9 Quick Tips for Solo Travellers
9 Quick Tips for Solo Travellers

9 Quick Tips for Solo Travellers

Been planning a solo trip? Nervous about how it’s going to go? Unable to decide what to take? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!!  Solo travel is a must-have once in a lifetime experience for every travel enthusiast. Not only does it let one explore the world, make new friends but it helps them come out of their comfort zone. Handling your own expenses, ensuring your own safety, discovering new things and travelling in all can be amusing.

We develop a boost in our confidence, sense of adventure, compassion for others, tolerance for differing beliefs and also a relationship with ourselves which grows stronger because of it. During all this, it’s completely normal to go through stress, anxiety, nervousness and eagerness as planning a trip while ensuring both safety and entertainment usually never goes hand in hand. But here are some quick tips for solo travellers that can help you make your trip more relaxing and memorable.

Quick Tips for Solo Travellers

1. Plan your stay ahead

Doing this not only makes your stay budget-friendly but also makes you have a tension-free and relaxed journey without the worry of your stay and food which totally gets easy with some prior research and bookings.

2 Familiarize the local language ahead

It’s always best and safer to catch up to basic local words and slangs that’d be very useful for your survival and help you increase your interaction with the locals and make you less alien.

3. Travel with a broad mind and be open to changes

Give yourself the opportunity to grow. Travelling solo means you’ll be presented with challenges and new experiences that you’ll need to navigate. Every time you conquer an obstacle or try something new you give yourself the opportunity to learn and grow. As and when you encounter new situations and cultural phases you will be able to engage, process and react to them without influence from others.

4. Book your transportation

Avoid traveling by train/bus/taxi by night if possible. Arrange to arrive at a new location in the light of day. Not only will you feel more at ease and be able to be more aware of your surroundings but there will also be more people around, giving you a more secure feeling

5. Travel with a Tour

Joining a day tour gives you a chance to explore more unseen places at a lower cost in a lesser period of time and lets you interact with completely new people and challenges your socializing skills.

6. Interact with locals and adapt to their culture

Travel as many places as you can. Go to local markets and dive into their culture, food and history. Observe little things around, this will give you an entirely different experience.

 7. Stay virtually connected to close ones

Download skype or other calling or messaging applications onto your phone, before leaving. The idea is to stay connected with your friends and family. Upload other useful apps to your phone like GPS, currency translator and travel guides. Regularly, update your family about your whereabouts and ongoing itinerary.

 8. Trust your gut and Enjoy your freedom

Walk and talk with confidence. Don’t make it obvious you’re an unsure tourist by burying yourself in a map or walking with your head turned down. Walk tall and proud and people might even think you’re a local. Embrace all your freedom with open arms !!

9. Practice Light and Sensible Packing

Pack only essentials and clothes in such a way which are light-weighted, can be easily carried and repeated, remember to divide your luggage into two bags, with all your cash and credit/debit cards equally split into both each so you don’t panic incase of emergencies.

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