Common travel mistakes & tips to avoid them
Common travel mistakes & tips to avoid them

12 Common Travel Mistakes and Tips to Avoid Them

We all love travelling, don’t we? One can list a number of super exciting and amazing experiences during their travel. But, have you ever wondered about the common mistakes which most of us often tend to do during our trips? Unfortunately, these mistakes ruin our entire plan. But you don’t have to worry anymore, since we are here to sort this down.

Here is the list of some common travel mistakes and a short guideline as in how to smoothly avoid them. So, let’s take a look at it!

Over packing is always over complicating

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It is tempting to bring outfits for each possible occasion, but it makes it difficult to haul your luggage around, and you will grind to a halt with high baggage fees for accidentally exceeding the weight limit. Instead, pack your bag as it was a common occasion, then remove half the garments you originally planned. You would not wear all of them. You don’t need to sacrifice style, and you’ll always do some laundry on the road.

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Do not exchange money at the airport


You will get the worst exchange rates if you are doing this. You’re better off lighting your money on fire. To get the simplest rates, use an ATM or MasterCard. This is going to be as on the brink of the interbank rate as you will get and ensures that you simply aren’t getting ripped off. Never exchange cash unless you absolutely need to. If you are going to exchange money, attempt to do so at a bank downtown where you will recover rates and fewer fees. But stick to plastic as much as possible.

Don’t eat near a major tourist site

The food near any major attraction goes to be double the worth and half the flavour of what you will find elsewhere. When restaurants know people are not returning, they don’t need to worry about consistent quality. And anyway, what do tourists realise about the quality of local food, right? They just arrived. It is all amazing to them, and lots of them are happy to return home talking about how they ate “amazing” pizza ahead of any tourist spot.

Do not skip travel insurance

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It may appear to be a ridiculous added expense, but travel is about the unknown. And you never know what can happen on the road. You can break a leg, lose a camera, pop an eardrum skin diving, or need to leave a rustic due to a natural disaster. Travel insurance protects you once you are overseas and shouldn’t be avoided — it’s the smart thing to urge. It is there to guard you from both medical and non-medical emergencies. God forbid, if something does happen to you and you don’t have insurance, it can cost thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses.

Not Informing Your MasterCard Company of Your Travel Plans

Not informing your credit card company can bring serious problems to your trip. Paying for currency exchange in other countries are often expensive, but once you use your credit cards, the rate of exchange is calculated for you and charged properly in your home currency. Credit card companies flag foreign transactions just in case of mastercard fraud and should freeze your account, so make certain you inform your company before time. While you’re at it, find out if they charge a foreign transaction fee, so there are no upcoming surprises ahead.

Don’t take taxis

Taxis are where budgets move to die- they’re always overpriced. Skip them. The only time these are worth using is that, if you’re splitting the fare among a group or got to get somewhere super late in the dark. Use public transportation as much as possible.

Too many activities in one go is a bad option

This limits your opportunities. You will be too busy to seek out hidden gems or follow abreast of tips from locals, and therefore the hassle of such a lot of travel are often stressful. Make sure you give yourself a while to relax and take in the simplest of what each destination has got to offer.

Approach the local tourism board

This is always surprising to see how few tourists visit the local tourism board. It is always the first stop on any trip. They have advice on current events, festivals, and off-the-beaten-path information you are not getting to find in any guidebook. Their job is to literally know everything about where you’re. They get paid to help you. When you get to a replacement city, make certain to go to the tourism office and invite information on what to ascertain and do, and where the deals are. They have maps and discount cards, and that they can help book accommodations.

Do not skip the local cuisine

delicious vegetarian sandwich with mixed leaves and tomatoes

It is obvious that some people have sensitive stomachs, digestive complications, and health issues that make them cautious about new foods. At an equivalent time, most world cuisine involves variations on very familiar themes. This includes greens, meats, stews, and other basic staples that combat a replacement life when the unique vegetables, spices, and meat sources in a new area are brought to bear on their preparation. With a touch of help in understanding the ingredients involved. Anyone can explore cuisine and find out these unique local flavours without worry, and therefore the experience helps to ground your memories of your travel more fully by supplying you with a sensory experience that brings you right back to your trip whenever you commit it to memory.

Traveling with outdated Information

This may sound biased, but an up-to-date guidebook is a $20 tool for a $4,000 experience-and justifies its expense on the first ride to your hotel from the airport. A guidebook can leave both costly mistakes (getting fined for not validating your train ticket) and straightforward gaffe (ordering cappuccino together with your pasta in Italy). A good guidebook also can save time, keeping you from visiting a museum that is closed for renovation, expecting a bus that does not run anymore.

Saving money at the expense of time

People often focus on saving money while forgetting that their time is an equally valuable and limited resource. It’s worth paying for museum admission instead of letting a free day happen and suffering through slow lines and crowds. If a taxi costs you and your partner $5 quite two bus tickets, it is well worth the 20 minutes saved. If ever time was money, it is when you’re trying to urge the foremost out of travelling abroad.

Do not let these mistakes to ruin your trip

Many tourists get indignant once they make an error or get ripped off. When something happens, it is best to urge over it. The joy of travel is not the sights and not necessarily doing it right- it is having fun with the method, being wonderstruck with a wider world, laughing through the mistakes and learning from them, and making friends along the way.


It is often convenient to book package trips that lookout of everything for you from the paperwork to the meals than to relax, but that provides up some of the control over your experience. To get the foremost out of your tours, one must be proactive and getting together to confirm that all resources are accurate. Be hospitable to adding and improvising once you are in-country to make sure you grab the prospect to undertake the maximum amount of experience as possible while you’re abroad. That way, one will make a trip into a memorable and private experience that can be simply a treasure for years to return.

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