Why People Should Visit India
Why People Should Visit India

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit India

Whenever we hear the word “INDIA”, a different type of spark, energy emerges in our hearts, and we feel proud that we are Indian but don’t you think that beauty of India should be spread in the whole world. So, today this article is purely based on some of the reasons why everyone should visit India at least once in their lifetime.

10 Reason to visit India
10 Reason to visit India

Land of diversity

Unity in Diversity
Unity in Diversity

India is a vast and diversified nation that consists of various cultures, traditions, religions, castes, languages, races, and ethnic groups. In every state, you will find everything different, you will come across various new things which reflects its richness and diversity but regardless of division we Indians live together for more than a thousand years. Every state has different spoken languages, a different way of dressing, different rituals, different food. Every state follows its own culture, the variety of festival celebrated in our country not only tells about religious diversity but also show the combination of various culture existing in the country.


Royal thaali, Rajasthan
Royal thaali, Rajasthan

 In my opinion, food is capable enough to attract someone and in India, there are thousands of varieties of food offered every state has their signature dishes and their way to make food due to which you will come up with the different taste of same food in a different state. Let me give a brief about some dishes which will make your mouth watering just by knowing about them these are masala dosa, fish coconut curry in the southern part; murgh Makhani in the west; Chaat, Samosa, Dal Makhani in north and vada pav, dhokla, Goa fish curry from West.

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Not only the food but the way of making them will also make one fall in love with Indian food and the amazing part is that some tourist even learns the recipe Indian food and go and try there in their own country which is the most adorable thing to be seen.

Cheapest Tour

Cheapest Tour in India
Cheapest Tour in India

Another main interesting point of visiting India is that it is the cheapest place to visit. Tourists can visit lavishly as compared to other tourist destinations. It is because the value of the Indian rupee is lower in comparison to Euro and Dollar. According to the BIENNIAL WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM (WEF) travel and tourism competitiveness report, India ranks best for price competitiveness.

People of India

The kindness and hospitality that Indian shows to their guest are price worthy. Indian believes in the concept of Atithi Devo Bhava, which means that the guest is God and it is not just for speaking, Indians perform this thing also and when it comes to any problem, Indian is at the forefront for helping people and the warmness that tourists will experience here is non-comparable to any other country.

Land of all season

India is the only country where people will experience all type of seasons; winter, summer, monsoon, autumn due to which India is known as the land of all-season .season often hold special significance. tourists can experience; snowfall in Srinagar, sunbath in Goa, raindrop in Kerala, and autumn morning in Chhattisgarh .every month carries different seasons. So, the tourist decision to visit India will never regret due to the season as every season will give them an amazing experience.


Ganga Aarti, Varanasi
Ganga Aarti, Varanasi

Devotion revolves around every wind in India. Here in every Good or lousy deed, god is found remembering. There is no special occasion to remember god. In India, every day god is remembered here with full devotion. We have also seen that people who came from outside to visit India are so impressed by the Belief in God of Indians that they have adopted this culture of India and was seen adopting this culture in the country too and we do not have to go very far to see. These foreigners are seen in the temple of Mathura, Vrindavan getting absorbed in the devotion to Krishna and many tourists love to see the Ganga aarti at Ganga ghat (Haridwar).


Taj Mahal, India
Taj Mahal, India

India is the only country where every ancient idol and sculpture has a story and secret behind it due to which the curiosity of people visiting India is very high. Many types of ancient and beautiful sketches are present in India that add stars to the beauty of India. Some of the examples of this architecture are the Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, India gate, Konark Sun Temple, Gateway of India, Ajanta Caves, Bibi Ka Maqbara and many more.

Natural Beauty

As far as natural beauty is concerned, the name of India comes first. India is considered as a very beautiful country consisting of mountains, beaches, wildlife, etc. There are some places in India that have been considered for beauty and also suggested to visit for the wonderful experience these place are Dal lake in Jammu and Kashmir, Magali in Assam, Kass plateau in Maharashtra, Nubra Valley in Ladakh, Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, etc.


Dance form of India, Kathak
The dance form of India

Dance is also an attractive part for a tourist. There are many forms of dance practice in India. Just like there is a different type of food in every state in the same with different types of dances also seen in every state of India.

There is six Indian classical dance styles:

  1. Bharatanatyam (Tamil Nadu)
  2. Kathak (north, west and Central India)
  3. Kathakali (Kerala)
  4. Kuchipudi (Andhra)
  5. Odissi (Odisha)
  6. Manipuri (Manipur)

Foreigners influenced by the dance of India have been also seen performing the Indian form of dance in the country too.


Trekking in India

We all are well aware that foreigners are very much interested in adventure and in India, foreigners get a chance of doing a lot of adventures like paragliding, tracking, rafting, snorkelling, etc and also India is known for the Exotic wildlife. So, nothing is more adventurous than taking a trip to a wildlife sanctuary.

I hope, you must have become very clear that why one should come to visit India once. So, what are you waiting for? Just pack your stuff and come to India to know the exact reason for speaking India as an ‘INCREDIBLE INDIA’’.

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