Karnataka is recognized as the Garden City of India. Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka. It is a hub of tourists in South India. The reserved forests, Horticulture, hydroelectric projects, and dairy products are the attractions in the State. The old heritage monuments are legendary here. There are many spots one can visit on the trip to the Garden City of India. Let us look at the top 15 places to visit in Karnataka during a vacation.

1. Bangalore, Karnataka

One of the center points and capital of Karnataka State. The IT hub is the spot that gives people from various places to settle here. It belongs to the Silicon Valley of India. Lalbagh Glass place, Wonder La Amusement Park, Aerospace Museum, and Butter Park are the tourist attractions of the science city of India. Cubbon Park is a place for architecture lovers. Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath is an organization containing a collection of folk arts and paintings. The Silicon Valley of India provides the delicacies of south India.

Bangalore, Karnataka
Bangalore, Karnataka

How to Reach?

By Rail: The Bangalore Railway station and the Yeshvantpur Railway station are the main Railway stations in Bangalore. One can book a taxi from these stations to reach Bangalore city.

On-Road: The city is connecting with the national highways. Buses and Taxi services are easy to reach the city.

Through Air: Bangalore international airport connects the city with other states in India. The airport is locating at a distance of 40 km from the city.

Best time to visit

The simplest time to go to is September to March. The moderate climate in these months is pleasing to everyone.  

2. Coorg

The small district in Karnataka looks like the Land of rolling hills. Coorg is the Scotland of India. Green mountains and the aroma of coffee charm the visitors. Abbey falls, Dubare Elephant camp is the best spot for nature lovers. Kodagu is name as Coorg. The Golden Temple is a Buddhist monastery bedeck with colorful paintings of God. The Buddhist monks doing ritual prayer in this temple are a nice view.


How to Reach?

By Rail: The Coorg did not have a railway station of its own. You can take a taxi from Mysore or Bangalore stations to reach Coorg. The Mysore Railway station is located 160km from Coorg.

On-Road: You can take buses, autorickshaws, private cabs, and bikes to reach the Coorg. The private buses take you to every corner of the hill station.

Through Air: Mangalore international airport is close to Coorg city. The Bangalore airport is locating at a distance of 120km from Coorg.

Best Time to Visit

March to June is the best weather time in Coorg.

3. Hampi

One of the small villages placed on the bank of the Tungabhadra is the best tourist place in Karnataka. Historical architecture is the beauty of this spot. The Riverside ruins, Queen’s bath, Archeological Museum, and the monkey temple are attractive spots for visitors. It is one of the UNESCO World heritage sites in 1999. Vijaya Utsav is a famous festival of Hampi overseen in November.

How to Reach?

By Air: Bellary is the nearest airport to Hampi. Bengaluru international airport is located at a distance of 360 km. You can pick up a taxi from these airports to reach Hampi.

On-Road: The bus services are available in a vast manner. Hampi is connected with other cities on road. You can also take a private vehicle to reach this destination.

By Train: Hospet is the railway station locates at a distance of 13km. Trains from Bangalore, Guntakal, and Hubli reach this station.

Best Weather

The weather remains cool from October to February.

4. Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore is named the city of palaces. The Mysore palace portraits the royal heritage and culture. The pillars and doors within the hall are dye with gold and silver. The sandalwood and rich skills are grand and everlasting view of the visitor.

How to reach?

Through Air: The Bangalore international airport is connected with other cities in India. Three hours is the minimum time to reach Mysore to Bangalore on road. You can pick up a taxi or bus from the airport to reach Mysore city.

By Train: Chamarajapuram railway station provides an easy way for tourists. Chamundi Express, Mysore Express, and Kaveri express are the local trains in the railway station.

On-Road: You can get transport buses as well as private buses to reach Mysore city. The ticket price is affordable for a common man. 

Best time to visit

October to February is the best time to visit the town.

5. Agumbe

One of the Capitol Hill stations known as Cherrapunji of South. The tiny village is within the Shimoga district in Karnataka. It is home to several medicinal plants that led to the conservation of the rainforest. Trekking, hiking, and rafting available in this place. The area is roofing with a rain forest and waterfalls. Barkana Falls, Sunset Point, and Gopala Krishna Temple attract many tourists to Agumbe.

How to Reach?

Nearest Airport: Mangalore airport is the easiest way to reach here. It is locates at a distance of 95km from Agumbe.

By Bus: You can take a bus from Bangalore to reach the Agumbe. Taxis and cars are available on road to this spot.

By Rail: Udupi railway station is the nearest one to reach this spot.

Best Weather

The comfortable weather is from October to February.

6. Jog Falls

One of the charming places in Karnataka. The second highest waterfall in Asia. Tourists can take an adventurous walk near the falls. The power station operating here provides significant electric power for Karnataka. Monsoon season is a magnificent time to see the beauty of Jog Falls.

How to Reach?

By Air: The airport in Mangalore is close to Jog Falls. It connects with other cities like Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. One can take taxi services to reach this falls.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Shimoga. One can hire a cab to reach the Jog falls from the station.

By Road: The regular buses from Shimoga and Bangalore is easy to reach to Jog Falls.

Best Weather

Monsoon season is a magnificent time to see the beauty of Jog Falls.

7. Gokarna

It is a Hindu pilgrim hub that features old temples. The water sports and beaches made it an incredible tourist spot. Mahabaleshwar Temple and the Om beach are places enclosed with crowds.

Best time to visit

The coolest weather is provided in the months of October to March.

How to reach?

By Train: Gokarna railway station is the easy way to reach the spot. Ankola railway station contains train services from the cities including Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai.

By Road: KSRTC bus service is available from the cities of Mangalore and Bangalore. Gokarna is locating at a distance of 10km from NH17. AC luxury buses are available for tourists. 

8. Dandeli, Karnataka

Nature and adventure combined in this spot. Thick green forests, nature walks, and boats are famous in Dandeli. One among the small towns located on the bank of the River Kali in Karnataka. Dandeli is always catch up by bus, taxi, and Hampi airport. It is home to a wide selection of biodiversity. Moulage Eco-park, Molangi falls, Sri Mallikarjun Temple, and Sykes Point are the attractions near the Dandeli. The Sykes point gives a beautiful view of the valley and thick dense forests. Disney park and crocodile park are famous here. You can spend the time boating, jeep safari, jungle trekking, and water rafting.

Best time to Visit

The best time to visit is October to May.

How to Reach?

Nearest airport: Dandeli did not have any airport. Hubli airport is at a distance of 50km. You can take a bus or taxi from these airports.

By Train: Dharwar train station is near to Dandeli. Velankanni Express, Ltt Hubli special, and Hubli premium are the train passing through Dharwar.

On-Road: A bike ride is a unique experience to reach Dandeli. The road to Dandeli is cover with thick forests. You can view a natural experience while traveling by bus, bike, or taxi.

9. Udupi

It is notable as the Temple city. The tutorial hub of Manipal is situating here. Ancient carvings and temples are famous in Udupi. Malpe beach and Manipal end-point are attractive places for visitors. Cars, buses, and autorickshaws are easy to reach here. The cuisines of Udupi taste great flavors. The typical temperature ranges from 30 to 35 degrees in the daytime.

How to Reach?

Through Air: The international airport Bangalore has regular flight service to Chennai, Dubai, Delhi, and Hyderabad. The nearest airport is Mangalore is lying at a distance of 50 km.

On-Road: Udupi is connected with State Highway 67. The AC and non-AC bus services from Pune, Goa, and Ernakulam are easy to reach this spot. Karnataka State Transport bus services are available in Udupi.

By Rail: The Konkon railway station connects Udupi with other cities. The passenger trains of Udupi railway station are connected with other cities.

Best Weather

The typical temperature ranges from 30 to 35 degrees in day time. Monsoon season is the best time to visit Udupi.

10. Nandi Hills, Karnataka

One of the small towns is at a distance of 60km from Bangalore city. It is famous for its viewpoints. The monuments, temples, and shrines are notable in Nandi Hills. Cave exploration, shooting, trekking, paragliding are amazing opportunities for tourists. You will see heavy rainfall within the monsoon season. Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple and Brahmashram(ancient cave) are the spots to enjoy the natural elements of this area. The fortress is open on all days. Paragliding in Nandi hills enjoys the anxiety of flying in the sky and an adventurous experience.

How to Reach?

Nearest Airport: The Bangalore airport is the easy way to reach here. The Kempegowda International airport connects major cities in India. You can take a bus from the airport to Nandi Hills.

By Train: Chikkaballapur is the railway station near Hills. You can drive by car or bus from the station to reach this spot.

On Road: Local cabs are operating to Nandi hills. The sites are best explore on foot.

Best Time to Visit

The pleasant weather is seen from September to May. You can plan the trip in the early morning or late evening. The beautiful sunset is visible around 5;30pm.

11. Chikmagalur

The coffee land of Karnataka. It is a Hill station that covers green forests. Mullayana Giri, Kadambi falls, Coffee Museum and Mahatma Gandhi park are attractive tourist destinations in this place. The word Chikmagalur means Land of the young daughter. The Bhadra wildlife sanctuary is famous for the Tiger reservation. Manikyadhara waterfall in the Shola forest gives a thrilling trekking experience. You can buy coffee beans at an affordable price.

Best Time to Visit

The best weather is from September to May.

How to Reach?

By Rail: Kadur is the railway station near Chikmagalur. Birur is the next railway station after Kadur. It is a 50 minutes journey by bus to Chikkamagaluru.

By Air: Mangalore, Bangalore are the airports accessible to Chikmagalur.

On Road: Buses are provide in the Hassan, Belur and Mysore routes to this spot.

12. Areca Farm Walk

The unique farm within the region of Honavar, Karnataka. The luxurious green Areca trees are the pleasant scene in this spot. You will enjoy the chirping of birds throughout the walk. The nature walk gives a live experience to visitors. An English-speaking guide explains the details of the plants therein the farm. You can refresh your mind with nature. It is open all day.

How to Reach?

Buses and taxis are available to reach this farm. The NH48 connects the place with Bangalore city. The Areca farm is locating at a distance of 400 km from Bengaluru city.

13. Mullayana Gyri, Karnataka

One of the highest peaks in Karnataka is famous for trekking. It is set in the Chikmagalur district hid as a paradise for nature lovers. Mullayana Gyri Temple is open on all days and dedicates to Lord Siva. Manikyadhara falls and Bababudangiri are the closest places to visit in Mullayana Gyri.

How to reach?

By Flight: You have to take a flight from Mangalore airport and a hire a taxi to reach the Mullayana Gyri.

On-Road: A bus service from Bangalore to Shimoga is available to reach this spot. Taxi is also available to the Mullayana Giri.

Best Weather

Spring season is the best time to visit the spot. The heavy heat in summer and the rainy season is not good to visit this place.

14. St. Mary’s Island

The island situates on the coast of Udupi. The shores of the island covered with crystalline rocks. You can watch the sunset is the best experience on the island. It is also hailed as a coconut island. The ferry ride attracts visitors more here. Udupi and Mangalore are put at a distance of 50km from this island.

Best Weather

October to January is the suitable time to visit the island.

How to Reach?

Udupi is the nearest rail to reach the island. Ferry services are available from Malpe harbor. The private buses connect Mangalore and Udupi.

  • Entry Fee: INR 250 per head.
  • Timings: 9;30 AM to 5;30 PM

15. Kudremukh

The mountain range is base in the Chikmagalur district in Karnataka. The meaning of Kudremukh is horse face in Kannada. The green forests and valleys make a paradise on Earth. It is mention as a National park in 1987. A mining town and iron ore company located within the hills of Kudremukh.

Best time to Visit

The best weather to visit the places is October to February.

How to reach?

Mangalore airport connects with other cities to reach this spot. You can take a bus or taxi from the airport to this place. The local bus service is invaluable every 30 minutes from the main bus stand.

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