Top 10 Trekking Spots in Pune
Top 10 Trekking Spots in Pune

Top 10 Trekking Spots in Pune

Pune has been the major destination site visit hotspot for short as well as long terms, either the reason behind this is historical (Palaces and Museums) or educational (known as Oxford of the West). But, another factor that contributes to declaring Pune as a loving destination is the pride of Pune, i.e, The Forts.

The love for trekking for the trekkers always attracts and brings them to Pune. Some of them are easy to conquer while some of them test potentials and strengths.

In this article, we are going to have a look at the top 10 Forts in Pune which are worth visiting and exploring. So, here are they.

1. Singhad Fort, Thoptewadi

Located 30 km away from Pune at above the sea level of 4320 feet, Singhad fort has been the main centre of fascination for trekkers due to many factors. The best time to visit the fort is during the monsoon season.

There are three ways of entering the fort, viz. by Transport, by Trekking or by Climbing through ropes. One must visit the Tanha Ji Malhusare Smarak (one of the precious and prominent warriors of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj), Tanha Ji Kada Smarak and Lokmanya Tilak Bungalow.

2. Peb Vitakgarh Trek, Neral

Located at 2100 feet above sea level and at the distance of 117 km from Pune, this fort is located near Mumbai. The caves and temples situated in this fort can be reached by meditation chamber through crawling. It is easy to reach at the highest point of this fort.

3. Shivneri Fort, Junnar

This fort is of National importance and is located at distance of 82 km from Pune. There are two points of entrances in this fort, one is by trekking through the triangular hill and another is through a chain gate(holding chains to reach the topmost point). One of the easiest trekking spot in Pune.

4. Dudhsagar Trek, Sonaulim

Located at the triangular edges of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka, this trekking point gains attention mainly due to Dudhsagar falls which infill lots of enthusiasm under the travellers. This is a two-day trek and can be covered easily. This point can be reached easily in many ways.

5. Korigad Fort, Korigad

This fort is considered as ideal for trekking as one can start their trekking at beginner level from here and also it is quite easy to explore mind-blowing views of valleys, caves, temples and ponds at one place. One just needs to reach Lonavala Railway Station and can start trekking easily.

6. Kalsubai Peak Trek, Baari Village

This fort is ideal to visit between June to September. This fort is located away at 118 km from Pune. This fort lets one enjoy the fascinating view of Bhandardara Dam. This trekking requires a minimum duration of 2 days to complete.

7. Raigad Fort, Katraj

This fort is one of the top forts and is located 84 km away from Pune. This fort is also the easiest one to cover and can be reached easily even via public transport. It requires 1500 steps to climb in order to reach the topmost site. This trek can be completed in a single day and is engraved by a dense forest. One of the best trekking destinations.

8. Vasota Fort, Satara

Altitudally located at 1171 m near Bamnoli Village, this trekking spot has Konya Wildlife Sanctuary situated within itself. Shivsagar lake can be seen on all three sides of the fort. It will take approximately 2 hours to reach the Nageshwar Cave.  The major highlight to see from here is the Kas Mahabaleshwar view from the topmost point of the fort. This trekking can be easily completed in a single day.

9. Lohgad Fort, Lohgadwadi

The surrounding view of this trekking site is the uniqueness of this fort. This trekking site attracts especially nature lovers very easily. This trekking journey can be completed within a time span of 2-2.5 hours. This fort is easily visible from Malwai Railway Station.

10. Matheran Fort, Sondewadi

Located at the distance of 125 km away from Pune, the main aspect of its centre of attraction is Landscapes and its stunning view. The trekkers feel immense pleasure after reaching Garbett Point which is also the main factor for visiting this trekking site and from where the beautiful view of Sunrise and Sunset can be observed. It requires a full day to cover the trekking area.

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