6 Best Tourist Attractions of South Korea
6 Best Tourist Attractions of South Korea

6 Best Tourist Attractions of South Korea

South Korea is one of the most tourist attractive destinations among travel lovers, South Korea is not only for the K-Pop popularity or the “Hallyuism” (Korean Culture Wave through K-Drama, K-Beauty, Webtoon). Recently the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on May 31 announced that Korea ranked 15th among 117 countries in last year’s travel and tourism development index of the World Economic Forum (WEF). South Korea has a charming & enthusiastic culture & heritage that’s every part you must have to love. So, let’s talk about the best tourist spots in South Korea. Ga-Ja!

Bukchon Hanok Village

Without visiting this village your South Korea trip will be incomplete. Bukchon Hanok Village is the absolutely ideal place for those who are ancient history & traditional art lovers. Bukchon Hanok Village is an art community in Seoul noted for its traditional Korean-style residences. You can also rent the Korean traditional dress “Hanbok” for wearing & visiting the lane of the Hanok village will be great explore. This village’s homes’ unique design gets the Joseon dynasty’s vibes.


Chandeokgung is a World Heritage selected as the most beautiful of Seoul’s five places. If you have a great passion for art, Sculpture and heritage, then you must visit this Historitical place which is situated at Gwanhwamun & Jongno-gu, Seoul & it was established in 1405 as a secondary palace, but when Gyeongbokgung (Seoul’s principal palace) was destroyed during the Japanese invasion in the 1590s, it became the primary royal residence until 1872. It stayed in use well into the 20th century as all Joseon dynasty’s palaces, it has a mountain behind it and a small stream in front – Feng shui” (Good Pungsu).


This Joseon dynasty’s historic Memorial Palace has witnessed several political incidents & if you are a true K-drama lover then you have definitely watched it in many historic K-dramas! It was originally founded by King Taejo, the founder of the Joseon dynasty, Gyeongbokgung served as the principal palace until 1592, when it was burnt down during the Japanese invasions. Hordes of tourists have replaced the thousands of government officials, scholars, eunuchs, concubines, soldiers and servants who once lived here. Watch the changing of the guard ceremonies at the main entrance Gwanghwamun (A big Gate) then set aside at least half a day to do justice to the compound, which includes a couple of museums, ornamental gardens and some of Seoul’s grandest architectural sights.

N Seoul Tower

Namsan Tower is one of the magnificent & ideal sightseeing destinations for the Couple & also can watch a great gorgeous view of Seoul Capital City & it is situated on Nam Mountain. The Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower is the Observatory & Communication Tower built in 1969. In the tower, you can see many love locks hanging at the wall sides! Without exploring this iconic spot South Korea trip will be incomplete.


Who didn’t watch the hilarious popular block bluster hit Korean horror movie “Train to Busan”? (released in 2016). Everybody watched this master class movie. Busan is the second modern & corporate city after the Seoul Capital city. From Seoul to Busan takes time around 6 hrs by train. The charm of Busan goes beyond beautiful beaches, a stunning skyline, incredible food, natural scenery, world-class infrastructure, and endless shopping. In Busan you can ride an electric cable car at Songdo Marine Beachside, it will be an iconic travel experience & for K-Cuisine lovers, you will get many K-Caffes & restaurants here.

Must try treading dishes such as Dongnae pajeon, (filled with fresh seafood and vegetables, is a nutritious and delicious snack and accompaniment to drinks). Eomuk, or fish cakes,( refer to ground fish meat seasoned and deep-fried in oil. Busan is famous for its diverse brands and styles of fish cakes.). Ssiat-hotteok (It is perhaps the most popular of all street foods in Busan) etc. After exploring these elegant places you never forget these fantastic places of Busan & don’t forget to shop from the popular local market, and departmental stores such as the Lotte Department Store, and the Shinsegae Department Store at Centum City.


Daegu is one of the largest cities in South Korea, and coupled with its rich and ancient culture, it has a number of scenic attractions and beautiful mountains. Not only travellers, but many students take admission here to the best Universities in Daegu city. You can visit the radiant places as:

Duryu Park, (Duryu Park is home to Daegu Tower, one of the tallest observatory towers in South Korea).

Bullo-Dong Ancient Tomb Park, (Bullo-dong Ancient Tomb Park is a mass burial site about 5 km north of Daegu city. It covers 330, 000 sq m, with around 200 grassy hillocks across the valley).

Seonbosa Temple (Seonbosa Temple lies on the top of Palgongsan Mountain, about 20 km northeast of Daegu city. Many locals embark on a 3-hour-long hike to this 9th-century temple, especially during Buddhist celebrations and on the 1st day of every month)

Gyesan Catholic Cathedral, (It was founded in 1900, and is the city’s only remaining building from that period. This cathedral is a mix of Romanesque and Gothic styles, with stained glass windows and pinnacles).

South Korea will be the best tourist destination as the UNWTO United Nations of World Tourism Organization) & KTO (Korean Tourism Organization) records of highest number of visitors in South Korea, Not only for tourism, but mostly purpose of higher studies, many Research Scholars & students are interested in choosing South Korea’s best Universities such as ‘SKY” ( Seoul National University, Korean National University, Yonsei National University). Day by day South Korea is going to be in the top 10 position in the WTO tourism index too. So, Don’t be late & get ready to make a list for the South Korea trip & don’t forget to know your journey to South Korea!

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