Thursday , February 22 2024

Vaishnavi Hase

A biotechnologist exploring content creation by writing about what she loves - food and travelling.
Indore - A Foodie's Heaven

Indore – A Foodie’s Heaven

India’s creations in its cuisine are one of the unique treasures of the country. Every region has its special flavour combination, which is indeed a culinary treat. Imagine now a city in the heart of this diversified country that combines the unique flavours, aromas, ingredients, and cultures of several regions …

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Places to visit in Nashik

Top 15 Places to Visit in Nashik, Maharashtra

Welcome to Nashik!!! A city where ancient traditions and modern excitement meet in the heart of Maharashtra, India. As a native, I can assure you that this charming city has something for everyone – spiritual fulfilment for religious pilgrims, the perfect vintage for wine lovers, and a chance to relax …

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