Top 11 Must-Try Delicacies of Jodhpur
Top 11 Must-Try Delicacies of Jodhpur

Top 11 Must-Try Delicacies of Jodhpur

Jodhpur-The Blue city is pretty famous when it comes to its food. You must know that Jodhpur Food is the number one reason for tourists visiting Jodhpur. Jodhpur surely maintains a mystery in its air when it comes to cuisine.

The cuisine of Jodhpur comprises traditional sabzis, namkeen, and desserts which for ages are part of Jodhpur’s rich culinary heritage. Most traditional dishes and sweets commonly known as mithai and namkeen have found their origin in Jodhpur.

Exploring the food culture of Jodhpur is an experience in itself that one cannot afford to miss. The distinct taste of every dish takes the food experience to another level (P.S.-People with sweet tooth please take a note there are lots of sweets in this list).

Jodhpur offers you a complete mix of spicy street food and irresistible desserts and is definitely the one place you need to check off your list if you’re a foodie.

So without further delay let us start the ride with the list of top Mouth-watering delicacies of Jodhpur starting from the spiciest and ending with the sweetest.

1.Pyaaz Kachori

Available at each and every corner of the city, Pyaaz Kachori is one such namkeen dish that you cannot resist when you are in Jodhpur. People of Jodhpur are very fond of this snack and like it served piping hot. Its spice quotient is high hence it is at the top of our list.

Pyaaz kachori is a signature dish and a perfect tea-time snack that owes its origin to Jodhpur. It is the best for foodies, who like to experiment their palate with different flavours. Pyaaz kachori is made with kachori stuffed with onions and is served with red and green chutney. These are prepared at sweet shops but their taste is completely opposite that of sweets.

Pyaaz kachori is one of the favourite snacks to munch on in the monsoon, so if it’s raining in Jodhpur, Pyaaz Kachori and hot elaichi tea is the perfect combination to order. A packet of bread can be purchased to balance the spiciness.

  • Famous in Town: Janta Sweet home & Jodhpur Sweets, C Road
  • Cost: Rs 40/- for two people

2.Mirchi Bada

Besan pakoras, kachoris, and badas are a quintessential part of Jodhpuri breakfast and evening snacks. Jodhpuri Mirchi Bada is a traditional deep-fried snack, which is made using green chillies, stuffed with a spicy and tangy filling of potato and onion, then dipped in besan batter and fried till crisp and light brown.

The best combination is to have Mirchi bada with chai. Though many people have started their shops in other states and tried to replicate this namkeen the ones in Jodhpur are just irreplaceable.

  • Famous in Town: Surya Namkeen, Jalori Gate, Jodhpur
  • Cost: Rs 40/- for two people

3.Shahi Samosa

Shahi Samosa is yet another delicious namkeen stuffed with Cashew and nuts to give the royal touch to the traditional dish along with regular potato, onion, spices, and chilli. The name shahi may mislead your thought to something sweer but it is not rather It is called shahi because of the flavour of dry fruits that it carries.

All the namkeen we discussed are a complete meal in itself. Shahi Samosa is stuffed with potato, paneer, cashew nuts, and raisins. The stuffing has a combination of sweet, spicy, and sour flavors, which will surely leave you craving for more.

  • Famous in Town: Shahi Samosa at Ghantaghar, Jodhpur
  • Cost: Rs 60/- for two people.

4.Dal-Bati Churma

Rajasthani Style, Dal Bati, and churma is a staple food for the Rajasthanis. Firstly, the Dal comprises yellow dal prepared with spices, cooked in pure ghee. Bati is a small crispy round bread baked from whole wheat kneaded dough. Mirchi Kuta, sliced lemon, and onion are served with the plate of Dal Bati to enhance the taste of the dish.

Churma is the sweet dish prepared from mashing the hot bati, jaggery, and abundant ghee. Numerous places serve dal-bati in Jodhpur. From fine dining and pocket-friendly restaurants to roadside eateries, streets every other eatery has dal-bati stapled on its menu.

  • Famous in Town: Bhawani Dal Bati Center, Chopasani Road, Jodhpur
  • Cost: Rs 200-400/- for two people.

5. Kadhi Kachori

Considered aa a desi street food, kadhi kachori is another delicacy unique to Rajasthan. It is a unique combination of Kadhi with Jodhpuri Pyaaz Kachori. Kadhi is basically a curry prepared from gram flour by adding onion and green chilli to tadka. It is a thick consistency curry looking bright yellowish in colour.

Most of the locals are seen enjoying this dish daily. Both Kachori and Kadhi are available separately but they come together it’s the match made in heaven.

  • Famous in Town: Agrawal Kadi Kachori, Sardarpura, Jodhpur
  • Cost: Rs 100/- for two people

6. Gulab Jamun ki Sabzi

What happens when you take one of India’s most loved Gulab jamun and prepare it with a tomato-heavy gravy and rule out the sugary syrup? You are right its Gulab Jamun ki Sabzi! Jodhpuri Gulab Jamun Ki Sabzi is a traditional Rajasthani dish where the gulab jamuns are deep-fried and dipped in gravy made from tomatoes and cashew nuts, resulting in a savoury kofta-dish served with paratha. It is unique and savoury and on a must-try list.

Famous in Town: Pokar Sweet home, Jodhpur
Cost: Rs 400 /- for two people

7. Makhaniya Lassi

The Makhaniya Lassi is a rich, delicious drink that is one of the famous culinary delights in Jodhpur. As the name suggests, Makhania Lassi is thick creamy lassi with dollops of Makhan (butter) floating on it. But this lassi’s affair with richness doesn’t quite stop at Makhan.

Different restaurants and sweet shops around Jodhpur, specifically in the market around Clock Tower, have their own version of this classic drink with toppings of elaichi, Kesar, nuts, cream, and also pomegranate seeds. This rich and flavourful drink is perfect to cool your body after you have spent a day in the hot and dusty streets of Jodhpur.

  • Famous in Town: The Mishrilal Hotel, Clock Tower Rd, Sardar Market, Jodhpur
  • Cost: Rs 60/- for two people

8.Mawa ki Kachori

Mawa ki Kachori is the oh-so-delicious dish that you will have never heard of anywhere else other than Jodhpur. Mawa Kachori is an exotic sweet delight made from Mawa that is stuffed in flatbread of refined flour, deep-fried and cardamom-spiced kachori is dipped in ‘chaashni’ (sugary syrup). The Mawa in the kachori elevates its taste to the next level.

The kachori when served is smashed into pieces and the chaashni is poured all over it. You will find delicious delight very sweet if you do not have a sweet tooth.

Famous in Town: Rawat Mishthan bhandaar, Jodhpur
Cost: Rs 80-120/- for two people


Ghewar is a traditional Marwari sweet doughnut-shaped cake made of all-purpose flour which is served with Chaashni i.e. sugar syrup. There are different varieties of Ghewar, like the plain ghewar, mawa ghewar, and the malai ghewar, malai ghewar being the most popular in Jodhpur.

The Malai ghewar has its upper part layered thickened milk called ‘Rabdi’ which tastes like heaven in its every bite. The demand for Ghewar is very high during the ‘Teej’(Rajasthani festival), marking the beginning of festivals and celebrations in Jodhpur. In select places, it is available throughout the year. It will surely satiate your sweet tooth but you will soon find yourself eating more.

  • Famous in Town : Janta Sweet home & Jodhpur Sweets, C Road
  • Cost: Rs 360/- for 1 kg

10.Gulab Halwa

Made from condensing pure milk for a long and garnishing of pistachio, Gulab Halwa has successfully made its place as one of the most popular desserts in Jodhpur. Originally from Pali in Rajasthan, it is a pinkish brown halwa made by adding rose to the condensing milk.

This delectable sweet is made up of pure milk it also has a high nourishment value. The saying ‘Ek baar khaaoge, baar baar khaoge’ goes for every bite you relish of this sweet.

  • Famous in Town: Gulab Halwa Wala at 3B road, Sardarpura, Jodhpur
  • Cost: Rs 250/- for two people

11.Rajasthani Kulfi

Ice Creams/Kulfi just like the sweets are an integrated part of Jodhpuri Culture. Kulfi is made by boiling milk at a very mild temperature. The malai that forms while boiling is just scraped and mixed in the milk. After hours of boiling, pinkish milk is prepared which is called rabdi. The rabdi is then frozen either in container or ice cream moulds. The triangular-shaped kulfi is in Rajasthan. One can find ice cream vendors with moving stores selling ice creams in streets with word of mouth and a bell. Nowadays, many different shops have been set up taking the business to another level. Famous Ice Creams of Jodhpur include Malai Kulfi, Matka Kulfi, Marwadi Kulfi, Orange Kulfi.

  • Famous in Town: B-Road, Sardarpura, Jodhpur
  • Cost: Rs 40-60/- for two people

By now, I bet you surely know that Jodhpur is truly a food lover’s paradise.

Pro-tip: Don’t miss trying even a single delicacy from the list of famous street foods in Jodhpur while visiting this city.

Khamma Ghani Sa

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