25 Pro Tips for Smoother Trip in India
25 Pro Tips for Smoother Trip in India

25 Pro Tips for Smoother Trip in India

Travelling around Indian cities can be incredibly memorable, only if one doesn’t experience any bummer. But need not worry, below are some tips and suggestions that one should follow to make their journey smooth and peaceful. India, it’s not just a country. It is an experience, It is an Emotion! Filled with colours, a mixture of cultures, magnificent beauty, breath-taking mountains, spiritual people, historical temples, this Land of  Gods delivers experiences that are beyond imagination.

1. Think of a Tour Guide

Being new to a place, it is impossible for travellers to know and understand their destination precisely. A ‘guide’ as the name suggests, would help to know the place and would save the time as well.

2. Search for the destination

Before heading to the destination, it is better to browse the information and get to know about the location’s climate and places to visit, which would help to decide the duration of the journey and travellers would pack accordingly the plan.

3. Pre-book the Stay

Indian hotels tend to get fully occupied due to the arrival of tourists, especially during festive season and vacations. Pre-booking hotel rooms in advance would avoid any inconvenience.

4. Eat from hygienic spots

Eating Indian street food can be really fun but definitely not at the cost of health. Always try to eat where hygiene is taken care of.

5. Pack your essentials

One should pack the luggage according to the climate of the cities they wish to visit. If travellers visit mountainous regions, woollens should be kept along whereas, if they travel to cities like Mumbai, clothes suitable for summers should be packed. Also, chargers for the devices should be also packed.

6. Carry medication

Proper medication should be always kept along for the patients who consume some medicines on daily basis for some chronic conditions such as blood pressure.

7. Think of a rough itinerary

Visiting a place should always be followed by an itinerary. This gives tourists an idea of where they need to go. Tourists should also plan the exact duration of their journey too

8. Travel within a budget

Planning the tour according to a budget would help to stay away from extra expenses. Tourists can then decide where to stay or where to eat. They can select restaurants and hotels according to their budget.

9. Safety comes first

Travelling around Indian cities would allow tourists to experience happiness beyond imagination. But at the same time travelling safely is advisable. Thieves and pickpockets can perform their jobs anytime! Never carry expensive things along like a piece of jewellery or an expensive watch. Carrying a wallet or cash pouch underclothes is another option to stay safe throughout the journey.

10. Dressing Decently

Visiting any city, tourists should dress keeping customs in mind. Such as visiting any holy place, every person is required to cover themselves properly, covering heads, not wearing black coloured clothes.

11. Being aware of the belongings

Pay extra attention to the luggage and other belongings on the airport, railway station, bus spots, markets and other places especially those which tend to crowd easily.

12. Travelling with “less” cash

Try to carry only the amount necessary, else keep the cards for the purpose of transactions. This allows to travel stress-free and enjoy the trip.

13. Carrying water along

While travelling, especially in summers always carry separate water bottles along, that will keep you hydrated through the day. Avoid drinking water from local water points.

14. Leave before time

India is a country where for every place road congestion is not a big deal. Being aware of the fact that traffic would ruin all the day, tourist should leave for the destination prior to the time

15. Carry first aid kit

Being prepared all the time would be a better option. Carrying a first aid kit including all the basic medicines and ointments would help a lot.

16. Try not to stick to the plan

Though travelling to a place requires a plan, but heading completely according to that is not advisable. For instance, visiting a fort ( that a tourist planned)didn’t reach their expectations, so they should leave that place and head towards another place. This would save time and let tourist enjoy other places as well.

17. Take care of the tickets

Tourists should take care of their tickets at the time of leaving their home and leaving their destination as well. Without tickets, it is impossible to travel.

18. Bring expensive gadgets only if required

Laptops, expensive smartwatches and other expensive gadgets should only be carried along if tourist genuinely need them, or else they would just add to the list of things that require all-time attention.

19. Using a map or GPS would be beneficial

While you are at a new place, it’s impossible for you to know the routes where you want to reach, hence try using a map to help you out. Or a GPS could be used too. This would definitely save your time.

20. Portable battery charger is vital

It’s obvious that one cannot carry a charger along for all day long. Also roaming with exhausted device is next to foolish. Carrying a battery backup would not let the device battery exhaust.

21. Staying in the heart of the destination

Many hotel and accommodation sites are built near scenic views that are out of the stretch! Staying at these places would definitely let tourists experience the natures beauty but also makes them distant from the main destination. As such it takes time for them to reach the place at next day and ruins their time too. Tourists should try to accommodate themselves at places that are at the main city or just near that.

22. Carry locks

Your belongings should be only taken care by you. Try to carry locks to keep your luggage safe at every point of the journey.

23. Prevent yourself from being ripped off

Being new to a place, tourist don’t know what price list locals follow, whether it be the taxi fares, or prices in the markets. Locals would just try to grasp extraordinary charges from tourist. Being careful and haggling is the only way to deal with this.

24. Communicate with locals

Who would know a place better than the locals! They are an essential part of any destination. Whereas, Indians are always polite and welcoming to new ones Interacting with them, tourists would get to know the destination, culture, customs,  nicely.

25. Don’t click if you are not allowed to

Many Indian places restrict photography as this gesture is believed to be disrespectful. Many forts, tombs and other public places in India prohibit photography. Even don’t try to capture pictured in temples as it may disturb the spiritual atmosphere.

Hope these tips would help you enjoy your trip without any obstacles. Happy Journey!

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