Bijapur: The City of Victory
Bijapur: The City of Victory

Bijapur: The City of Victory

Bijapur- The city of victory has a glorious and vivid history. Vijayapura is the official name of Bijapur. The remarkable architectural buildings were built during the reign of the Adil Shah Dynasty. Consequently, people from far across visit this place.

Brief History

  • Kalyan Chalukyas established Bijapur in the 10th-11th Century. Later, Yadava occupied the region after Chalukya’s death.
  • It became the capital of the Bahamani Sultanate in 1294. Yusuf Adil Shah also ruled this place around 1498.
  • However, Mughal emperor Aurangzeb overthrew the Adil shah Dynasty and captured it in 1686. Hence, the land always remained an important centre for power and politics.


Vijayapura lies in the northern part of the Karnataka Plateau, near the Don River – an offshoot of the Krishna River. It is the top 10 populated city with an urban population of 326,000. Being one of the cultural cities of Karnataka, it has a significant tourist attraction for its historical structures.

How to reach Vijayapura?

By Air

Airports connecting to Vijayapura are Goa, Pune, and Hyderabad International airports. But Belgaum is the nearest domestic airport.

By Road

By road, Bijapur is linked with Dantewada, Raipur, and Vishakhapatnam. The National Highway 16 passes through the Bijapur.

By Rail

The railway station for Bijapur is at Dantewada, from where only two passenger trains pass – one from Vishakhapatnam to Kirandul and vice-versa. However, Vishakhapatnam is a significant railway station that is connected to all the major stations of India.


The climate of the Bijapur district is usually dry and hot. It is too scorching during summers, particularly in April and May, the temperature remains between 40-degree Celsius to 42-degree Celsius. However, from November to January of the winter season, the temperature dips from 15-degree Celsius to 20-degree Celsius. Usually, the humidity level keeps fluctuating from 10% to 30% due to parched weather.

When to visit Vijayapura?

October to February are the suitable Months to travel to Bijapur because of the weather conditions. You can also visit while the monsoon hits.

Official Language

The foremost language spoken there is Kannada.

Fairs & Festivals in Vijayapura

Festivals are indeed a significant part of the Indian lifestyle. The people of Bijapur also truly love to celebrate and enjoy festivals. They observe all the famous festivals of India as well as other regional festivals. Some of the popular festivals celebrated in the Bijapur are :

Banashankari Devi Festival

The Banashankari Devi fair is one of the favourite festivals in Bijapur. This fair begins on the day of a full moon in January and finally lasts for 10 to 12 days. The main event of Rathotsava also includes an exhibition of agricultural products and utensils.

Navaraspur music festival is the most popular music festival in Bijapur. The festival is named after a place in Karnataka. The celebration takes place in January and February. Its main objective is to promote music and art in the city.


The first day of the Chaitra month is a celebration of Ugadi. It is marked as the New Year by the Kannada people.


Diwali is the festival of lights that symbolize the victory of light over darkness. This celebration normally lasts for five days.

Transportation/Stay To Prefer


Vijayapura has limited yet luxurious hotels to stay. You can even book your accommodation online via various websites. However, they offer instant booking too.


As there is no bus service within the city because of its small geographical size and less tourist footfall, one can only get rickshaws and auto-rickshaws.

Places to visit in Vijayapura


Gol Gumbaz

Gol Gumbaz or Gola Gummata got its name because of the circular-shaped dome. The grave of Sultan Mohammed Adil Shah lies here. Architect Yaqut constructed this tomb in 1656.

Ibrahim Rahuza

It is also known as The Taj Mahal of the Deccan. It is the grave of the Adil Shah ruler Ibrahim Adil Shah II and his wife, Taj Sultana.

Bijapur Fort

Vijayapura Fort, another name of Bijapur Fort, is a monument of historical importance. Yusuf Adil Shah built this monument in 1566.


Malik-Maidan is a renowned historical site in Bijapur that means “Lord of the Battlefield”. Adil Shah II installed a huge canon over here in 1549.


Almatti Dam

The Almatti Dam, also known as The Lal Bahadur Shastri Sagar, is a hydroelectric project on the outskirts of the Bijapur district at Krishna river. It has two small gardens nearby named Luv Kush and Krishna garden.


Shivgiri Temple

The 85ft tall statue of Lord Shiva has situated around 3km from Bijapur on Ukkali road. T.K. Patil Banakatti Charitable Trust has made this world’s fourth-tallest statue of Lord Shiva. Moreover, one can find enough space near the statue where kids can play.

Jumma Masjid

The Mosque built around the 16th-century held capacity of 4000 worshippers. Although Ali Adil Shah started its construction could never complete it. Jumma masjid is also popular as Jama Masjid of Bijapur.

Cuisines to taste in Vijayapura


It is a kind of thick layer roti made from Jowar Flour. The use of ghee or oil while making Bhakri makes it soft.


Enne-gai or brinjal (eggplant) stuffed with peanut, sesame, ginger, garlic, garam masala, salt, and spices. Especially served with Jowar Bhakri.


Saaru is cooked using ingredients like pepper cumin, coriander seeds and tomato. Rasam is another name for Saaru. Undoubtedly, a combo of Rasam & Dosa is the most loved dish of South India.

Souvenirs to buy in Vijayapura

Though Bijapur is famous for its history & monuments, one can also look for its local artefacts and handiworks. Roll down and check out the list of chosen souvenirs.

  • Sandalwood items
  • Stone Decorative Items
  • Jute Bags
  • Lambani Jewelry
  • Ilkal Sarees

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