11 Must-Have Essentials for Solo Travellers
11 Must-Have Essentials for Solo Travellers

11 Must-Have Essentials for Solo Travellers

Been planning a solo trip? Nervous about how it’s going to go? Unable to decide what to take? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!!  Solo travel is a must-have once in a lifetime experience for every travel enthusiast. Not only does it let one explore the world, make new friends but it helps them come out of their comfort zone. Handling your own expenses, ensuring your own safety, discovering new things and travelling in all can be amusing. Keep scrolling this article because here we have provided a list of must-have essentials for solo travellers that will definitely going to help you a lot when you are on the way to pack your bag for your first solo trip after this worldwide pandemic named COVID-19.

We develop a boost in our confidence, sense of adventure, compassion for others, tolerance for differing beliefs and also a relationship with ourselves which grows stronger because of it. During all this, it’s completely normal to go through stress, anxiety, nervousness and eagerness as planning a trip while ensuring both safety and entertainment usually never goes hand in hand. But here are some list of must-have essentials for solo travellers that can help you make your trip more relaxing and memorable.

Must have Essentials for Solo Travellers

Essentials for Solo Travellers
Essentials for Solo Travellers

1. Power Bank & Sim Card

Since you’ll be riding solo, it’s important to be able to reach out for help if needed. It is at the top of the lists of the must-have essentials for Solo Travellers. Check with your current carrier if they offer plans for the country you are visiting or purchase a visitor sim card once you reach your destination. You can also get an international sim and find many options at a variety of prices with a simple google search.

2. Tripod & Selfie Stick

To get self-shots of yourself, these little guys are very handy. Do consider buying a mini tripod for some of those great nature shots. You can even find some handy two in one selfie stick & tripod for a lighter travel pack.

3. Reusable Water Bottle

Be it trekking, camping or snorkeling, its safer to always carry a bottle of your own drinking water around with you to keep yourself hydrated and pumped out throughout your kickstart journey.

4. Swiss Knife and First Aid Kit

It is always a better option to be prepared for everything and anything, since no one knows what travelling can bring on its way. Swiss Knife is the best when travelling with limited items and generally has a main spearpoint blade plus other blades and tools such as screwdrivers, a can opener, and many others that are forever handy.

5. Universal Adapters

Every place has their own socket settings so carrying a universal adapter without relying on hotel staffs makes sure you are safe and never run out of charge. Some hotels may provide you with an adapter or a universal socket but you are not going to be lucky enough in every trip so do pack a universal adapter to not run off batteries of your essential gadgets.

6. Padlock/Door lock

A lock can be useful in many instances such as at some hostels to lock your belongings, or facilities where you may use lockers to keep your things. Do ensure it’s TSA approved if you’re looking for out for luggage.

7. Travel Insurance

Make sure that you have enough travel insurance coverage to cover potential hospital stays, critical medical care or emergency needs. It’s also good to have trip insurance such as for cancelations, delays and lost luggage. Be sure to always look into your work benefits or credit card insurance as they may cover you fully or partially and save you some money.

8. Money/Military Belts

It’s usually best to keep your passport and extra cash in a locked safe at your hotel, but if you have to travel with it, a money belt is very useful! Keep them away from pickpockets by hiding it directly on yourself and out of sight. These are usually waist belts that are very much portable and accommodating for essentials while trekking or hiking.

9. Waterproof Pouches

Bring your phone with you anywhere from the beach to the pool with one of these handy waterproof bags. The best part is it retains full function while being in the bag, photos included! Not only can you keep your electronic gadgets but also use this zip locked pouch to keep in cash, cards and what not!!

10. Emergency Contact Info

Be it surviving dangerous situations, dealing with theft cases or being in any kind of trouble. Always keep two to three copies of emergency information card will all your important details filled so in case of any emergency – someone can easily help you out by contacting the right people and make the best use of it. Carry one in your backpack and keep one inside any of your clothing pockets – easily accessible one.

11. Light and Foldable Backpack

This is one of the most essential need for any solo traveler because of its compact and multi-purpose use for almost everything. But its very important to chose the right backpack for your travel – it has to be light weighted and needs to be of multiple hidden pockets so that you can always carry all your packed travel stuff wherever you go without much worry of anything getting stolen.


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