the welfare of the family.

Transportation/Stay to prefer

The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) offers local transport, however, the recurrence is less. Some private administrators run transports solely for gatherings, to show around the city. In any case, the native transport network isn’t extremely broad in Coorg.

Coorg has a diverse choice laid before you to browse. You can decide on outdoors in Virajpet and invest some energy in the lap of nature.

Other than all these choices there more which will allow you to explore the region. You can also take up a homestay at the hilltop, Think about every alternative and investigate yourself alongside the town Coorg.

Places to visit in Coorg


Madikeri Fort

Madikeri this city is known for voyaging the whole Coorg region. This town might be called a sloping ranger with scenic that makes it a perfect vacation destination. This town additionally called the Scotland of India. Madikeri Fort is the primary fascination in the city.


Nisargadhama is a man-made island of Krishna River which is famous for picnicking. It is situated around 31 km away from Madikeri. This island covers a territory of 64 section of land where you will discover deer, hares, peacocks, elephants, and so forth

Nagarhole National Park

For every individual who loves wildlife, Nagarhole National Park is probably the best spot to visit during a road trip to Coorg from Bangalore. Notwithstanding the thick backwoods, but there are various creatures strolling by or more than 270 types of birds from the open sight-lines across the stream bank. This public park is generally popular for natural wildlife spotting and the safari rides in the midst of the backwoods trails.


Mandalpatti is a little delightful mountain range situated around 23 km away from Madikeri. As the transport office isn’t accessible yet taking a taxi or own vehicle is exhorted. Mandalpatti is a somewhat wonderful little green mountain range which for the most part covered with thick prairies.

Harangi Dam

Harangi dam makes for a fascinating encounter with regards to Coorg. It is quite possibly the most mainstream cookout spot with hypnotizing regular setting.


‌Raja’s Seat

One of the main 10 spots to visit in Coorg, Raja’s Seat is an ideal spot for individuals who love to unwind in the lap of nature. This spot has lovely blossoms sprouting all around with the brilliant tones of the sun in the sky. Plan a short visit between 5:30 AM to 8 PM. This spot is known for the most part for getting a charge out of the nightfall or enjoying sporting exercises.


Talakaveri is a stunning spot from where the Kaveri River has started. Talakaveri is situated on the Brahmagiri slope close to Bhagamandala. You additionally arrive at a Hindu sanctuary that is committed to Lord Brahma.

‌Monastery Falls

Monastery Falls is an excellent cascade found only 6 km away from Madikeri. It is situated in private espresso manors homes. You will likewise locate a Hindu sanctuary near the falls which is devoted to Goddess Kali.

‌Iruppu Falls

Iruppu Falls is a minimal far away from Madikeri. It makes a distance of around 51 km from the city situated in the Brahmagiri slope range. This fall is encircled by rich green Western Ghats.

Mallalli Falls

Mallalli falls is around 51 km away from Madikeri. This fall is one of the well-known places of interest in Coorg. Along these lines, don’t miss it. Transportation to the falls isn’t so well. You need to pass by strolling for the last couple of km.

‌Irpu Falls

Irpu Falls is a well-known vacationer location in the region, however, is situated (at Kutta town) minimal far away from Madikeri. It makes a distance of around 82 km. it is a falls of the Bhramagiri slopes.


Omkareshwara Temple

Situated in the core of Madikeri town, Omkareshwara is a Hindu temple devoted to the God Shiva. It is a blend of Gothic and Islamic style design. The vault and minarets overshadowing the city give the impression of a Muslim Dargha. Omkareshwara Temple is one of the 12 venerated Jyotirlinga places of worship of Shiva.

Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery Or Golden Temple

Situated in Bylakuppe, Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery is considered as one of the best 10 should visit Buddhist Monasteries in India. This spot is home to about 3000 priests today and offers a peaceful climate to investigate and encounter the way of life of Coorg. This religious community is celebrated for being one the biggest Buddhist Monasteries today.

Dargah Sharief

Dargah Sharief is a famous objective for Muslims. It situated at Yemmemadu in Coorg locale around 36 km away from Madikeri. It was built in honor of Hazrath Sufi Shaheed and Sayyed Hassan Sakaf Halramir

Cuisines to taste in Coorg

  • ‌Kadambattu
  • ‌Bamboo Shoot Curry
  • ‌Panda Curry
  • ‌Akki Roti
  • ‌Koli Curry or Chicken Curry
  • ‌Noolputtu
  • ‌Ellu Pajji
  • ‌Kombu Barthad

Things to do in Coorg

  • ‌Dubare Elephant Camp
  • ‌Golden Temple
  • ‌Abbey Falls
  • ‌Trekking
  • ‌Food Tour
  • ‌Coffee Plantation Tour
  • ‌Camping
  • ‌Kaveri River
  • ‌Homestays
  • ‌Barapole
  • ‌Virajpet Day Trip
  • ‌Jeep Safari
  • ‌Hiking
  • ‌Madikeri Fort
  • ‌Quad Biking
  • ‌Wildlife Safari
  • ‌Bird Watching
  • ‌Holy Bath
  • ‌Rappelling
  • ‌Microlight Flying
  • ‌Civet Creek Camp
  • ‌Iruppu Falls
  • ‌Activities In The Misty Rainforest Near Coorg
  • ‌Cycling Tour To Kote Betta
  • ‌Kushalnagar
  • ‌Night Mountain Drive-In Coorg
  • ‌Talacauvery
  • ‌Nisargadhama

Souvenirs to buy in Coorg

Coffee Beans & Powder

Coorg is known as the espresso bowl of India. Why not – it is the top maker of Coffee Beans in India. There are a few astounding Coffee Shops for you to taste an assortment of Coffee as you appreciate nature in general. When you taste, you would be enticed to pick the nearby Coffee to reclaim with you.

Flavored Tea Powder

How might one overlook Tea in India? Indeed, here as well, you can discover an assortment of privately made Flavored Tea powders discounted. Envision Chocolate tea or Vanilla tea! I’m told they are likewise mainstream with guests. Investigate the alternatives in plain view, you may well locate your flavor to attempt.


We discovered sacks loaded with Spices at a few shops across the locale. Flavors like Cardamom and Pepper are developed in Coffee homes. In the event that you visit any of the bequests, you will see Cardamom and Pepper developing at different stages relying on the season. It is involvement with itself to smell them and the leaves. You ought to have the option to purchase better quality flavors at sensible rates here. Also, there is an immense cluster of Spices one can source from these shops.


Making nectar is a limited-scale industry in this district. Being a slope station, encircled by public parks and untamed life-safe-havens, this spot normally offers numerous chances for Honey authorities. As you probably are aware nectar of an area conveys inside it the embodiment of the neighborhood plants and blossom.

‌Homemade Wines

Taking a gander at the number of flavors/sources in plain view Homemade wines give off an impression of being a most loved keepsake for the ones who burn-through them. Natively constructed wines in this area could be legacy and a limited scale industry. Buyers of wines will taste and choose their flavors to purchase.

‌Handmade Soaps

The Homemade and high-quality excellence bars or cleansers are the most loved keepsakes with the climate and cognizant customers. Like all the other things, they come in different flavors. What is most appreciated about them is the straightforward bundling in formed areca nut leaves.

Coconut Shell Artifacts

While there were numerous Coconut shell relics in plain view, eyes get snared on hanging bird homes made of dry coconut shells and coconut strands. On the off chance that they in reality fill the need, especially in metropolitan spots, one can do that a lot to purchase and drape these in safe spots in their galleries to help the birds like basic sparrows.

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